51st AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Imaging Scientific Session
Computed Tomography and Reconstruction
Tuesday 1:30:00 PM - 3:20:00 PM  Room: 304A

Chair 1: Bruce R. Whiting, Mallinckrodt Inst of Radiology

Chair 2: Guang-Hong Chen, University of Wisconsin

1:30 PM
Development and Testing of a Novel, 4D Maximum A Posteriori (MAP) Image Reconstruction Algorithm - J. Hinkle*, P. Fletcher, B. Wang, B. Salter, S. Joshi
1:42 PM
Dose Reduction in CT Using Non-Convex Prior Image Constrained Compressed Sensing NC-PICCS - J. Ramirez Giraldo*, J. Trzasko, S. Leng, L. Yu, A. Manduca, C. McCollough
1:54 PM
Temporal Resolution Improvement Using PICCS in MDCT Cardiac Imaging - J. Tang*, J. Hsieh, G. Chen
2:06 PM
The Influence of CT Resolution On Volume Definition and Image Quality in SRS and SBRT Simulation - B. Sintay*, M. Bellon, R. Hammoud, T. Nurushev, I. Chetty
2:18 PM
An Improved Phase-Based 4DCT Reconstruction Using Local Breathing Variation Without RPM - Q. Xu*, Y. Chen, L. Jin, W. Hu, J. Fan, M. Hossain, C. Ma
2:30 PM
Comparison of Retrospective Phase Sorting with Real-Time Sorting Methods for 4D CT Images - U. Langner, P. Keall*
2:42 PM
Reconstruction From Experimentally Acquired Transmission CT Sinograms with the Polyenergetic Alternating Minimization Algorithm Using An Equivalent X-Ray Spectrum Estimated From Transmission Measurements - J. Evans*, J. O''Sullivan, D. Politte, G. Lasio, J. Williamson
2:54 PM
A Novel Boundary Tracking Method for Metal Artifact Suppression in Helical CT Imaging - H. Li*, L. Yu, X. Liu, C. McCollough
3:06 PM
Evaluation of Localization Accuracy of Motion in 4DCT - L. Xiong*, H. Mower