51st AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Thursday, July 30, 2009
Joint Imaging/Therapy Scientific Session
Translational Research
Thursday 12:30:00 PM - 2:20:00 PM  Room: 210A

Chair 1: Moyed M. Miften, Univ. of Colorado Denver

Chair 2: Devon J Godfrey, Duke University Medical Center

12:30 PM
Exploration of Soft-Tissue Visualization at Low Dose Using Flat-Panel Imagers Incorporating Thick, Segmented Scintillators for Megavoltage Cone-Beam CT - Y. El-Mohri*, L. Antonuk, Q. Zhao, Y. Wang, H. Du, M. Koniczek
12:42 PM
Portal Imaging for Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy - C. Burman*, J. Li, M. Chan
12:54 PM
Thick Monolithic Pixelated Scintillator Array for Megavoltage Imaging - J. Maltz*, J. Hartmann, A. Dubouloz, A. Paidi, B. Gangadharan, G. Hoerauf, A. Bani-Hashemi
1:06 PM
Monte Carlo Calculations of Microscopic Dose Enhancement Factor for Gold Nanoparticle-Aided Radiation Therapy - B. Jones*, S. Krishnan, S. Cho
1:18 PM
Characterization of the Spatial and Energy Distribution of Electrons Emitted From a Gold Nanoparticle Irradiated by X-Rays Using Monte Carlo Simulations - M. Leung*, J. Chow, D. Chithrani, M. Lee, B. Oms, D. Jaffray
1:30 PM
Drug Eluting Implanted Devices to Increase Biologic Effective Dose in Image Guided Radiation Therapy - R. Cormack*, S. Sridhar, D. Nagesha, E. Gultepe, W. Suh, A. D''AMico, M. Makrigiorgos
1:42 PM
Multi-Modal Image Guidance in Neurosurgery: An Approach for Direct Targeting in Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) - A. Sudhyadhom*, I. Haq, K. Foote, M. Okun, F. Bova
1:54 PM
On the Importance of Correcting Anatomical Deformations in Prostate Cancer Patients - M. Miften*, Q. Diot
2:06 PM
Correlation Between Abdominal Organ Motion and An External Marker Toward Respiratory-Gated Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy for Pancreatic Carcinoma - T. Shiinoki*, Y. Narita, M. Nakamura, K. Shibuya, A. Sawada, Y. Matsuo, T. Mizowaki, A. Ito, M. Hiraoka