51st AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Sunday, July 26, 2009
Joint Imaging/Therapy General Poster Discussion
Joint Imaging - Therapy General Poster Discussion
Sunday 3:00:00 PM - 4:30:00 PM  Room: Exhibit Hall
SU-FF-J-1 Feasibility of a Pre-Object-Grid to Reduce Scatter and Improve Image Quality in Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) - J. Jin*, Q. Liu, J. Kim, N. Wen, B. Movsas, I. Chetty
SU-FF-J-2 Impact of Cross Scatter On CNR in Fluoroscopic Images Taken with a Dual Flat Panel X-Ray Imaging System - W. Giles*, J. Bowsher, J. Roper, F. Yin
SU-FF-J-3 Quantitative Assessment of Three Dead Detector Interpolative Correction Methods for Cone Beam CT Images - D. Nelms*, H. Shukla, E. Nixon, J. Bayouth, R. Flynn
SU-FF-J-4 Improving Image Quality of Low Dose Cone Beam CT (CBCT) Imaging with Sparse Representation - J. Xia*, Y. Chen, S. Samant
SU-FF-J-5 Motion Estimation Using Cone-Beam CT Projection Images - N. Becker*, I. Kay
SU-FF-J-6 Off-Axis Variation of the Varian OBI Photon Spectrum and Impact On Cone-Beam CT Image Quality - L. Zhang*, D. Lazos, D. Zheng, D. Pokhrel, J. Williamson
SU-FF-J-7 Modeling the Elekta XVI CBCT Beam in a Commercial Treatment Planning System - P. Alaei*, E. Spezi, P. Downes, E. Radu, P. Jarvis
SU-FF-J-8 Evaluation of 4DCT and Soft-Tissue Registration in the Clinical Process for SBRT Patient Treatment - C. Smith*, M. Gulam, R. Hammoud, T. Nurushev, M. Ajlouni, I. Chetty
SU-FF-J-9 Limited-Angle Imaging for Target Positioning Using Orthogonal Conebeam X-Ray Systems - J. Bowsher*, W. Giles, J. Roper, L. Ren, F. Yin
SU-FF-J-10 Converting Cone-Beam CT to In-Room Conventional CT by a Deformable Image Registration Method - Y. Zhang*, J. Yang, L. Zhang, L. Dong
SU-FF-J-11 Implementation and Characterization of a 320-Slice Volumetric CT Scanner for Simulation in Radiation Oncology - C. Coolens*, S. Breen, T. Purdie, D. Jaffray
SU-FF-J-12 HU and Dosimetric Comparison of Six Cone-Beam CT Acquisition Techniques for Radiation Therapy Planning - S. Leeper*, S. Yoo, F. Yin
SU-FF-J-13 Decreasing CBCT Dose Without Compromising Its Clinical Fidelity - H. Lu*, B. Lu, J. Palta
SU-FF-J-14 An Optimized Protocol for Using Small Field MV Cone-Beam CT Imaging in Image-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) - G. Yembi-Goma, L. Lu, K. Li, J. Wang, H. Zhang, D. Martin, N. Gupta*
SU-FF-J-15 A Retrospective Study of the Variation in Organ Dose as a Function of Table Shifts Using Megavoltage Cone-Beam CT - D. Zhang*, M. Singhvi, C. Lin, K. Lin, S. Lee, P. Lee, Z. Zachary , A. Hussain, M. Steinberg, J. DeMarco
SU-FF-J-16 Reference Dosimetry During CBCT Acquisition Using Radiochromic Film - N. Tomic*, J. Seuntjens, F. Deblois, S. Devic
SU-FF-J-17 Image-Guided Radiotherapy Using Nanotube Stantionary Tomosynthesis Technology - S. Chang*, B. Frederick, X. Liu, G. Tracton, M. Lawrence, D. Lalush, S. Pizer
SU-FF-J-18 Application of Deformable Mannequin in 3D Virtual Reality Simulation (VRS) for Noncoplanar Radiation Therapy - C. Shang*, T. Williams, B. Sloman, J. Ward, R. Phillips, J. Percy
SU-FF-J-19 V-Q SPECT to Individualize Adaptive Radiation Plan in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) - F. Kong*, S. Yuan, J. Moran, D. Tatro, C. Lochart, R. Ten Haken
SU-FF-J-20 A Multimodality Imaging Approach for Predicting Radiation Induced Lung Injury - I. El Naqa*, M. Vaidya, A. Apte, S. Fergus, J. Deasy, J. Bradley
SU-FF-J-21 Measurements of Fiducial Marker Positions for Real-Time MLC Beam Tracking Delivery Using MV Fluence Video - N. Papanikolaou*, Y. Liu, T. Roland, P. Mavroidis, C. Shi
