51st AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Sunday, July 26, 2009
Joint Imaging/Therapy Moderated Poster Session
Moderated Poster - Target Localization
Sunday 2:15:00 PM - 3:00:00 PM  Room: Exhibit Hall - Area 3

Moderator 1: Eric C Ford, Johns Hopkins University

SU-EE-A3-1 Comparison of Six Manual and Automatic 4D CT Registration Methods for Lung SBRT Image Guidance - B. Wang, J. Assayah, J. Hinkle, S. Joshi, B. Salter*
SU-EE-A3-2 Imaging Guided Frameless Stereotactic RadioSurgery Using CBCT 6D Image Registration and 6D Couch On Novalis Tx System - Z. Chang*, Z. Wang, Q. Wu, J. Kirkpatrick, F. Yin
SU-EE-A3-3 Radiation Induced Effects in An 8.5 MHz Magnetic Resonance Imaging Coil - B. Burke*, S. Rathee, B. Fallone
SU-EE-A3-4 In Vivo Detection of the Anterior Rectal Wall Using a Scintillation Fluid-Filled Rectal Balloon for Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy - A. Melancon*, L. Archambault, A. Lee, R. Kudchadker, L. Zhang, S. Beddar, U. Titt, L. Dong
SU-EE-A3-5 Mutual Information for Beams-Eye-View Lung Tumor Tracking Without Radiopaque Markers - J. Rottmann*, M. Aristophanous, S. Park, R. Berbeco
SU-EE-A3-6 Uncertainty in GTV and ITV Delineation with 4DCT Imaging - W. Watkins*, J. Lewis, R. Li, S. Jiang, W. Song