2010 AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Sunday, July 18, 2010
Imaging General Poster Discussion
Imaging General Poster Discussion
Sunday 3:00:00 PM - 4:30:00 PM  Room: Exhibit Hall
SU-GG-I-1 Two-View CAD Performance in Digital Mammography - M. Kallergi*, A. Vourtsi
SU-GG-I-2 A Simple Technique for Generating Respiratory Signals with Lasers in Radiotherapy - R. Prabhakar*, G. Rath
SU-GG-I-3 Implications for Proton Therapy Treatment Planning of Tissue Characterization Curves From Different CT Scanners - C. Cheng*, L. Zhao, M. Wolanski, C. Allgower, Q. Zhao, J. James, K. Dikeman, M. Mills, M. Li, D. Frye, X. Lu, S. Srivastava, I. Das, P. Johnstone
SU-GG-I-4 Effect of CT Scan Parameters On Adult and Pediatric CT Dose When Using Automatic Tube Current Modulation - J. Winslow*, S. Kappadath
SU-GG-I-5 CT-Perfusion and FDG-PET Imaging in Rectal Cancer: New Insights Into Tumor Vasculature - G. Lammering*, M. Janssen, H. Aerts, J. Buijsen, M. Öllers, P. Lambin
SU-GG-I-6 Our Experience Reducing CT Radiation Dose to Pediatric Populations - K. Mathieu*, N. Fitzgerald, D. Cody
SU-GG-I-7 Monitoring Radiation Dose in Cerebral CT Perfusion Exams - Z. Lu*, J. So, A. Dutta, E. Nickoloff
SU-GG-I-8 Optimize Pediatric Abdominal CT Protocols Based On Circumferences - F. Dong*, W. Davros
SU-GG-I-9 Efficacy of a Linear Lag Correction Algorithm in An A-Si Flat-Panel X-Ray Detector - J. Starman*, J. Star-Lack, R. Fahrig
SU-GG-I-10 Estimation of Organ Doses From KV-CBCT Imaging Systems Used in Radiation Therapy - D. Hyer*, D. Hintenlang
SU-GG-I-11 Static Multiple-Slit Collimator System for Scatter Rejection in Cone-Beam CT - J. Chang*, T. Suh, D. Jang, S. Kim
SU-GG-I-12 Low Dose and Edge-Preserving CBCT Reconstruction by Compressed Sensing with Anisotropic Diffusion Filter Utilizing Prior Images in IGRT - H. Lee*, R. Lee, T. Suh, L. Xing
SU-GG-I-13 CBCT Total Variation Based Image Reconstruction From Limited Projections - D. Wiant*, J. Gersh, C. Hampton, A. Baydush, J. Bourland
SU-GG-I-14 A Method to Estimate Cone-Beam CT Dose Index and Cone-Beam Dose Length Product - S. Kim*, H. Song, E. Samei, F. Yin, T. Yoshizumi
SU-GG-I-15 Sensitivity Analysis of Geometric Calibration Method Using Projection Matrices for Tomographic Imaging Systems with Flat Panel Detectors - X. Li*, D. Zhang, B. Liu
SU-GG-I-16 A Monte Carlo Simulation of the Imaging of Low MV Cone Beam Computed Tomography - C. Chen*, W. Feng, H. Chen, K. chao, J. Chang
SU-GG-I-17 Comparison of Different Onboard CT Techniques for Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) - M. Lu*, A. Hsu, G. Ding, C. Yang, J. Perks, J. Maltz, B. Faddegon
SU-GG-I-18 Feasibility Study and Clinical Application of Partial Conebeam Computed Tomography (pCBCT) for Boost Braest Treatment in RT - S. Huh*, N. Xu, M. Ho, H. Jin, Z. Li, N. Mendenhall
SU-GG-I-19 Improving the HU Accuracy of Varian’s OBI CBCT - W. Yao*, H. Guan
SU-GG-I-20 Energy Spectra, Fluence Profiles and Dose Distributions of the Five Newly Available KV-CBCT Beams - G. Ding*, C. Coffey
SU-GG-I-21 A First-Order Method for Low-Dose 4D CBCT Image Reconstruction by Compressed Sensing - K. Choi*, T. Li, T. Suh, L. Xing
SU-GG-I-22 Improving Skin-Surface Delineation in Truncated Cone-Beam CT Using Laser Profilometry - J. Gersh*, M. Munley, D. Wiant, R. Best, C. Hampton, M. Bennett, A. Baydush
