51st AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Sunday, July 26, 2009
Therapy Moderated Poster Session
Moderated Poster - Brachytherapy
Sunday 1:30:00 PM - 2:15:00 PM  Room: Exhibit Hall - Area 2

Moderator 1: Peter L. Roberson, Univ Michigan

SU-DD-A2-1 The Utility of Depth Dose Modulation (DDM) for Electronic Brachytherapy - J. Hiatt*, J. Segala, G. Cardarelli, E. Sternick
SU-DD-A2-2 Monte Carlo Design of An Internally-Shielded Peripheral Breast Brachytherapy Applicator - Y. Yang, M. Rivard*
SU-DD-A2-3 Anisotropic Edema Modelling for Permanent Prostate Implants - R. Sloboda*, C. Clements
SU-DD-A2-4 Use of the Adjoint Analysis Based Greedy Heuristic Algorithms in Treatment Planning for LDR Brachytherapy of the Prostate and HDR Brachytherapy Using Multicatheter Breast Implant Technique - V. Chaswal*, B. Thomadsen, D. Henderson
SU-DD-A2-5 A Conversion Method of Low Dose Rate to Pulsed Dose Rate Intracavitary Brachytherapy Prescription for the Treatment of Cervical Carcinoma - F. Mourtada*, N. Pung, K. Gifford, A. Lawyer, R. Wendt, A. White, P. Eifel
SU-DD-A2-6 Reliability Growth of a Fully Automated Robotic IGBT System - T. Podder*, I. Buzurovic, K. Huang, A. Dicker, Y. Yu