51st AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Monday, July 27, 2009
Therapy Scientific Session
Monday 1:30:00 PM - 3:20:00 PM  Room: Ballroom B

Chair 1: Nesrin Dogan, Virginia Commonwealth University

Chair 2: Cheng B. Saw, Penn State Cancer Institute

1:30 PM
Study of Systemic and Random Errors On VMAT and IMRT Plan Quality and Deliver Accuracy - F. Chen*, M. Rao, J. Ye, S. Luan, D. Shepard, D. Cao
1:42 PM
Using Total-Variation Regularization for IMRT Inverse Planning with Field-Specific Numbers of Segments - L. Zhu*, L. Lee, Y. Ma, Y. Ye, R. Mazzeo, L. Xing
1:54 PM
Using a Database of Patient Geometric and Dosimetric Information for Quantitative IMRT Plan Quality Control - B. Wu*, M. Kazhdan, F. Ricchetti, P. Simari, R. Jacques, G. Sanguineti, M. Chuang, R. Taylor, T. McNutt
2:06 PM
Mixed Integer Models for Elucidating the Tradeoff Between Treatment Time and Plan Quality in VMAT Delivery - D. Craft*, T. Bortfeld
2:18 PM
A Novel Dynamic MLC Leaf Sequencing Algorithm for 4D Treatment with Deformable Target Motion Correction - J. Xu*, C. Shi, N. Papanikolaou
2:30 PM
Comparison of Dosimetric Inaccuracies Introduced by Intra-Fraction Respiratory Motion in IMRT and VMAT - P. Atkinson*, C. Glide-Hurst, M. Matuszak, D. Yan
2:42 PM
Retrospective RapidArc Dose Reconstruction Based On MLC Dynamic and Delivery Log Files Recorded During Treatment - L. Lee*, J. Qian, L. Xing, R. Ming Chun Chau, K. Cheung, K. Kam, K. Yu, S. Leung, A. Chan
2:54 PM
A Hybrid Strategy of Offline Adaptive Planning and Online Image Guidance for Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy - Y. Lei*, Q. Wu
3:06 PM
IMRT Ad-Hoc Adaption - Initial Results for Prostate: A Retrospective Planning Study - M. Gainey*, K. Bratengeier, B. Polat, M. Flentje, J. Meyer