SU-FF-J-22 A Comparison of Calypso Based Localization for Post Prostatectomy Patient in the Presence of High Geometric Residual (GR) Beacon Error: Comparison/correlation with Ultrasound Alignment - Y. Huang, B. Wang, J. Tward, D. Shrieve, B. Salter*
SU-FF-J-23 Treatment Margins for Pancreatic Cancer Based On Daily IGRT with Cone Beam CT (CBCT) - M. Khan*, S. Gajdos, K. Stephens, J. Juliano
SU-FF-J-24 Functional Planning for Tomotherapy-Based Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) for Peripheral Lung Tumors - J. Cai*, R. McLawhorn, P. Read, J. Larner, K. Sheng, T. Altes, E. de Lange, S. Benedict
SU-FF-J-25 Visibility Study of Fiducial Marker for Real-Time MLC Beam Tracking Delivery Using MV Fluence Video - Y. Liu*, T. Roland, C. Shi, G. Swanson, P. Mavroidis, N. Papanikolaou
SU-FF-J-26 Multimodal Sono-Contrast NIR Spectroscopy System for Breast Cancer Diagnosis - K. Yan*, T. Podder, K. Huang, Y. Hu, J. Li, L. Liao, Y. Yu
SU-FF-J-27 Calibration of the Dual-Transducer Focused Acoustic Radiation Field for a Multimodal Sono-Contrast NIR Spectroscopy System - K. Yan*, K. Huang, T. Podder, Y. Yu
SU-FF-J-28 A Guidance System for Optical Patient Alignment During Breast Radiotherapy - J. Schmitt*, M. Bakhtiari, H. Malhotra, K. Hoffmann, D. Nazareth
SU-FF-J-29 Accuracy Evaluation of Using MV EPID and / Or Integrated KV Imaging System to Locate 3D Positions of Internal Fiducial Markers by a Calypso System - W. Mao*, R. Foster, T. Solberg
SU-FF-J-30 Experimental Investigation of Moving Average Algorithm for Tracking Organ Motion - J. Yoon*, T. Suh, A. Sawant, Y. Suh, B. Cho, P. Keall
SU-FF-J-31 Quantitative Analysis of Prostate Motion Using Implanted Fiducial Markers Based On Port Film Image Guidance - J. Avadhani.*, S. Sasidharan, C. Carton, M. Lowen, T. Klapproth, C. Licitra
SU-FF-J-32 Comparison of Manual Plus MI Registration to SWMI Registration Using MVCT for Head-And-Neck Cancer Patients - S. Park, M. Yao, J. Sohn*
SU-FF-J-33 Error Propagation in Tracking Geometry and Dose Through the Course of Treatment for Dose Accumulation in Adaptive Therapy of Head-And-Neck Cancers - R. Kashani*, K. Jee, M. Feng, J. Balter, L. Dong, D. McShan, R. Ten Haken, B. Fraass
SU-FF-J-34 Can 4D Dose Be Constructed Without Using Deformable Organ Registration? - J. Liang*, Y. Chi, X. Qin, D. Yan
SU-FF-J-35 Severe Inter-Fractional Anatomic Changes and Their Dosimetric Impact in Abdominal Irradiation, An Indication for Adaptive Re-Planning - X. Qi*, K. Wang, M. Siker, S. Firat, B. Erickson, X. Li
SU-FF-J-36 Efficient 4D Treatment Planning Using CT Datasets Synthesized Via Deformable Image Registration - H. Zhong*, M. Fragoso, I. Chetty
SU-FF-J-37 Cumulative Rectal Dose Surface Histogram (DSH) Using Homologous Point Sets. - J. Barbiere*, G. Beninati, J. Mistry, J. Hanley
SU-FF-J-38 Evaluation of Positioning for Head and Neck Patients Using 2D and 3D Image Guidance - H. Kang*, D. Lovelock, E. Yorke, S. Kriminski, N. Lee, H. Amols
SU-FF-J-39 The Impact of Improving Techniques for Phase Reassignment in 4D CT Reconstruction - H. Park*, J. Yoon, W. Jung, J. Song, T. Suh
SU-FF-J-40 A Simple Method for Dosimetric Assessment in H&N Radiotherapy with Rotational Setup Errors - Y. Chen*, S. Feigenberg, Q. Xu, R. Price, C. Ma
SU-FF-J-41 Clinical Management of Detected Target Deviations in IGRT: A Geometrical Approach - D. Liu*, J. Jin, N. Wen, M. Elshaikh, B. Movsas, I. Chetty
SU-FF-J-42 Imaging Study to Determine Appropriate Implanted Fiducial Markers for Proton Or Photon Image Guided Radiation Therapy - R. Kudchadker*, H. Li, J. Johnson, A. Lee
SU-FF-J-43 Significance of Patient Rotation for Dosimetry in IGRT - A. Alfaro, Y. Qian*
SU-FF-J-44 Application of a Routine Geometric QA Tool for Integrated MV and KV Imaging Systems On Trilogy, Synergy, and Vero - W. Mao*, M. Speiser, P. Medin, L. Papiez, T. Solberg, L. Xing
