51st AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Sunday, July 26, 2009
Imaging General Poster Discussion
Imaging General Poster Discussion
Sunday 3:00:00 PM - 4:30:00 PM  Room: Exhibit Hall
SU-FF-I-1 Automated Differential Diagnoses of CT Images From Healthy Lung and Three Pulmonary Diseases Using a Simple Statistical Transform and a Probabilistic Neural Network - F. Newman*, S. Rosskamm
SU-FF-I-2 Assessment of the Relation Between Absorbed Dose and Image Quality in CT Examination of Children - M. Tavakoli Hosseinabad*, P. Shokrani, S. Fazlolahi
SU-FF-I-3 Computer-Aided Diagnostic Scheme for Detection of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Contrast-Enhanced Hepatic CT: Preliminary Results - Z. Grelewicz*, K. Suzuki, R. Kohlbrenner, A. Obajuluwa, E. Ng, R. Tompkins, M. Epstein, M. Hori, R. Baron
SU-FF-I-4 Quantitative 3D Analysis of Stenosis Rate for Carotid Artery On CT Angiograms - T. Hara*, J. Shiraishi, T. Wu, D. Fukuoka, H. Bassiouny, K. Doi
SU-FF-I-5 Hybrid Computer-Aided Diagnosis System for Lung Nodules in CT-Chest Exams - A. Amjadi, A. Richter, M. Fiebich*
SU-FF-I-6 COPDGene Study Quality Assurance Phantom - P. Judy*, R. Estepar, E. Hoffman, D. Lynch
SU-FF-I-7 The Effects of Temporal Sub-Sampling On Estimates of CT Perfusion Parameters in Abdominal Tissues - A. Chandler*, W. Wei, D. Herron, E. Anderson, J. Yao, C. Ng
SU-FF-I-8 Ramping and Overscanning Contributions to Patient Dose in Helical CT - C. Tien*, J. Winslow, D. Hintenlang
SU-FF-I-9 Quantitative Image Quality Assessment of High-Dose CT Images Simulated by Averaging Multiple Low-Dose CT Images for Prospective CT Dose Reduction Studies - K. Hulme*, S. Kappadath
SU-FF-I-10 Evaluation of a Generalized Contrast Enhancement Protocol for 4D-CT Imaging of Liver Tumors - S. Najmaei*, F. Poenisch, S. Beddar, T. Briere
SU-FF-I-11 Inter-Observer Variability of Mesothelioma Area Measurements On CT Scans - Z. Labby*, S. Armato, W. Sensakovic, A. Starkey, R. Roberts, C. Straus, P. Caligiuri
SU-FF-I-12 A Total Variation Based Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm for Cone Beam Breast CT with Under-Sampled Projection Views - Y. Zhong*, C. Lai, T. Han, L. Chen, Y. Shen, X. Liu, T. Wang, S. Ge, Y. Yi, Z. You, C. Shaw
SU-FF-I-13 Organ Doses From Cone-Beam CT in Radiation Therapy - D. Hyer*, D. Hintenlang
SU-FF-I-14 Investigation of Metallic Filters On the Detectability of Soft Tissues in Cone Beam Computed Tomography Using Flat Panel Detector of Acuity Simulator - S. Thomas, S. Harrop, W. Kwan, R. Ramaseshan, K. Kohli*
SU-FF-I-15 An Algorithm for Metal Streaking Artifact Reduction in Cone Beam CT - M. Bazalova*, G. Landry, L. Beaulieu, B. Reniers, F. Verhaegen
SU-FF-I-16 GATE Simulations of CTDI100c for Various Phantom Shapes, Sizes, and Compositions - C. Lee*, H. Kim, H. Cho, D. Kim, H. Park, A. Yu, Y. Lee, J. Jung
SU-FF-I-17 Methodology for Image Quality Characterization of Cone-Beam CT Systems Using a Novel Adaptation of Fundamental Imaging Metrics - A. Gopal*, S. Samant
SU-FF-I-18 Organ Doses and Projection Angles in Cone Beam CT - W. He*, E. Tavrides, W. Huda, H. Yao
SU-FF-I-19 Mega-Voltage Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Image Quality: Effects of Scan Length and Monitor Units Per Projection - O. Gayou*, H. Akpati