SU-GG-I-23 A Dosimetric Evaluation of Cone Beam CT Imaging in An Anthropomorphic Phantom - J. Stenbeck*, D. Tedeschi, B. Tsang, P. Alaei, P. Higgins, H. Alkhatib
SU-GG-I-24 Improving IGRT Efficiency Using GPU-Based Ultrafast Reconstruction of DTS/CBCT and DRR - Y. Jian*, D. Godfrey, Z. Chang, F. Yin
SU-GG-I-25 CBCT Reconstruction During VMAT Delivery Using Elekta Synergy System - S. Kida*, T. Matsuura, A. Haga, Y. Masutani, S. Itoh, N. Saotome, A. Sakumi, J. Kotoku, K. Tanaka, K. Nakagawa
SU-GG-I-26 The Effect of Tomosynthesis Acquisition Geometry On Automated Feature Extraction Applied to Image Guided Radiation Therapy of the Prostate - S. Ng*, P. Zygmanski, Y. Lyatskaya, A. D''Amico, R. Cormack
SU-GG-I-27 Adaptive Projection Weighting in CBCT Using Laser Profilometry - J. Gersh*, M. Munley, D. Wiant, R. Best, M. McKee, M. Bennett, A. Baydush
SU-GG-I-28 On the Determination of the Beam Output of a Kilovoltage Cone-Beam CT - G. Ding*, C. Coffey
SU-GG-I-29 Comparison of Ellipsoidal and Cylindrical Breast Phantoms for Accuracy of Monte Carlo Dose Estimation in Cone Beam Breast CT - Y. Yi*, C. Lai, T. Han, X. Liu, Y. Shen, Y. Zhong, S. Ge, Z. You, T. Wang, C. Shaw
SU-GG-I-30 Feasibility Study and Clinical Application of the 100 Degree Limited-Angle CBCT for Sarcoma Treatments in RT - S. Huh*, D. Indelicato, M. Ho, D. Horne, Z. Li
SU-GG-I-31 KV X-Ray and KV CBCT Image Quality with RealEye Gantry-Mounted Tracking System Installed - J. Verstraete*, W. de Kruijf, T. Shchory, D. Neustadter, B. Corn
SU-GG-I-32 Preliminary Performance Evaluation of CBCT Image Reconstruction From Reduced Projection Data by TV-Minimization - X. Han*, E. Pearson, J. Bian, S. Cho, E. Sidky, C. Pelizzari, X. Pan
SU-GG-I-33 Quantitative Imaging of a Gold Nanoparticle Contrast Agent with Dual Energy CT - J. Ducote*, H. Le, Y. Alivov, S. Molloi
SU-GG-I-34 Image-Based Material Decomposition with Energy Resolving Computed Tomography - H. Le*, J. Ducote, M. Klopfer, S. Molloi
SU-GG-I-35 Multi-Slice Computed Tomography Dose Profile Measurements Using LED-Based Optically Stimulated Luminescence System - C. Ruan*, E. Yukihara, W. Clouse, P. Gasparian, S. Ahmad
SU-GG-I-36 Initial Performance Evaluation of GE CT 750HD Scanner - D. Zhang*, X. Li, B. Liu
SU-GG-I-37 Reducing Eye Lens Dose During Brain Perfusion CT Examinations by Moving the Scan Location Or Tilting the Gantry Angle - D. Zhang*, C. Cagnon, J. DeMarco, M. Zankl, A. Turner, M. Khatonabadi, M. McNitt-Gray
SU-GG-I-38 A Direct Skin Dose Calculation Method in CT Scans Without Table Motion: Influence of Patient Size and Beam Collimation - S. Leng*, T. Vrieze, L. Yu, C. McCollough
SU-GG-I-39 Evaluation of Different Benchmark Measurements for Validating Monte Carlo MDCT Source Models Used in Estimating Radiation Dose - A. Turner*, M. McNitt-Gray
SU-GG-I-40 The Effects of Patient Size On Organ Doses in Adaptive Tube Current Modulated CT - R. Fisher*, D. Hintenlang
SU-GG-I-41 Experiences of ACR Accreditation with Philips Brilliance CT Series - Z. Yang*
SU-GG-I-42 Measurement of Dynamic Contrast Enhancement in Rat Heart Using Gated Computed Tomography - Q. Tang*, J. Wu, R. Clarkson, R. Li, I. Yeung
SU-GG-I-43 Binary CT Image Reconstruction with Limited Number of Projections for Metal Artifacts Removal - B. Meng*, J. Wang, S. Boyd, L. Xing