SU-FF-J-45 Performance of a PET-Guided Breast Biopsy System - C. Matthews*, J. Kalinyak, S. Payne, R. Kassab, W. Luo
SU-FF-J-46 Treatment of Bone Metastases Using MR Guided Focused Ultrasound - L. Chen*, C. Ma, T. Richardson, G. Freedman, A. Konski
SU-FF-J-47 Assessment of Diaphragm as An Internal Surrogate for Lung Tumor Motion Prediction - L. Cerviño*, Y. Jiang, S. Jiang
SU-FF-J-48 Localization Accuracy of a Gantry-Mounted Radioactive Tracking System in the Clinical Radiation Therapy Environment - D. Alezra*, T. Shchory, I. Lifshitz, R. Pfeffer
SU-FF-J-49 Geometric Validation Of MV-Topograms And Digitally Reconstructed KV-Topograms - S. Goddu*, G. Palaniswaamy, K. Moore, B. White, D. Yang, D. Rangaraj, S. Mutic, D. Low
SU-FF-J-50 Concurrent Wireless Electromagnetic Tracking and CT Imaging - P. Parikh*, J. Wen, R. Smith, C. Noel, L. Santanam, J. Petersen, J. Newell, S. Dimmer
SU-FF-J-51 The Impact of Source-To-Background Ratio, Tumor Size, Scan Duration, and Smoothing Filter On a Two-Stage PET Tumor Segmentation Method - H. Li*, R. Laforest, W. Thorstad, J. Zhu, D. Low, W. Lu
SU-FF-J-52 Towards On-Line Treatment Verification Using Cine EPID Images for Hypofractionated Lung IMRT - X. Tang*, T. Lin, S. Jiang, A. Sandhu, S. Chang, J. Lian, E. Chaney
SU-FF-J-53 Experience and Comparison of Two Image Guidance Methods for SBRT Treatment: 4D CT and ExacTrac Respiratory-Triggered Imaging - B. Wang*, P. Rassiah-Szegedi, H. Zhao, B. Salter
SU-FF-J-54 Evaluation of Ultrasound Image Guidance Accuracy for Prostate by Comparison to Calypso Body GPS Data - B. Salter*, B. Wang, H. Zhao, P. Rassiah-Szegedi
SU-FF-J-55 Acceptance Testing and Quality-Assurance Protocols for the Calypso® 4D Localization System™ and Q-Fix®/Calypso® Couchtop - J. O'Daniel*, Q. Wu, R. McMahon, J. Maurer, W. Lee, F. Yin
SU-FF-J-56 Integrating Real-Time Tracking Into Image Guided Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer Treatment - X. Zhu*, J. Bourland, Y. Yuan, D. Thongphiew, T. Zhuang, J. O'Daniel, Q. Wu, S. Das, S. Yoo, F. Yin
SU-FF-J-57 IBreathe: Monitoring Respiration with the Accelerometer in An IPod Touch - K. Lam*, S. Hadley, J. Balter
SU-FF-J-58 Inter-Transponder Distance Change and Its Effect On Prostate Localization - J. Li*, Q. Xu, C. Ma
SU-FF-J-59 Adaptive Gating of Radiotherapy Treatment Based On Marker-Less Tracking of Lung Tumors with KV Fluoroscopy - M. Aristophanous*, J. Rottmann, S. Park, R. Berbeco
SU-FF-J-60 A Video Guided Breath Hold Treatment Technique for Cardiac Sparing Breast Radiotherapy - D. Gierga*, G. Sharp, M. Spadea, J. Turcotte
SU-FF-J-61 Evaluation of the Need for Simultaneous Orthogonal Gated Setup Imaging - R. Berbeco*, S. Nishioka, H. Shirato
SU-FF-J-62 Calculation of Delivered Dose From Calypso Tracking Data: And Subsequent Evaluation of Reasonable Treatment Interruption Tolerance Limits - H. Zhao*, B. Wang, P. Rassiah-Szegedi, M. Szegedi, B. Salter
SU-FF-J-63 A Method for Alignment Test of An X-Ray Positioning System for Proton Therapy - J. Yang*, M. Bues, M. Zhu, A. Smith
SU-FF-J-64 Robustness of a Gantry-Mounted Radioactive Tracking System in a Clinical Radiation Therapy Environment - D. Alezra*, D. Schifter, T. Shchory, M. Kurtzhand, I. Lifshitz, R. Pfeffer, B. corn
SU-FF-J-65 Coherent Bremsstrahlung in Image Guided Radiotherapy - T. Koenig*, U. Oelfke
SU-FF-J-66 Deriving Correlation of External Surface and Internal Tumor Motion Using 4D-CT Images - Y. Jiang*, L. Cerviño, R. Li, J. Lewis, S. Jiang
SU-FF-J-67 Marker-Less Verification of Respiratory-Gated Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer - R. Berbeco*, M. Aristophanous, J. Rottmann, S. Park