SU-FF-I-20 Visibility of Simulated Microcalcifications with An ASi/aSe Flat Panel Detector Based Cone Beam CT System - Y. Shen*, S. Ge, L. Chen, Y. Yi, Z. You, T. Han, Y. Zhong, X. Liu, C. Lai, T. Wang, C. Shaw
SU-FF-I-21 Dose Variation with Breast Density in Cone Beam Breast CT- a Monte Carlo Simulation Study - Y. Yi*, T. Han, C. Lai, L. Chen, X. Liu, Y. Shen, Y. Zhong, S. Ge, C. Shaw
SU-FF-I-22 Enhancement of Image Quality From Cone Beam Computed Tomography Images Using Entropy Criteria - K. Krishnan*, R. Ramaseshan, K. Kohli, S. Harrop
SU-FF-I-23 Full-Scan Versus Half-Scan in Cone Beam Breast CT - a Quantitative Comparison - L. Chen*, C. Lai, Y. Zhong, S. Ge, T. Han, X. Liu, Y. Shen, Y. Yi, Z. You, T. Wang, C. Shaw
SU-FF-I-25 Quantitative Analysis of the Influence of KV Beam Characteristics and Image Acquisition Parameters On Image Quality in Cone-Beam CT - S. Samant*, A. Gopal
SU-FF-I-26 Automatic Detection of Calcifications in Cone Beam Breast CT Images - T. Han*, L. Chen, Y. Zhong, C. Lai, X. Liu, Y. Shen, Y. Yi, S. Ge, Z. You, T. Wang, C. Shaw
SU-FF-I-27 Can a Flat Panel Cone Beam CT Imager Pass the American College of Radiology CT Accreditation Requirements for Head Scans? - E. Shapiro*, M. Sun, J. Star-Lack, C. Tognina
SU-FF-I-28 Effects of Voxel Size On Visibility of Microcalcifications in Cone Beam Breast CT - Y. Shen*, L. Chen, Y. Zhong, S. Ge, T. Han, Y. Yi, Z. You, X. Liu, C. Lai, T. Wang, C. Shaw
SU-FF-I-29 Comparison of Dedicated Cone-Beam Breast CT with Conventional CT for Detection of Micro-Calcification - S. Ge*, C. Lai, T. Pan, T. Han, L. Chen, Y. Shen, X. Liu, Y. Zhong, T. Wang, Y. Yi, h. zhang, Z. You, C. Shaw
SU-FF-I-30 Generating Attenuation-Based Tube Current Modulation (TCM) Schema Based On Voxelized Patient Models to Be Used in Simulations Estimating Organ Dose From CT - E. Angel*, J. DeMarco, C. Cagnon, M. McNitt-Gray
SU-FF-I-31 A Novel Application of MRI-Polymer Gel Dosimeter for Measurement of CTDI On X-Ray 64 Slices CT Scanner - N. Riyahi-Alam*, l. Karimiafshar, m. ay, t. Alahvirdi Pourfallah, m. allahverdi
SU-FF-I-32 Profile and Exposure Measurements in Axial and Helical Multi-Slice Computed Tomography - P. Tchou*, X. Rong, D. Cody
SU-FF-I-33 Evaluation of Z-Axis Resolution for Axial and Helical Scanning Modes On MDCT - P. Klahr*, J. Yanof
SU-FF-I-34 Effect of Motion On High Contrast Vessel-Like Objects for Volumetric DCE-CT - A. Owrangi*, H. Keller, C. Coolens
SU-FF-I-35 Multi-Slice CT Dose Evaluation Using Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) System - C. Ruan*, W. Clouse, E. Yukihara, P. Gasparian, S. Ahmad
SU-FF-I-36 Comparison of Vendor Estimated CTDIvol and Physicist Calculated CTDIvol - P. Johnson*, K. Stenroos, W. Davros
SU-FF-I-37 Precision of Exposure Measurements Obtained On Current Multi-Slice CT Scanners - K. Boitnott*, H. Kim, M. McNitt-Gray, C. Cagnon, D. Zhang, D. Cody
SU-FF-I-39 The Effects of Additional Scatter Media and Tube Current Modulation On MDCT Organ Doses - R. Fisher*, D. Hintenlang
SU-FF-I-40 Proton Computed Tomography Reconstruction Using Compressed Sensing and Prior Image Constrained Compressed Sensing - D. Wang*, T. Mackie, W. Tome
