51st AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Therapy Scientific Session
Measurements I
Tuesday 1:30:00 PM - 3:20:00 PM  Room: Ballroom B

Chair 1: Bruce H. Curran, Rhode Island Hospital/Brown Medical Center

Chair 2: Bijan Arjomandy, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

1:30 PM
Comparison of the Response of EBT Emulsion to 90Sr/Y Beta Particles and 60Co Gamma Rays - C. Soares*, R. Minniti, G. Massillon-JL, E. Meek, J. Walia
1:42 PM
Advanced Techniques to Determine Plan-Class Specific Reference Field Correction Factors for Accurate Dosimetry of Nonstandard Beams - E. Chung*, H. Bouchard, J. Sutherland, J. Seuntjens
1:54 PM
Investigation of Energy Variation On TomoTherapy HI-ART II Using An Aluminum Stepwedge - T. Racine*, J. Gibbons, D. Lucas, B. Cravens, T. Krumbach
2:06 PM
Comparison Between the Ultraviolet and 6 MV Radiation Responses of Optically Stimulated Radiation Detectors and Their Potential Applications in Ultraviolet Phototherapy Dosimetry - C. Reft*
2:18 PM
Dosimetry of a Novel Ophthalmic Stereotactic Radiosurgical Device - M. Firpo*, E. Chell
2:30 PM
A Monte-Carlo Investigation of the Beam Quality Conversion Factor - B. Muir*, D. Rogers
2:42 PM
Determination of Neutron Dose Due to a Therapeutic Proton Beam Incident On a Closed Tungsten MLC Using the Dual Hydrogenous/non-Hydrogenous Ionization Chamber Method - E. Diffenderfer*, R. Maughan, C. Ainsley, S. Avery, J. McDonough
2:54 PM
A CBCT Projection Matrix Method for Radiation and Imaging Isocenter QA - R. Siochi*, V. Chaswal, X. Ying
3:06 PM
Dosimetric Validation of the Proton-Sensitive BANGŪ 3 PRO-2 Polymer Gel Dosimeter Irradiated by Single Field Therapeutic Proton Beams - L. Tirpak, W. Hsi, S. Meeks, M. Maryanski, P. Kupelian, O. Zeidan*