SU-FF-J-68 Evaluation of An IGRT System for Mobile Targets - A. Sethi*, M. Gao, Y. Ke, I. Rusu, M. Xu, J. Roeske
SU-FF-J-69 Dosimetric Impact of Gold Fiducial Markers in Patients Undergoing External Beam Radiation Therapy - O. Vassiliev*, R. Kudchadker, D. Kuban, A. Lee
SU-FF-J-70 An Investigation of Interference Between Electromagnetic Transponders and Wireless MOSFET Dosimeters - Z. Su*, L. Zhang, V. Ramakrishnan, M. Hagan, M. Anscher
SU-FF-J-71 A Prototype Fiducial Marker Composed of Gold Nanoparticles and Bone Cement for Proton Therapy of Prostate Cancers - Y. LIM*, J. Kwak, D. Kim, D. Shin, M. Yoon, S. Ahn, S. Park, D. Lee, J. Shin, S. Lee, S. Park, D. Kim
SU-FF-J-72 Markerless Fluoroscopic Tracking of Lung Tumors Based On 4D CT - R. Li*, J. Lewis, L. Cerviño, J. Lawson, S. Jiang
SU-FF-J-73 Targeting Accuracy Using Exac-Trac® and Synergy® CBCT Image-Guided Radiotherapy Systems for Lung Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy - M. Ding*, K. Stuhr, F. Newman, A. Hu, H. Rice, M. Miften
SU-FF-J-74 Validation of Bony Anatomy Based (2D-2D) Image Registration - G. Palaniswaamy*, S. Goddu, M. Mamalui-Hunter, D. Low
SU-FF-J-75 Real-Time MR Tumour Tracking and Dose Adaptation - J. Yun*, D. Robinson, M. MacKenzie, S. Rathee, B. Murray, B. Fallone
SU-FF-J-76 Radio Frequency Noise From Clinical Linear Accelerators - M. Lamey*, B. Burke, S. Rathee, B. Murray, B. Fallone
SU-FF-J-77 Interfractional Reproducibility of Lung Tumor Position Using Breath Hold - G. Starkschall*, P. Balter, K. Britton, M. McAleer
SU-FF-J-78 Assessment of An Interpolated Ray Trace Algorithm for Deriving Motion From CBCT Scans - R. Siochi*
SU-FF-J-79 Markerless Lung Tumor Tracking in Rotational Radiotherapy - J. Lewis*, R. Li, W. Watkins, L. Cerviño, J. Lawson, W. Song, S. Jiang
SU-FF-J-80 Evaluation of Rotational and Translational Setup Variations for Brain Tumor Patients with Mask for Immobilization - C. Han*, E. Radany, T. Schultheiss, J. Wong
SU-FF-J-81 A Feasibility Study for Real-Time Tomosynthesis-Guided Rapid Arc Therapy - J. Zhou*, P. Zhang, J. Turian, J. Chu
SU-FF-J-82 Evaluation of Inter-Fractional Setup Errors and Dosimetric Implication in Partial Breast Irradiation (PBI) Using Cone-Beam CT - M. Cao*, J. Andrews, I. Das
SU-FF-J-83 Interfractional Geometric and Dosimetric Variations in Prone Breast Irradiation - N. Morrow*, E. Ahunbay, J. Robbins, J. White, X. Li
SU-FF-J-84 Shielding of Radio Frequency Noise From Clinical Linear Accelerators for the Linac-MR Project - M. Lamey*, B. Burke, S. Rathee, B. Murray, B. Fallone
SU-FF-J-85 Evaluation of the Positioning Accuracy in Helical Tomotherapy for Stereotactic Intracranial Radiosurgery - N. Papalia*, M. Lamba, B. McGill, H. Elson
SU-FF-J-86 A Digital Tomosynthesis Applications in Radiotherapy Toolkit - V. Sarkar*, C. Shi, N. Papanikolaou
SU-FF-J-87 Dosimetric Evaluation of Image Guided Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer - G. Shan*, L. Chen, W. Hu, Q. Xu, J. Fan, I. Mohamed, C. Ma
SU-FF-J-88 A Novel Workflow for SBRT Image Guidance Using 4D CT Method - B. Salter*, B. Wang, H. Zhao, P. Rassiah-Szegedi, M. Szegedi
SU-FF-J-89 Evaluation of Five Fiducial Markers Using MVCT and CBCT - D. Pavord*, J. Gong, P. Sansourekidou, S. Kriminski, R. Bassalow
SU-FF-J-90 Target Relocalization Accuracy and PTV Margin Verification Using Three-Dimensional Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) of Lung Cancers - L. Wang*, S. Feigenberg, B. Lally, J. Fan, L. Jin, L. Chen, R. Price, C. Ma
SU-FF-J-91 Model-Based Esophageal Motion and Margin Determination - D. Michalski*, R. Andrade, Y. Mutaf, D. Heron, M. Huq