SU-FF-I-41 Accuracy and Computing Time of a Ray-Driven Projector/back-Projector for Simulation and Reconstruction in Tomosynthesis and Cone Beam CT Imaging - T. Han*, Y. Zhong, L. Chen, C. Lai, X. Liu, Y. Shen, S. Ge, Y. Yi, C. Shaw
SU-FF-I-42 Improving Noise Uniformity in Volumetric CT Via ROI-Based Weighting Scheme in Cone Beam Image Reconstruction - X. Tang*
SU-FF-I-43 Iterative Methods of Cone-Beam CT Image Reconstruction for Under-Sampled and Truncated Projection Data - Q. Tang*, D. Moseley, L. Dawson, R. Case, Y. Cho, I. Yeung
SU-FF-I-44 Iterative Image Reconstruction for CBCT Using Edge-Preserving Prior - J. Wang*, T. Li, L. Xing
SU-FF-I-45 An Automatic Method for Reduction of Metal Artifacts Caused by Metallic Implants - C. Xu*, L. Beaulieu, D. Laurendeau, F. Verhaegen
SU-FF-I-46 Accurate Image Reconstruction From Incomplete Kilovoltage Cone-Beam CT Data in Radiation Therapy - X. Han*, J. Bian, S. Cho, E. Sidky, E. Pearson, C. Pelizzari, X. Pan
SU-FF-I-47 A Hybrid Algebraic/Inverse Radon Transform Method for Region of Interest Reconstruction of Computed Tomography Images - M. Manciu*, M. Barrera Cruz, E. Valdes Estrada
SU-FF-I-48 Optimization of Image Acquisition Parameters for Patient Setup Using Megavoltage Cone-Beam Digital Tomosynthesis - M. Descovich*, M. Kanner, O. Morin, B. Faddegon, J. Cheung, D. Sawkey, M. Aubin, J. Maltz, A. Bani-Hashemi, J. Pouliot
SU-FF-I-49 X-Ray Scatter Reduction in Tomosynthesis Imaging of the Breast - I. Sechopoulos*, S. Feng
SU-FF-I-50 Development of a 15MsP Super High Resolution Medical Liquid Crystal Display for the Digital Mammography - M. Hasegawa*, K. Ichikawa, Y. Tanaka
SU-FF-I-51 Relative Dynamic Range Evaluation for Image Chain and PACS Station Displays - D. McKinney*, I. Rutel
SU-FF-I-52 Comprehensive CT Dosimetry Database for Pediatric and Adult Reference Males and Females: A Monte Carlo Study - C. Lee*, K. Kim, W. Bolch
SU-FF-I-53 Comparisons of Organ and Effective Doses From ImPACT and DLP/ED Methods to MDCT-Specific Monte Carlo Simulations - A. Turner*, M. Zankl, E. Angel, M. McNitt-Gray
SU-FF-I-55 Reconstruction of Mammography X-Ray Spectrum Using Rayleigh and Compton Scattering Corrections - S. Kawaguchi, Y. Yamaguchi, H. Arimura, J. Morishita, M. Ohki, Y. Uno, T. Ideguchi, Y. Higashida, F. Toyofuku*
SU-FF-I-56 Radiation Dose Estimation From Pediatric Cone Beam Computed Tomography - S. Kim*, T. Yoshizumi, G. Toncheva, F. Yin, D. Frush
SU-FF-I-57 Estimation of Uterus Dose From Abdominal CT Examinations Using a New Patient-Specific Monte Carlo Software Package - J. Damilakis*, K. Perisinakis, A. Tzedakis
SU-FF-I-58 Pediatric CT On 64-Slice MDCT: Radiation Dose and Cancer Risk - M. Law*, C. Ng, B. Huang, S. Feng, P. Khong
SU-FF-I-59 Acceptance and Commissioning of a Novel Ionizing Radiation Emitting Isotope Hospital Detection and Notification System Suitable for Use in Radiation Counter-Terrorism - M. Huq*, J. Kim, J. Novotny, G. Bednarz, R. Palatine, M. Reilly, P. Paris, J. Greenberger
SU-FF-I-60 Reduction in Breast Dose in Routine Chest CT Through the Use of Bismuth Breast Shields As Measured by DOT Dosimeters - Y. Liang*, S. Emerson
SU-FF-I-61 Gypsum Barrier Shielding Estimates for Two Cone-Beam CT Systems Dedicated to Head Imaging - S. Larson*, M. Goodsitt, E. Christodoulou