SU-GG-I-44 Ultra-Fast Digital Tomosynthesis Reconstruction Using CUDA Programming for Real-Time Image-Guided Radiation Therapy - J. Park*, S. Park, J. Kim, Y. Han, M. Cho, H. Kim, Z. Liu, S. Jiang, W. Song
SU-GG-I-45 Mathematical Reduction of Artifacts in Limited Projection and Limited Angle Cone Beam CT - Y. Wei*, J. Gersh, M. McKee, A. Baydush
SU-GG-I-46 Reconstruction of a Cone-Beam CT Image Via Forward Iterative Projection Matching - R. Brock*, A. Docef, M. Murphy
SU-GG-I-47 How Stable Are The Qualities Of Medical-Grade LCD Monitors? Is The TG18 QC Test Pattern Sensitive Enough to Detect Any Quality Degradation? - W. Curtis, J. Wang*
SU-GG-I-48 Evaluation of Viewing Angle Performance On the Latest High-Brightness Color LCD Monitors with the In-Plane Switching Panel for Medical Images - H. Akamine*, K. Takahashi, M. Matsuyama, Y. Nakamura, N. Hashimoto, J. Morishita
SU-GG-I-49 Comparison of the Visual Fatigue with a High-Brightness Color LCD and a Monochrome LCD - K. Takahashi*, J. Morishita, Y. Nakamura, N. Hashimoto
SU-GG-I-50 When Should We Recalibrate the Grayscale Standard Display Function in Different Ambient Lighting Conditions? - M. Matsuyama*, K. Takahashi, H. Akamine, S. Awamoto, Y. Nakamura, N. Hashimoto, J. Morishita
SU-GG-I-51 Hybrid Computational Phantoms of the Developing Human Fetus - M. Maynard*, J. Geyer, J. Aris, R. Shifrin, W. Bolch
SU-GG-I-52 Kerma Area Product and Energy Incident On Patients in X-Ray Imaging - S. Tipnis, S. Marzolf, G. Frey*, W. Huda, W. He, E. Mah, H. Yao
SU-GG-I-53 Focal Spot Measurements Using a Digital Flat Panel Detector - A. Jain*, A. Kuhls-Gilcrist, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-GG-I-54 Patient-Specific Dosimetry for Pediatric X-Ray Computed Tomography - J. Clark*, D. Pickens, M. Stabin, R. Price
SU-GG-I-55 Dosimetric Quantities for Computed Tomography Examinations of Paediatric Patients On the Thoracic and Abdominal Regions - E. Flores-M*, A. Buenfil, C. Ruiz-Trejo, I. Gamboa-deBuen, P. Dies
SU-GG-I-56 Testes and Uterine Dose Measurements From Scout View in Lumbar Puncture Procedure and Regular Pelvic CT Scan - G. Toncheva*, L. Gray-Leithe, M. Fredrickson, C. Lowry, D. Frush, T. Yoshizumi
SU-GG-I-57 Dose and Image Quality Evaluation for Partial and Full-Angle Kilovoltage Cone-Beam CT Protocols - S. Kim*, S. Yoo, F. Yin, E. Samei, T. Yoshizumi
SU-GG-I-58 A Web-Based Radiopharmaceutical Dosimetry Calculator - R. Wendt*
SU-GG-I-59 A Process to Streamline Patient Skin Dose Estimation—What We Have and What We Do Not Yet Have - L. Brateman*, R. Fisher
SU-GG-I-60 Radiation Risks in Nuclear Cardiac Imaging - E. Mah, D. Magill*, W. Huda, S. Tipnis
SU-GG-I-61 Variation of Effective Dose with Projection Angle During Cardiac-Catheterization Imaging - C. Arndt*, D. Bednarek, J. Barbarits, S. Rudin
SU-GG-I-62 Entrance Skin Air Kerma of National Lung Screening Trial Chest X-Ray Exams - P. Judy*, R. Kruger, C. Cagnon, M. Flynn, J. Seibert
SU-GG-I-63 Radiation Dose of Patient Receiving CTA and CTP Studies of Brain - P. Lin*, D. Hackney
SU-GG-I-64 MicroCT-Based Methods of Assessing Imaging Dose to Active Marrow and Endosteum in CT, Fluoroscopy, and Nuclear Medicine - W. Bolch*, P. Johnson, C. Lee, K. Kim
SU-GG-I-65 CTDI Verification with OSL Dosimeters - Y. Liang*, S. Emerson, D. Aurand, S. Danak, C. Schultz