SU-FF-J-92 A Dosimetric Study of the Potential for Margin Reduction in Prostate IMRT Using Image-Guided Target Localization - J. Pawlowski*, E. Yang, A. Malcolm, C. Coffey, G. Ding
SU-FF-J-93 Dosimetric Feasibility of Patient-Specific Margins for Prostate Patients Using a Wireless Localization and Tracking System - P. Rassiah-Szegedi*, B. Wang, J. Tward, M. Szegedi, H. Zhao, B. Salter
SU-FF-J-94 Clinical Application of Image Guidance to Radiotherapy of Pre-Operative Rectal Cancer : From Day-To-Day Positioning to Biological Modelling - K. Tournel*, B. Engels, M. De Ridder, D. Verellen, M. Duchateau, N. Linthout, T. Reynders, T. Gevaert, G. Storme
SU-FF-J-95 Dosimetric Margin Assessment for Rigid Setup Error by CBCT for HN-IMRT - D. Worthy*, Q. Wu
SU-FF-J-96 Estimating Dose Uncertainty in Minimally Deformable Sites Treated Without Daily Imaging - P. Hill*, T. Mackie
SU-FF-J-97 The Study of a Margin From the Clinic Target Volume (CTV) to the Planning Target Volume (PTV) of Esophagus Carcinoma - y. cao*, Z. Chi, c. gao, j. huo, L. Wang, R. Qiu, R. Li
SU-FF-J-98 Offline Analysis of the Frequency and Accuracy of OBI KV/MV Imaging for Head-And-Neck and Brain IMRT Using Rigid and Deformable Image Registration Techniques - H. Xiang,*, Y. Lo, J. Kao, S. Green
SU-FF-J-99 4D Multi-Organ Motion Analysis in Pancreatic Cancer Patients - J. Hallman*, S. Mori, G. Sharp, T. Hong, G. Chen
SU-FF-J-100 Margins for Hypofractionated Lung SBRT Using CyberKnife Synchrony - S. Hossain*, K. Huang, C. Chuang, M. Descovich, A. Gottschalk, D. Larson, L. Ma
SU-FF-J-101 Is Daily Image-Guided Patient Positioning Necessary for Lung Irradiation ? - A. Tai*, E. Gore, S. Wu, X. Li
SU-FF-J-102 Determining Residual Target Motion and Gating Window Width From Gated CT for Routine Gated Delivery - S. Shen*, S. Spencer, J. Fiveash, J. Duan, R. Jacob, K. Keene, R. Meredith, R. Popple
SU-FF-J-103 Concepts for Normal Tissue Sparing with Patient-Specific Margins in IMRT Boost Treatments for Cervix - B. Mader*, A. Cabrera, E. Jones, M. Oldham
SU-FF-J-104 Feasibility of Utilizing Pneumatic Abdominal Bellows for Quantitative 4DCT - B. White*, R. Werner, W. Lu, D. Low
SU-FF-J-105 Is Offline Adaptive Planning Necessary for Online Image-Guided Radiotherapy of Prostate Cancer? - Q. Wu, Y. Lei*
SU-FF-J-106 Volumetric Visualization of Clinical Contours, Dose, High-Definition Patient Anatomy for Four-Dimensional Adaptive Radiotherapy Treatment Planning - J. Lee*, J. Hallman, G. Sharp, G. Chen, J. Wolfgang
SU-FF-J-107 4D Predictive Patient-Specific Anatomical Model Based On 4D CT Data: A Feasibility Study - B. Guo*, W. He, J. Eom, S. De, X. Xu, C. Shi
SU-FF-J-108 Simultaneous RapidARC Treatment and 4D-CBCT Verification - B. Winey*, R. Berbeco, M. Aristophanous, J. Rottmann, L. Court
SU-FF-J-109 Comparison of Lung Tumor Motion Profiles From 4D CT and a Treatment Tracking System - N. Yu*, C. Chuang, A. Gottschalk, S. Yom, P. Xia
SU-FF-J-110 Geometrical Verification of Real-Time Tumor Tracking Using Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID) - Y. Han-Oh*, B. Yi, B. Berman, C. Yu
SU-FF-J-111 On the Estimation of Error in 4D Imaging in Regard to Radiotherapy Tumor Motion Management - E. Ehler*, W. Tome
SU-FF-J-112 Evaluation of Tracking Versus Conventional Delivery for Lung Cancer Radiotherapy Via 4D Treatment Planning - T. Roland*, C. Shi, Y. Liu, P. Mavroidis, N. Papanikolaou
SU-FF-J-113 A Simplified 4DRT Strategy Using a 3.5D Approach and 3D Planning Tools: A Dual Motion Phantom Study - G. Li*, H. Ning, H. XIe, P. Guion, D. Citrin, L. Zach, N. Simone, A. Kaushal, K. Camphausen, R. Miller
SU-FF-J-114 Simultaneous Amplitude Monitoring for a Phase-Based External Surrogate System by Using Stereo Cameras in Respiratory Gated Radiation Treatment - Y. Park*, C. Choi, J. Park, J. Kim, H. Kim, Y. Choi, S. Ye