SU-FF-I-62 Radiation Risks to Patients with Suspected PE Undergoing Chest CT and V/Q Scans - W. Huda*, S. Bisdas, J. Ravenel, L. Gordon, W. He
SU-FF-I-63 Can Patient Shielding Reduce Fetal Dose During Thoracic CT Scans? - K. Greene Donnelly*, K. Ogden, M. Roskopf
SU-FF-I-64 Shielding Practice for Volume CT Scanner - D. Hodefi*, Z. Yang
SU-FF-I-65 Relative Contributions of Rayleigh Scattering for PMMA in the Mammography Energy Range - Y. Yamaguchi, S. Kawaguchi, H. Arimura, J. Morishita, M. Ohki, Y. Uno, T. Ideguchi, K. Tokumori, Y. Higashida, F. Toyofuku*
SU-FF-I-66 Calculation of Broad Beam Transmission Factor for 511 KeV Photons Using Energy Spectra Measured in the Presence of Scatter - B. Brinkley*, M. Yester, S. White
SU-FF-I-67 Converting CT Dose Length Product (DLP) to Kerma Area Product (KAP) - K. Ogden*, W. Huda
SU-FF-I-68 Survey of MSCT and SSCT Scanners in Taiwan: Technical Factors, CTDIs, and Effective Doses - Y. Liao*, H. Tsai, J. Lin, C. Chen
SU-FF-I-69 Monte-Carlo Evaluation of the Backscattering Shielding of Two EPIDs - S. Wang*, J. Gordon, J. Gardner, J. Siebers
SU-FF-I-70 A Skeletal Model for Marrow Dosimetry in the ICRP Reference Adult Female - L. Sinclair*, D. Pafundi, W. Bolch
SU-FF-I-71 Study of a Well-Type Ionization Chamber by Monte Carlo Simulation - M. Santos*, F. Takeda, T. Pianoschi, P. Nicolucci
SU-FF-I-72 Evaluation and Comparison of Image Quality Figures for Digital Mammography - H. Tsai*, H. Liu, Y. Hwang, C. Chen
SU-FF-I-73 Automated Analysis of Contrast Detail Phantom Images for Quality Control - R. Jingu*, M. Ohki, H. Arimura, J. Morishita, F. Toyofuku, Y. Higashida
SU-FF-I-74 The Use of a Simple Contrast to Noise Ratio (CNR) Metric to Predict Low Contrast Resolution Performance in CT - M. Brown*, D. Zhang, T. Branham, D. Cody, J. Kofler, C. McCollough, D. Pfeiffer, K. Strauss, L. Yu, M. McNitt-Gray
SU-FF-I-75 Verification of Reported DLP for Philips Brilliance CT Scanners - A. Scott*, R. Merrill, X. Wu
SU-FF-I-76 Accuracy of Quality Control Measurements with Solid-State Detectors in Diagnostic Radiology - A. Jones*
SU-FF-I-77 Diagnostic X-Ray Beam Hardening as a Function of Patient Size - R. Behrman*, J. Yanch
SU-FF-I-78 Effective Doses in Whole Body and Brain PET/CT Procedures of Adult Patients - A. Al-Haj*, A. Lobriguito, R. Parker
SU-FF-I-79 Development of The Practical Guidelines of PET-CT Quality Control - K. Hwang*, B. Lee, J. Choe
SU-FF-I-80 Evaluation of Dose Rate of Occupational Exposure in Nuclear Medicine Service - M. Schwarcke, T. Marques, P. Nicolucci*, D. Cardoso, N. Ferreira
SU-FF-I-81 Lead Apparel Management Program at a Large Medical Center - C. Schultz, S. Emerson*, W. Feng, S. Robertson
SU-FF-I-82 Simulation of X-Ray Phantom Performances - P. Penchev, M. Fiebich*
SU-FF-I-83 Quantitative Analysis of Low Contrast Image Quality in Fluoroscopic Systems - J. Dave*, E. Gingold
SU-FF-I-84 Pateient Exposure Vs. Scattered Radiation to the Operator of Fluoroscopy - P. Lin*
SU-FF-I-85 Effects of Automatic Dose Rate Control On Patient Dose in a Digital Flat-Panel Detector System - P. Lai*, H. Tsai, Y. Li, Y. Tyan, C. Tung
SU-FF-I-86 Esophagus Segmentation in Thoracic CT Images for Radiotherapy Planning - S. Kurugol*, G. Sharp, J. Dy, D. Brooks