SU-GG-I-66 Measuring Thyroid Dose for a Multi-Slice CT Scanner with OSL, TLD, and ImPACT in An Anthropomorphic Phantom and Teenage Patients - R. Al-Senan*, M. Hatab, D. Mueller
SU-GG-I-67 Variation of MOSFET Calibration Factor as a Function of Dosimeter Age - G. Toncheva*, M. Fredrickson, T. Yoshizumi
SU-GG-I-68 Calculation and Evaluation of Internal and External Radiation Exposure to Adult and Pediatric Patients From PET/CT Examinations - M. Mille*, J. Gu, A. Ding, X. Xu, M. Stabin, B. Liu, S. Treves, F. Fahey
SU-GG-I-69 Development of a Handbook of Radiation Doses in Organs of Patients Undergoing X-Ray Computed Tomography (CT) - T. Mills*, S. Stern
SU-GG-I-70 Dosimetric Benefits of the Imaging Dose Incorporation (IDI) Method for Megavoltage Cone Beam CT (MVCBCT) in Head and Neck Patients - A. Schwertner*, J. Guan, X. Ying, D. Pelland, A. Morris, R. Flynn
SU-GG-I-71 Increasing Source to Image Distance Is a Consistent Dose Reduction Method Across a Range of Attenuator Thicknesses and Collimation Strategies - M. Joyce*, J. Ryan, P. Brennan, M. Mc Entee
SU-GG-I-72 Low Dose-Rate Prostate Bracytherapy Dosimetry Using Quantitative SPECT Imaging and Three-Dimensional Discrete Fourier Transform Convolution Dose Calculation Algorithm - I. Ali*, S. Ahmad, T. Herman, O. Algan
SU-GG-I-73 CT Image Quality and Radiation Dose Survey in Taiwan - H. Tsai*, H. Liu, C. Chen, Y. Hwang
SU-GG-I-74 Evaluation of Effective Dose in Region-Of-Interest Neuroimaging - k. gill*, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-GG-I-75 Calculating the Effective Dose for Pediatric Patients From Multi-Detector CT Studies: New Vs. Old ICRP Recommendations - R. Al-Senan*, M. Hatab, D. Mueller
SU-GG-I-76 Reduction of CT Field On SPECT-CT Scans: Impact On Patient Dose and Diagnostic Information - J. Campbell*, J. Seitz, P. Mahajan, O. Wong, J. Manczuk, K. Given, D. Fink-Bennett, C. Nagle
SU-GG-I-77 Quality Control Management of Low-Dose Cone Beam CT (CBCT) Dental and Eye & Ear Scanners - D. Mihailidis*, P. Tomara
SU-GG-I-78 Implementation of a Quality Assurance Program for Interventional Radiography (IR): Methodology for Flagging Patient Cases Based On Time and Dose Analysis - R. Dickinson*, K. Kanal, W. Cohen, B. Stewart
SU-GG-I-79 Image Quality, Organ Doses and Risks of Computed Tomography Exams in Pernambuco, Brazil - M. Andrade, H. Khoury, C. Borrás*, S. Dias, V. Barros
SU-GG-I-80 Overcoming the Angle Dependence of a Solid State Dosimeter in Direct Measurement of CT Dose - Z. Lu*, J. So, A. Dutta, E. Nickoloff
SU-GG-I-81 Partial Volume Characteristics of Ionization Chambers in Kilovoltage X-Ray Exposure Measurements - S. Akber*, T. Kehwar, C. Luo, J. Tang
SU-GG-I-82 Performance Assessment of X-Ray QA Instruments Used in Mammography - C. Chu*, I. Chen
SU-GG-I-83 Online Software for the Evaluation of Fetal Doses in Diagnostic Radiology - P. Costa*, S. Groff
SU-GG-I-84 What Fraction of the Energy Incident On Patients Is Absorbed in X-Ray Imaging? - S. Tipnis, W. Daniels, G. Frey*, W. Huda, W. He, E. Mah, H. Yao
SU-GG-I-86 Dependence of Entrance Exposure On KVp and Other Variables for Diagnostic Radiographic Units - J. Mallah*, D. Mihailidis, P. Tomara, G. Kagadis, S. Stathakis, N. Papanikolaou
SU-GG-I-87 Evaluation of the Influence of Wall Material and Thickness in Well-Type Ionization Chambers Using PENELOPE Monte Carlo Code - F. Takeda*, P. Nicolucci
