51st AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Monday, July 27, 2009
Therapy Moderated Poster Session
Moderated Poster - IMRT II
Monday 4:00:00 PM - 4:45:00 PM  Room: Exhibit Hall - Area 1

Moderator 1: Arthur J. Olch, Childrens Hospital of LA

MO-EE-A1-1 A QA Procedure for MLC Leaf Position and Dynalog File Accuracy Using the EPID - I. Emam*, J. Fan, Q. Xu, T. Lin, I. Veltchev, C. Ma
MO-EE-A1-2 Dose Escalation by Target-Tracking Treatments Planned by 4D Direct Aperture Optimization: A Proof of Principle - D. McQuaid*, S. Webb
MO-EE-A1-3 A 4D IMRT Planning Method Using Deformable Image Registration for Lung Cancer - X. Li*, X. Wang, Y. Li, X. Pan, R. Mohan, X. Zhang
MO-EE-A1-4 A Comparison Study of a New Optimal Field Splitting Algorithm in IMRT - X. Dou*, X. Wu, Y. Kim, J. Bayouth, j. buatti
MO-EE-A1-5 Direct Aperture Optimization of Intensity Modulated Arc Therapy - J. Park*, K. Cheong, W. Cho, W. Jung, L. Xing, T. Suh
MO-EE-A1-6 Performance of MPC-Based Adaptive Radiotherapy Optimization - K. Jee*, R. Kashani, D. McShan, B. Fraass