SU-FF-I-87 DTA-Based Metrics for the Evaluation of Autosegmentation Algorithms in Clinical Radiotherapy Workflow - K. Moore*
SU-FF-I-88 A Method to Derive a Probabilistic Estimate of “truth” for the Validation of Tumor Segmentation Techniques - H. Yu*, C. Caldwell, K. Mah
SU-FF-I-89 A Comparison of Perfusion Parameters From the Kinetic Modeling of Head and Neck Cancers in DCE CT - M. La Fontaine*, M. Nyflot, C. Song, L. Gentry, R. Jeraj
SU-FF-I-90 A Clinical Evaluation of the M-Rep-Based Automatic Prostate Segmentation - X. Tang*, R. Kimple, S. Harris, M. Foskey, G. Tracton, S. Chang, E. Chaney, S. Pizer, K. Deschesne
SU-FF-I-91 A Fast and Robust Dynamic Tracking Method of the Moving Deformable Targets in the Fluoroscopy Image Sequence for Image Guided Radiotherapy - l. yang*, S. Jabbour, J. Zhou, B. Haffty, D. Foran, N. Yue
SU-FF-I-92 Partial Volume Correction in PET Images: A Single Correction Method Applied for Multiple Source to Background Ratios - J. Piper*, A. Nelson, G. Shen, A. Nelson
SU-FF-I-93 The Effect of Surface Rendering On Anatomical Structures Arising From Deformable Image Registration - B. Lynch*, J. Xia, J. Palta, S. Samant
SU-FF-I-94 Study of Image Registration Methods Based On the Pelvic Bone and Its Contour for Prostate Cancer Treatment - P. Qi*, P. Xia
SU-FF-I-95 Sensitivity of Biological Correlations to Different Registration Parameters - S. Yip*, R. Jeraj
SU-FF-I-96 Motion Adaptation for Registering Daily Online CBCT Images to Planning CT Images - T. Nguyen*, J. Moseley, L. Dawson, D. Jaffray, K. Brock
SU-FF-I-97 Comparison of End of Exhalation (EE) 4DCT Phase and Breadth-Hold Scans - D. Michalski*, R. Andrade, Y. Mutaf, D. Heron, M. Huq
SU-FF-I-98 Accelerating B-Spline Registration Using Graphics Processing Units - C. Sagedy*, N. Kandasamy, G. Sharp
SU-FF-I-99 Multi-Level Regularization Approaches of Non-Parametric Deformable Registrations - H. Kuo*, D. Mah, A. Wu, K. Chuang, L. Hong, R. Yaparpalvi
SU-FF-I-100 Study of Automatic Patient Positioning System Based On the Correlation of Two Edge Images in Proton Therapy - M. Yoon*, M. Cheong, J. Kim, D. Shin, D. Kim, Y. LIM, S. Ahn, S. Lee, S. Park
SU-FF-I-101 Inverse Consistency Deformable Image Registration On Partially Matched Images - D. Yang*, I. El Naqa, W. Lu, S. Goddu, O. Pechenaya, J. Deasy, D. Low
SU-FF-I-102 Investigation of CT/MRI Fusion Error for Prostate IMRT - J. Li*, L. Chen, G. Shan, C. Ma
SU-FF-I-103 A Segmentation-Based Deformable Registration Algorithm for Cone Beam CT and Helical CT Images - X. Li*, T. Li, Y. Yang, D. Heron, M. Huq
SU-FF-I-104 Development of a Deformable Lung Phantom for the Evaluation of Deformable Registration - J. Chang*, T. Suh, D. Lee, G. Cho
SU-FF-I-105 Positional Accuracy of a B-Spline Based Method for Image Registration in the H&N Area: Effect of Noise, Contrast and Registration Parameters - H. Meertens*, A. Veld, C. Brouwer
SU-FF-I-106 Volume Viewer: A Segmentation and Surface Reconstruction Toolset for Non-Transverse Image Planes - C. Abraham*, D. Low, R. Sowell, G. Gokhroo, C. Grimm, T. Ju, L. Liu
SU-FF-I-107 Study of An Adaptive Planning in the Proton Therapy - M. Cheong*, M. Yoon, J. Kim, D. Shin, S. Park, S. Lee, D. Kim, Y. LIM, S. Ahn