SU-GG-I-88 Physics Performance Comparisons Between 256-Slice, 64-Slice and 16-Slice CT Scanners in the Clinic - D. Mihailidis*, P. Tomara, G. Kagadis, S. Stathakis, N. Papanikolaou
SU-GG-I-89 Absorbed Dose to the Conceptus and Patient Size in X-Ray Projection Imaging - D. Magill*, W. Huda, W. He, S. Tipnis, E. Mah, G. Frey
SU-GG-I-90 Dose Distribution of Small Fields Through MAGIC-F Gel Dosimetry and PENELOPE-Monte Carlo Simulation - M. Alva, T. Pianoschi, F. Takeda*, T. Alves, C. Haddad, P. Nicolucci
SU-GG-I-91 The Study of AAA Algorithm and PBC Algorithm of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer - C. Ma*, Y. Yin, J. Lu
SU-GG-I-92 Comparative Study of US and Brazilian Data of Unshielded Primary Air Kerma Per Patient - P. Costa*, L. Taniguti, T. Furquim
SU-GG-I-93 Diagnostic X-Ray Beam Profiles Measured with a 2D Ion Chamber Array - T. Li*, J. Gong, S. Tong, B. Fountain, E. Duffy
SU-GG-I-94 Medical Radionuclide Impurities in Wastewater - T. Hay*, K. Higley
SU-GG-I-95 Some Physical and Clinical Factors Influencing the Measurement of Precision Error, Least Significant Change, and Bone Mineral Density in DXA - J. Frimeth*, E. Galiano, D. Webster
SU-GG-I-96 The “30-30-30 Rule”, a Practical Guide to Setting the Detector Input Exposure Rate for a Fluoroscopic Imager - P. Rauch*
SU-GG-I-97 Evaluating Skin Dose and Dose Distribution for the Transcatheter Arterial Embolization - P. Lai*, H. Tsai, Y. Li, K. Chuang, Y. Tyan
SU-GG-I-98 Using MTF to Assess the Influence of X-Ray Focal Spot Blur On the Resolution of Fluoroscopic Imaging Systems - K. Fetterly*, D. Magnuson, M. Hindal, B. Schueler
SU-GG-I-99 Registration and Active Shape Model-Based Segmentation of Lymph Node Regions in Head and Neck CT Images - M. Deeley, A. Chen*, K. Niermann, L. Moretti, B. Dawant
SU-GG-I-101 3D Segmentation and Rigid Registration for Minimizing Breathing Motion Effects in Liver CT Perfusion - N. Jensen*, M. Lock, R. Kozak, J. Chen, T. Lee, E. Wong
SU-GG-I-102 Comparative Methods for PET Image Segmentation in Pharyngolaryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma - H. Zaidi*, C. Fuentes, I. El Naqa
SU-GG-I-103 Comparison of Model-Based Segmentation Systems for Contouring of Male Pelvic Structures - N. Sheth*, S. Murphy, Y. Chen, C. Yang
SU-GG-I-104 Classification of UTE-MR Volumes of the Head for Use in Radiotherapy Planning - D. Toepfer, T. Boettger*
SU-GG-I-105 Ultrafast Deformable Image Registration for Potential Adaptive Total Body Irradiation Therapy Using Helical TomoTherapy - M. Chao*, J. Penagaricano, E. Moros
SU-GG-I-106 Reconstructing Surface Models From Contours: A Simple Two-Step Algorithm - D. Liu*, N. Wen, J. Jin, I. Chetty
SU-GG-I-107 Unsupervised Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction for Multiparametric Oncological Image Segmentation - A. Akhbardeh*, M. Jacobs
SU-GG-I-108 Reduce Artifacts for Helical 4D CT Image - D. Han*, J. Bayouth, S. Bhatia, M. Sonka, X. Wu
SU-GG-I-109 A Quantitative Evaluation of Velocity AI Deformable Image Registration - H. Lin*, A. Ayan, H. Zhai, T. Zhu, S. Both
SU-GG-I-110 Improving Head and Neck (HN) Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Deformable Image Registration by Using Auto- Skin Detection - S. Li*, J. Liang, T. Zhang, D. Yan
SU-GG-I-111 A Novel Stochastic Optimization Approach for Multimodal Image Registration - M. Schröter, M. Oechsner, U. Helmke, O. Sauer*
