51st AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Imaging Scientific Session
Breast Imaging and CAD
Wednesday 1:30:00 PM - 3:20:00 PM  Room: 304A

Chair 1: Andrew Karellas, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Chair 2: Wei Zhao, SUNY Stony Brook

1:30 PM
Three-Class Classification for Binary Decision Making - X. He*, K. Drukker, J. Brankov, E. Frey
1:42 PM
Exploring Non-Linear Feature Space Dimension Reduction and Data Representation in Breast CADx - A. Jamieson*, M. Giger
1:54 PM
Quantitative Image Analysis for Prognosis in Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients with Sonographically Normal Appearing Lymph Nodes - K. Drukker*, C. Sennett, M. Giger
2:06 PM
Performance of a Method to Aid Breast Ultrasound Interpretation Using Image Processing and Case-Based Reasoning - M. Andre*, M. Galperin, H. Ojeda-Fournier, L. Olson, A. Berry, C. Comstock, M. O''Boyle
2:18 PM
Analysis of Tumor Grade Breast Carcinoma Using Computer-Extracted Morphological and Kinetic Features in DCE-MRI - N. Bhooshan*, M. Giger, S. Jansen, H. Li, L. Lan, G. Newstead
2:30 PM
The Characterization of Iodinated-Contrast Kinetics Using a Dynamic Breast Phantom - S. Huang*, K. Yang, N. Packard, G. Burkett, N. Prionas, J. Boone
2:42 PM
A Novel Stereo-Scanning Tomosynthesis Scheme and Its Application in Image Guidance for Breast Radiotherapy - J. Zhang*, C. Yu
2:54 PM
Improved Volumetric Imaging with Tomosynthesis Using Combined Orthogonal Sweeps - J. Gersh*, M. McKee, J. King, A. Baydush
3:06 PM
Characterization of Multi-Beam Field Emission X-Ray Source for Stationary Digital Breast Tomosynthesis - x. qian*, R. Rajaram, G. Yang, X. Calderon-Colon, T. Phan, S. Sultana, D. Lalush, J. Lu, O. Zhou