SU-FF-I-108 Effect of Point Spread Function, X-Ray Quantum Noise, and Additive Instrumentation Noise On the Accuracy of the Angulated Slit Method for Determination of Pre-Sampled Detector MTF - A. Jain*, A. Kuhls-Gilcrist, V. Patel, K. Hoffmann, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-FF-I-109 Quantitative Breast Tomosynthesis: Development of An Estimation Performance Metric and Optimization Framework - S. Richard*, E. Samei
SU-FF-I-111 Exploration of the Scatter Distribution in Cone-Beam CT Using Monte Carlo Techniques - G. Bootsma*, F. Verhaegen, D. Jaffray
SU-FF-I-112 A Quantitative Evaluation of Four Dimensional Computed Tomography - L. Noice*, D. Robinson
SU-FF-I-113 Anatomical Power Spectrum and Detectability: An Analytical and Experimental Basis - G. Gang*, D. Tward, J. Siewerdsen
SU-FF-I-114 Effects of Exposure Level and Anatomical Background On Detection of Simulated Microcalcifications in Digital Mammography - C. Lai*, Z. You, Y. Zhong, Y. Shen, L. Chen, X. Liu, T. Han, S. Ge, Y. Yi, W. Geiser, G. Whitman, W. Yang, C. Shaw
SU-FF-I-115 Physical Characteristics of a New Flat-Panel Digital X-Ray Detector - H. Cho*, H. Kim, H. Park, C. Lee, A. Yu, D. Kim, Y. Lee
SU-FF-I-116 Estimation of Imaging Geometry Parameters of a Multiple Source Digital Tomosynthesis System Using a Standard Cone Beam CT Calibration Phantom - A. Paidi*, S. Bose, J. Maltz, A. Bani-Hashemi
SU-FF-I-117 Evaluation of Measure Discontinuity Metrics for 4-D CT Reconstruction Data - D. Han*, J. Bayouth, X. Wu, M. Sonka
SU-FF-I-118 Assessment of the Spatial Resolution of Digital Imaging Systems Using a Star Pattern - E. Gingold*, J. Dave
SU-FF-I-119 KV Beam Model for OBI and Extraction of Water Equivalent Depths for Primary and Scatter Contributions - M. Bhagwat*, M. Blessing, Y. Lyatskaya, J. Bellon, P. Zygmanski
SU-FF-I-120 Monte Carlo Simulation of Thin-Film CdTe Detector Performance for Diagnostic Imaging Applications - X. Jin*, E. Parsai,, D. Shvydka, J. Kang
SU-FF-I-121 Development of An Organ Surface Statistical Model for Uncertainty-Weighted Deformable Image Registrations - J. Wu*, M. Murphy, E. Weiss, J. Williamson
SU-FF-I-122 Assessment of Lung Tumors Treatment Accuracy Using CyberKnife Synchrony Model - H. Wu*, Y. Zhang, Q. Zhao, B. Lord
SU-FF-I-123 Clinical Value of Diffusion-Weighted MRI in White Matter in Vivo - E. Olariu*, I. Cameron
SU-FF-I-124 Automatic Identification of Water and Fat Images From a Symmetrically-Sampled Dual-Echo Dixon Technique - M. Ahmad*, Y. Liu, Z. Slavens, R. Low, E. Merkle, K. Hwang, A. Vu, J. Ma
SU-FF-I-125 Assessment of Inter and Intra-Scanner Variation in Diffusion Tensor Imaging Using the ACR Phantom - A. Pasciak*, J. Wang
SU-FF-I-126 Varied Vasomotor Responses Among Brain Territories in Unilateral ICA Stenosis Patients Studied Using Breath-Hold BOLD MRI - W. Kuan*, T. Chang, Y. Hsu, K. Lim, H. Liu
SU-FF-I-127 Properties Evaluation of a New MRI Contrast Agent Based On Gd –Loaded Nano Particles Coated with Two Different Nano Materials - N. Riyahi-Alam*, z. behrouzkia, s. haghgoo jahromi
SU-FF-I-128 Effects of Slice Orientation and Parallel Acquisition On EPI-Based PASL Perfusion Imaging in Areas with Susceptibility Artifact - S. Cheng, W. Kuan, Y. Hsu, K. Lim, H. Liu*