SU-FF-J-115 Evaluation of Internal/External Correlation with Missed Volume - H. Wu*, C. He, Q. Zhao, R. Berbeco, H. Shirato, S. Nishioka
SU-FF-J-116 On the Development of Intra-Fraction Whole Body Motion Tracking During Total Body Irradiation - M. Sharma*, S. Hui, N. Bird, T. Dos Santos, N. Papanikolopoulos
SU-FF-J-117 Real-Time Characterization of Respiratory Motion Regularity During Radiation Therapy - Y. Peng*, P. Balter, D. Mirkovic, S. Vedam
SU-FF-J-118 A Physics-Based Model That Characterizes the Positions of Lung and Lung Tumor Tissues as Functions of Tidal Volume and Airflow - T. Zhao*, W. Lu, J. Bradley, P. Parikh, J. Hubenschmidt, D. Low
SU-FF-J-119 Accuracy of Using Deformable Image Registration to Map Computed Dose Distributions From Treatment Planning CT to Individual Phase CTs - B. Lynch*, J. Xia, C. Liu, J. Palta, S. Samant
SU-FF-J-120 Assessing Intrafraction Motion for Cranial Tumor Patients Treated with Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy Using Repeated Imaging - H. Saleh*, J. Williamson, N. Dogan, T. Chung
SU-FF-J-121 Evaluation of Motion Variation of Liver and External Marker Block in Repeated 4D-CT Studies - Y. Choi*, Y. Park, J. Park, J. Kim, H. Kim, C. Choi, S. Ye
SU-FF-J-122 Dosimetric Impact of the Choice of a Deformation Algorithm for 4D Treatment Plannings with and Without Density Correction - M. Benhacene Boudam*, F. Lacroix
SU-FF-J-123 4D Prone Vs. Supine Scanning: Modifications in the Breathing Motion Characteristics and Image Data Quality - M. Rosu*, T. Chung, A. Addesa, B. Mahoney, E. Weiss
SU-FF-J-124 When Do We Need to Consider Motion Management During Treatment of Mobile Lesions? - I. Mihaylov*, F. Lerma, E. Moros
SU-FF-J-125 A Simplified 4DRT Strategy Using a 3.5D Approach and 3D Planning Tools: A Planning Comparison Study - G. Li*, H. XIe, H. Ning, D. Low, D. Citrin, L. Zach, N. Simone, A. Kaushal, K. Camphausen, R. Miller
SU-FF-J-126 Study of the Variability of the Dosimetric Outcome Produced by Patient Organ-Movement and Dynamic MLC Delivery with Focus On Intra-Fraction Effects - J. Seco*, G. Sharp, H. Paganetti
SU-FF-J-127 Four-Dimensional Carbon Ion Dose Assessment in Respiratory-Gated Lung Therapy: Simulation Study in Respiratory Pattern Variation Cases - S. Dobashi*, S. Mori, M. Kumagai
SU-FF-J-128 Characterizationof Liver Motion Based On Implanted Markers - M. Szegedi*, P. Rassiah-Szegedi, G. Fullerton, B. Salter
SU-FF-J-129 In-Room Proton Range Verification Using Mobile NeuroPET - Feasibility Study - A. Knopf*, X. Zhu, K. Parodi, H. Paganetti, T. Bortfeld, G. El Fakhri
SU-FF-J-130 In-Vivo Verification of Proton Beam Path Using Post-Treatment PET/CT Imaging - W. Hsi*, D. Indelicato, C. Vargas, S. Duvvuri, Z. Li, J. Palta
SU-FF-J-131 Improving Quantitation in Serial PET/CT with Improved Image Registration and Intra-Patient Metabolic Correction - B. Cannon*, D. Schwartz, B. Moeller, L. Zhang, L. Dong
SU-FF-J-132 Calculation of Cumulative Dose for Daily CT-Guided Prostate Irradiation Using Deformable Image Registration - A. Godley*, E. Ahunbay, C. Lawton, X. Li
SU-FF-J-133 Commissioning a New Frameless Intracranial Stereotactic Positioning System (ISPS): The Real-Time 3D Stereo-Vision Surface Imaging System - L. Peng, C. Liu*, D. Kahler, S. Samant, J. Li, J. Palta
SU-FF-J-134 Slow Diffusion Enhancement for Approximated Returning to the Origin Probability (ARTOP) - A. Chu*, J. Knisely, R. Constable, R. Fulbright, R. Nath
SU-FF-J-135 Quantification of Tumor Proliferation and Hypoxia with PET/CT Imaging of HNSCC Patients Receiving VEGF-Targeted Therapy - M. Nyflot*, P. Harari, S. Perlman, R. Nickles, R. Jeraj
