51st AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Sunday, July 26, 2009
Joint Imaging/Therapy Moderated Poster Session
Moderated Poster - Future Imaging Strategies in Radiotherapy
Sunday 1:30:00 PM - 2:15:00 PM  Room: Exhibit Hall - Area 3

Moderator 1: James M. Balter, Univ Michigan

SU-DD-A3-1 Swallowing-Induced Target Motion and Dosimetric Impact for Head and Neck Cancer Radiotherapy as Assessed by Dynamic MRI - E. Paulson*, J. Bradley, E. Ahunbay, D. Wang, X. Li
SU-DD-A3-2 Quantification of Heterogeneous Tumor Blood Volume as Early Predictors for Treatment Outcome in Advanced Head-And-Neck Cancer - P. Wang*, A. Popovtzer, A. Eisbruch, Y. Cao
SU-DD-A3-3 Can Prompt Gamma Emission During Proton Therapy Provide in Situ Range Verification? - J. Styczynski*, K. Riley, P. Binns, T. Bortfeld, H. Paganetti
SU-DD-A3-4 Monte Carlo Simulation of a MicroCT-Based Small Animal Radiotherapy System - H. Zhou*, M. Bazalova, M. Rodriguez, P. Keall, E. Graves
SU-DD-A3-5 Radiosensitization of Endothelial Cells Model Using Gold Nanoparticles for Microbeam Radiotherapy - W. Rahman*, T. Ackerly, N. Bishara, P. Jackson, C. Wong, R. Davidson , P. Dep, N. Yagi, M. Geso
SU-DD-A3-6 Fully Automated Internal Marker Tracking Algorithm for Cine EPID Images - S. Park*, D. Ionascu, F. Hacker, H. Mamon, R. Berbeco