SU-FF-I-129 A Comprehensive QA Program for Radiotherapy MR Simulators - L. Chen*, M. Doss, T. Richardson, C. Ma
SU-FF-I-130 Effects of Inter-Frame Motion in Pharmacokinetic Modeling Using Simulated Heterogeneous Phantoms - C. Song*, S. Fain
SU-FF-I-131 High Spatial Resolution 1H Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging Of Human Breast Cancer At 3T - W. Feng, W. Wu*, J. Hua, Q. Jiang, Y. Xuan, R. Hanson, J. Hu
SU-FF-I-132 Simultaneous Estimation of Perfusion and Permeability Parameters: Validation Study On Animal Model - Y. Yu*, Q. Jiang, S. Bao, W. Feng, W. Wu, E. Haacke, J. Hu
SU-FF-I-133 Assessing the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Performance of Gadolinium-Hyaluronic Acid Polymer Contrast Agents in Phosphate Buffered Saline - N. Kasraie*, G. Clarke, H. Oviatt
SU-FF-I-134 Mechanical Activation of the Brain for MR Elastography - J. Weaver*, P. Perrinez, S. Lollis, A. Pattison, I. Perreard, K. Paulsen
SU-FF-I-135 Breast Density Measurement with Cone-Beam CT and MRI: A Post Mortem Study - H. Le*, J. Ducote, S. Molloi
SU-FF-I-136 Lesion Detectability of a PEM System with a Proposed Breast Image Quality Phantom - W. Luo*, C. Matthews, X. Lu, H. landor, E. Anashkin
SU-FF-I-137 Scatter Correction in Quantitative Dual Energy Mammography - J. Ducote*, S. Molloi
SU-FF-I-138 Computer-Aided Image Texture Analysis as An Indicator of Image Quality: A Feasibility Study in FFDM - R. Berger*, D. Kontos, A. carton, A. Maidment
SU-FF-I-139 Low Dose Breast CT with Photon Counting Detectors: A Phantom Study - H. Le*, J. Ducote, M. Klopfer, S. Molloi
SU-FF-I-140 Cone Beam Breast CT Versus Mammography for Breast Density Measurement - T. Han, C. Lai*, L. Chen, Y. Shen, Y. Zhong, X. Liu, S. Ge, Y. Yi, Z. You, T. Wang, G. Whitman, W. Yang, C. Shaw
SU-FF-I-141 Measuring Breast Density with Dual Energy Mammography: A Phantom Study - J. Ducote*, S. Molloi
SU-FF-I-142 Quantifying the 4D PET/CT Volumetric Distortions: A 4D Dynamic Phantom Study Based On Pre-Recorded Patient Data - D. Ionascu*, S. Park, M. Mamede-Lewer, V. Gerbaudo, J. Killoran, R. Berbeco
SU-FF-I-143 The Study On Protection of Lung Function in Radiotherapy by Referring SPECT Lung Perfusion Images - J. Chen*, Y. Yin
SU-FF-I-144 Compare with Phase Correlated Image Registration to 4D CT for Liver Stereotactic Radiosurgery with Image Guidance Cone Beam CT - R. Juh*, T. Suh, S. Kim
SU-FF-I-145 The Effect of Brownian Motion On Nanoparticle Magetization - J. Weaver*, A. Rauwerdink
SU-FF-I-146 Reconstruction of Absorber Concentration Using a Linear Source Model for Interstitial Spectroscopic Diffuse Optical Tomography - K. Wang*, J. Finlay, T. Zhu
SU-FF-I-147 Monte Carlo Based Evaluation of 3D PET Quantification Inaccuracy for the Lung - H. Kang*, C. Schmidtlein, K. Mitev, G. Gerganov, Y. Madzhunkov, J. Humm, H. Amols, A. Kirov
SU-FF-I-148 Performance Comparison of An In-House and a Commercially Available Amplitude Gating Device for PET Imaging - G. Chang*, T. Chang, J. Jackson, J. Clark, O. Mawlawi
SU-FF-I-149 Accuracy of Scatter and Attenuation Correction in PET Imaging - T. Chang*, G. Chang, J. Clark, O. Mawlawi