SU-FF-J-136 The Impact of Attenuation and Scatter Correction On the SPECT Guided Radiation Therapy for Lung Cancer Patients: Comparison of SPECT Weighted Mean Dose and Functional Lung Segmentation - L. Yin*, S. Shcherbinin, A. Thompson, A. Celler, T. Fua, M. Liu, C. Duzenli, B. Gill, B. Sheehan, J. Powe, D. Worsley, V. Moiseenko
SU-FF-J-137 Rapid Prototyping of Vascular Trees for Quality Assurance of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Perfusion Imaging and Analysis - A. Thomas*, J. Balter, S. Hollister
SU-FF-J-138 A Statistical Analysis of Lung Tumor Regression and Interfraction Geometric Variation - G. Hugo*, A. Badawi, C. Glide-Hurst
SU-FF-J-139 Cumulative Dose to the Rectal Wall and Implications for Prostate IGRT Treatment Planning - M. Foskey*, G. Tracton, J. Lian, X. Tang, S. Chang
SU-FF-J-140 Multiple Aspects of Approximated-Returning-To-The-Origin Probability (ARTOP) Diffusion Tensor Imaging for Better Observation High-Graded Gliomas Treatment Responses - A. Chu*, J. Knisely, R. Fulbright, R. Constable, R. Nath
SU-FF-J-141 Volumetric Response Analysis During Chemoradiation as Predictive Tool for Optimizing Treatment Strategy in Locally Advanced Unresectable NSCLC - S. Bral, M. Duchateau, K. Tournel*, N. Linthout, D. Verellen, T. Gevaert, T. Reynders, G. Storme
SU-FF-J-142 Sensitivity of Treatment Assessment to Different PET Normalization Techniques - N. Jallow*, M. Vanderhoek, D. Barbee, C. Song, R. Jeraj
SU-FF-J-143 A Feasibility Study of Using O-18 Enriched Water to Develop a Method of In-Vivo Range Verification in Proton Therapy - J. Cho*, R. Schulte, B. Patyal
SU-FF-J-144 Stability Assessment of MVCT Imaging for Dose Calculation Purposes - M. Duchateau, K. Tournel*, D. Verellen, T. Reynders, N. Linthout, T. Gevaert, G. Storme
SU-FF-J-145 Comparsion of Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI), T2-Weighted and Post Contrast T1 Weighted Imaging After MR Guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Treatment of Uterine Leiomyomata: Preliminary Results - M. Jacobs*, D. Gultekin, H. KIm
SU-FF-J-146 Sequential Volume Change Estimation of Breast Tumor From Whole Breast Automated Ultrasound by Reader Study - G. Narayanasamy*, M. Roubidoux, G. LeCarpentier, J. Li, A. Moskalik, A. Joe, P. Carson
SU-FF-J-147 Estimation of Thermal Response of Optically Tunable Gold Nanoparticles Embedded in a Tissue-Like Medium - S. Cheong*, S. Krishnan, S. Cho
SU-FF-J-148 Comparison of the Intratumoral Distribution of Targeted and Non-Targeted Cu-67-Carrying Composite Nanodevices (CNDs) - D. Nazareth*, D. Rigual, V. Kasturirangan, M. Kariapper, T. Tran, A. Sablauer, W. Lesniak, P. Roberson, L. Balogh, M. Khan
SU-FF-J-149 Monte Carlo Simulation of Dose Distribution Around 198 Au Nanoparticles: A Preliminary Study for Treatment Quality Criterion - T. Marques, M. Schwarcke, M. Alva-Sánchez, O. Baffa, P. Nicolucci*
SU-FF-J-150 Experimental Demonstration of Dose Enhancement Due to Gold Nanoparticles and Kilovoltage X-Rays Using Radio-Sensitive Polymer Gel Dosimeter - A. Siddiqi, Y. Yang, K. Dextraze, T. Hu, S. Krishnan, S. Cho*
SU-FF-J-151 Fabrication and Testing of An Agar-Based Heat-Sensitive Gel for Thermal Dosimetry - A. Siddiqi*, S. Cho
SU-FF-J-152 Dosimetry On Gold Nanoparticle: A Microscopic and Macroscopic Study Using Monte Carlo Simulations - J. Chow*, M. Leung, D. Chithrani, M. Lee, B. Oms, D. Jaffray
SU-FF-J-153 Photothermal Cancer Therapy Using Gold Nanorods - E. Fourkal*, I. Veltchev, A. Guemnie Tafo, C. Ma, V. Khazak, N. Skobeleva
SU-FF-J-154 Computerized Method for Quantifying the Alignment of Mechanical Or Digital Graticules Relative to Radiation Fields Using Electronic Portal Images - W. Du*, J. Yang, D. Luo, M. Martel
SU-FF-J-155 The Influence of Material Assignment On Monte Carlo Dose Calculations for Kilovoltage Small Animal Radiotherapy - M. Bazalova*, H. Zhou, P. Keall, E. Graves
SU-FF-J-156 High Throughput Micro-CT Scanner Using a Distributed Multi-Beam Field Emission X-Ray Source - R. Peng*, J. Zhang, X. Calderon-Colon, E. Quan, S. Wang, S. Sultana, S. Chang, D. Lalush, J. Lu, O. Zhou
SU-FF-J-157 A Monte Carlo Model for Small Animal Stereotactic Irradiation - M. Speiser*, R. Pidikiti, S. Stojadinovic, K. Song, T. Solberg
SU-FF-J-158 An Open Source Software Tool for Treatment Planning for Small Animal Conformal Radiotherapy - E. Graves*, G. Nelson, M. Rodriguez, H. Zhou, P. Keall
SU-FF-J-159 Monte Carlo Simulation for Small Animal Irradiation in Micro CT Settings - H. Hsieh*, S. Tu
SU-FF-J-160 Spatially Fractionated Radiation Therapy (GRID) On Implanted Tumors Using a Small Animal Conformal Radiation Therapy System - S. Sharma*, E. Moros, J. Webber, K. Nathan, R. Griffin, J. Penagaricano, P. Corry
SU-FF-J-161 Feasibility Analysis On Converting Conventional Orthovoltage Biological Irradiator to a Micro-Beam Array for Small Animal/cell Irradiation - K. Huang*, K. Yan, T. Podder, Y. Hu, Y. Yu
SU-FF-J-162 In Vivo Biological Evaluation of Micro-CT Based 3D Conformal Radiotherapy System - G. Nelson*, M. Rodriguez, H. Zhou, A. Lee, J. Wu, P. Tran, D. Felsher, P. Keall, E. Graves
SU-FF-J-163 Monte Carlo Simulation for Nanoparticle-Enhanced Irradiation in Small Animals - H. Hsieh*, S. Tu
SU-FF-J-164 A Calibration Method for Positioning Small Animal Radiotherapy Subjects Using MicroCT - M. Rodriguez*, G. Nelson, H. Zhou, P. Keall, E. Graves
SU-FF-J-165 Development and Application of Internal and External Motion Tracking System for Small Animal - S. Park*, H. Jung, K. Kim, Y. Ji
SU-FF-J-166 The Development of a Precise Electron Irradiator for Small Animal Studies - T. Chao*, C. Lee, A. Chen, S. Tu, C. Tung
SU-FF-J-167 MRI-To-CT Deformable Registration for Treatment Planning of Breast Irradiation - A. Godley*, E. Ahunbay, E. Paulson, J. White, X. Li
SU-FF-J-168 Evaluation of a Commercial Software Package for Incorporating Biological MRI Into Treatment Planning of Gliomas - J. Chang*, T. Duckworth, A. Narayana, J. De Wyngaert
SU-FF-J-169 A Hybrid Deformable Registration Method to Warp Image with Contrast - J. Lian*, M. Foskey, J. Rosenman, G. Tracton, S. Chang
SU-FF-J-170 Impact of 4D Cone Beam CT View-Aliasing Artifact On Nonrigid Registration Accuracy - G. Hugo*, J. Lu, W. Sleeman, J. Williamson
SU-FF-J-171 Quantification of Ventilation Imaging From Clinical 4DCT Datasets for Selective Avoidance IMRT in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer - W. Monroe*, Y. Kim, R. Siochi, X. Wu
SU-FF-J-172 Deformable Fusion and Atlas Based Autosegmentation: MimVista Vs. CMS Focal ABAS - A. Harrison*, J. Galvin, Y. Yu, Y. Xiao
SU-FF-J-173 Tumor Volume Delineation: A Comparison of Imaging Protocols for Lung Tumors - J. Wu*, C. Betzing, A. Srisuthep, M. Fuss, W. D'Souza
SU-FF-J-174 Volume Rendered Cardiac Segmentation and Analysis for Breast Radiotherapy - J. Wolfgang*, J. Lee, G. Sharp, G. Chen
SU-FF-J-175 Segmentation of Moving Targets in PET: Threshold Dependence On Lesion Size, Motion Extent, and Signal-To-Background - A. Riegel*, M. Bucci, M. Ahmad, X. Sun, A. Chandler, O. Mawlawi, T. Pan
SU-FF-J-176 Assessing the Impact of Partial Volume Correction On Dose Painting - D. Barbee*, S. Bowen, R. Flynn, J. Holden, R. Jeraj
SU-FF-J-177 Effect of Gold Marker Seed On MR Spectroscopy of the Prostate - M. Hossain*, T. Schirmer, M. Buyyounouski, T. Richardson, L. Chen, C. Ma