51st AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Joint Imaging/Therapy Scientific Session
Innovations and Frontiers in Medical Physics
Wednesday 1:30:00 PM - 3:20:00 PM  Room: 303A

Chair 1: Harald Paganetti, Massachusetts General Hospital

Chair 2: John M. Boone, UC Davis Medical Center

1:30 PM
Feasibility Study of Microbeam Radiation Therapy Using a Carbon Nanotube Field Emission Based Electron Microbeam Irradiator - J. Zhang*, D. Bordelon, J. Snider, E. Schreiber, A. Cox, O. Zhou, S. Chang
1:42 PM
Deoxyglucose Labeled Gold Nanoparticles as X-Ray Computed Tomography Contrast Agents for Cancer Imaging - J. Li*, B. Aydogan, T. Rajh, C. Pelizzari, S. Chmura, A. Chaudhary, C. Wietholt, P. Redmond
1:54 PM
Magnetic Resonance Temperature Imaging Guided Laser-Induced Thermal Therapy with Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes - X. Ding*, R. Kraft, A. Bruke, D. Carroll, S. Torti, J. Bourland
2:06 PM
Mircometer-Sized Iron Oxide Particles (MPIO) Enhanced MRI with Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor (GCSF) Modulation in Murine Myocardial Infarction Model - Y. Yang*, Y. Yang, B. Klein, X. Shi, N. Yanasak, W. Hill, T. Hu
2:18 PM
How to Measure Fluoroscopic "dose Efficiency": The Spatio-Temporal Detective Quantum Efficiency - S. Friedman*, I. Cunningham
2:30 PM
FLT PET Imaging of Bone Marrow Toxicity: An in Vivo Biodosimeter - P. Scully*, U. Simoncic, B. Titz, R. Jeraj
2:42 PM
A 3D System for Spatial Localization of Scanned Proton Beams: Characterization and Experimental Validation - L. Archambault*, F. Poenisch, N. Sahoo, M. Gillin, R. Mohan, S. Beddar
2:54 PM
Nonlinear Kernels as a Visual Analytics Tool for Radiotherapy Treatment Outcomes - I. El Naqa*, J. Bradley, J. Deasy
3:06 PM
A Multi-FPGA Accelerator for Dose Calculation in Radiation Therapy - B. Zhou*, S. Hu, D. Chen, C. Yu