SU-FF-I-150 Impact of VOI Size On PET Image Quantification Following Partial Volume Correction - T. Chang*, G. Chang, T. Pan, J. Clark, O. Mawlawi
SU-FF-I-151 Effects of Varying Slice Overlap On Image Noise and SNR in 3D PET Imaging - G. Chang*, T. Chang, M. Khalil, J. Clark, O. Mawlawi
SU-FF-I-152 Influence of Oxygen Tensions and Tissue Optical-Properties On Optical Reporter Genes - G. Cui*, P. Maxim, E. Graves
SU-FF-I-153 First Experience of High Resolution 3D Optical-CT Scanning of An Anthropomorphic, Leuco-Dye Doped, Radiochromic Plastic Dosimeter - H. Sakhalkar*, A. Thomas, R. McMahon, A. Washington, J. Adamovics, M. Oldham
SU-FF-I-154 The Diagnostic Accuracy of in Vivo Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy of Basal Cell Carcinoma: A Preliminary Study in Chinese Patients - M. Gao*, Y. Yin, H. Liu
SU-FF-I-155 A Novel Technique to Generate 3D Lung Volumes From 2D Hodgkin Lymphoma Planning Datasets Using Combined Deformable Image Registration and Navigator Channels. - A. Ng*, J. Moseley, T. Nguyen, D. Hodgson, M. Sharpe, K. Brock
SU-FF-I-156 Unerasable Latent Images Observed in Computed Radiography and Their Complete Erasing - H. Ohuchi*
SU-FF-I-157 Activity Quantification of Micro PET Imaging Using Hollow Spheres in a Small ECT Phantom - J. Luo*, S. Jang
SU-FF-I-158 A New Method for Calculating the Half-Value Layer of X-Ray Beams - K. Boitnott*, S. Kappadath, A. White, N. Atkinson, D. Cody
SU-FF-I-159 Conditions for Practical Measurement of X-Ray Spectra for Clinical Radiography of the Chest - T. Dougall*, W. Erwin, C. Willis
SU-FF-I-160 SpekCalc: A Free and User-Friendly Software Program for Calculating X-Ray Tube Spectra - G. Poludniowski*, F. Deblois, G. Landry, P. Evans, F. Verhaegen
SU-FF-I-161 Non-Destructive Grid Ratio Measurement - A. Pasciak*, A. Jones
SU-FF-I-162 Depth of Field in Radiography - S. Siddique*, S. Bartolac, G. Bootsma, N. Mail, E. Fiume, D. Jaffray
SU-FF-I-163 Study of Dosimetric Characteristics of MAGIC Polymer Gel with Formaldehyde for Electrons Beams Using PENELOPE Code - T. Pianoschi, T. Marques, M. Santos, O. Baffa, P. Nicolucci*
SU-FF-I-165 Ultrasound Transducer Performance Evaluation Summary for a Large Multi-Specialty Clinic - R. Kruger*, K. Wolf
SU-FF-I-166 Prostate Volume Contouring: Delineation Variations Using CT Versus Combined CT + US for Image-Guided Radiotherapy - C. Fiandra*, R. Ragona, U. Ricardi, F. Munoz, A. Guarneri, P. Franco
SU-FF-I-167 Non-Contact Ultrasound Imaging Applied to Cortical Bone Phantoms for Determination of Bone Mineral Density, Speed of Sound, and Ultrasound Attenuation - J. Bulman, K. Ganezer*
SU-FF-I-168 Morphological Characterization of Arterial Trees in An Experimental Hindlimb Ischemia Model - G. Kagadis*, A. Skoura, V. Megalooikonomou, A. Diamantopoulos, K. Katsanos, D. Karnabatidis, D. Mihailidis, G. Nikiforidis
SU-FF-I-170 Control, Acquisition, Processing, and Image Display System (CAPIDS) for the Solid-State X-Ray Image Intensifier (SSXII) - W. Wang*, C. Keleshis, A. Kuhls-Gilcrist, C. Ionita, D. Bednarek, K. Hoffmann, S. Rudin
SU-FF-I-171 New High-Resolution Detector Changer for a Clinical Fluoroscopic C-Arm Unit - W. Wang*, C. Keleshis, A. Kuhls-Gilcrist, C. Ionita, A. Jain, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin