51st AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Imaging Scientific Session
Computed Tomography and Radiation Dose
Tuesday 10:00:00 AM - 12:00:00 PM  Room: 304A

Chair 1: Mitchell M. Goodsitt, Univ Michigan

Chair 2: Robert L. Dixon, Wake Forest Univ

10:00 AM
The Need and Feasibility of a Modern Software for Reporting Patient Doses From CT Scans - A. Ding*, J. Gu, H. Liu, P. Caracappa, X. Xu
10:12 AM
The Impact of the New ICRP-103 Recommendations On the Assessment of Effective Doses From CT Procedures - P. Caracappa, J. Gu, J. Zhang, X. Xu*
10:24 AM
Stylized MIRD Phantoms Should Be Replaced by Anatomically Realistic Phantoms: Discrepancies In Red Bone Marrow Doses From CT Scans - H. Liu, J. Zhang, P. Caracappa, X. Xu*
10:36 AM
Monte Carlo Based Multidetector CT Modeling and Dose Calculations for Pregnant Patients - J. Gu*, P. Caracappa, X. Xu
10:48 AM
Dose Reductions of Bismuth Shields in Diagnostic Radiology: Measurements and Monte Carlo Simulations - S. Kim*, T. Yoshizumi, D. Frush, C. Anderson-Evans, G. Toncheva
11:00 AM
Reducing Dose to a Small Organ by Varying the Tube Start Angle in a Helical CT Scan - D. Zhang*, J. DeMarco, C. Cagnon, E. Angel, A. Turner, M. Zankl, M. McNitt-Gray
11:12 AM
X-Ray Tube Current Modulation and Effective Dose Per Unit Dose-Length Product Conversion Factors in CT Dosimetry - W. He*, E. Tavrides, W. Huda, H. Yao
11:24 AM
A Method to Adjust CTDI to Better Represent the Dose for Pediatric Patients - T. Toth*, K. Strauss, K. Boedeker, C. Leidecker, T. Morton
11:36 AM
Radiation Dose Reduction for Pediatric CT - P. Massoumzadeh*, S. Don, B. Whiting
11:48 AM
Effects of KVp On Dose-Normalized Contrast-To-Noise Ratio Relevant to Pediatric CT - W. Feng, R. MacDougall, C. Schultz, D. Drake, D. Bakalyar*