SU-GG-I-112 Evaluation of Deformable Registration in CT Images with Limited Feature Visibility - F. Liu*, Y. Hu, K. Goodman, G. Mageras
SU-GG-I-113 Image Deformation Based On a Marionette Model - D. Gering*, W. Lu, K. Ruchala, G. Olivera
SU-GG-I-114 Accuracy of Volume Measurement Using 3D Ultrasound and Fusion of Different Modalities (3D US-CT, 3D US-MRI)for Prostate Cancer Treatment - J. Baek*, K. Chung, M. KIM, S. An, Y. Oh, T. Na, S. Cho, D. Kim, R. Lee
SU-GG-I-115 Clinical Evaluation of Three Automatic Image Registration Algorithms From Two Commercial Systems - S. Gajdos*, M. Kolar, P. Xia
SU-GG-I-116 A Neural Network Based Registration Quality Evaluator for 2D-3D Image Registrations - J. Wu*, M. Murphy, S. Samant
SU-GG-I-117 NURBS-Based Deformable Image Registration - T. Jacobson*, M. Murphy
SU-GG-I-118 Adaptive Prostate Planning Based On Megavoltage Computed Tomography Images Enhanced by Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering - X. Wu*, R. Jacob, R. Popple, J. Fiveash, J. Duan, S. Shen
SU-GG-I-120 Joint Simulation of Transmission X-Ray Imaging On GPU and Patient''s Respiration On CPU - F. Vidal*, P. Villard, M. Garnier, N. Freud, J. Letang, N. John, F. Bello
SU-GG-I-121 JDQE: A User-Friendly ImageJ Plugin for DQE Calculation - I. Elbakri*
SU-GG-I-122 An Automated Scoring Method to Quantitatively Evaluate Imaging Artifacts in 4D-CT Images - G. Cui*, B. Jew, T. Yamamoto, J. Hong, B. Loo, P. Maxim
SU-GG-I-123 Volumetric Reduction of the Corpus Callosum in Alzheimer''s Disease - R. Juh*, T. Suh, S. Kim
SU-GG-I-124 The Effect of Oblique X-Ray Incidence On the Design of X-Ray Detectors for Digital Tomosynthesis - R. Acciavatti*, A. Maidment
SU-GG-I-125 Modeling the Pseudo Displacement Produced by Spatially Asymmetric Enhancement During Motion Detections of DSC-MRI - W. Chu*, Y. Hsu, K. Lim, H. Liu
SU-GG-I-126 An Adaptivie Regularization for the Demons Algorithm - D. Michalski*, Y. Mutaf, D. Heron, G. Bednarz, M. Huq
SU-GG-I-127 Characterization of Point Spread Functions of Indirect Digital Radiography Detectors - I. Sechopoulos*, A. Schmitz, J. Eberhard
SU-GG-I-128 Characterization and Identification of Artifacts for Helical 4D CT Image - D. Han*, J. Bayouth, S. Bhatia, M. Sonka, X. Wu
SU-GG-I-129 Impact of Varying the Number of Projection Images Used in Digital Tomosynthesis On the Effective Slice Thickness of the Tomograms - V. Sarkar*, B. Wang, P. Rassiah-Szegedi, M. Szegedi, Y. Huang, H. Zhao, B. Salter
SU-GG-I-130 National Assessment of Research Imaging Centers for Design of the C-TRIC - G. Fullerton*, G. Dodd
SU-GG-I-131 Assessment of Transducer Artifacts Using a Novel, Low Cost Ultrasound Phantom - D. King*, D. Tradup, S. Stekel, H. Hatz, N. Hangiandreou
SU-GG-I-132 Refinements to the Deformation Model of An Anthropomorphic Computer Generated Breast Phantom - S. Xia*, F. Liu, A. Maidment, P. Bakic
SU-GG-I-133 The Analysis of the Transformation Map Construction for Optic Flow Based Image Registrations - D. Michalski*, Y. Mutaf, D. Heron, G. Bednarz, M. Huq
SU-GG-I-134 Performance Evaluation of a Cone Beam O-Arm Imaging System - J. Zhang*, J. Lin, L. Qin, E. Ritenour
SU-GG-I-135 Assessment of the Correlation Between Daily Set-Up Patient Positioning Correction Values of An On-Board KV Imaging System and the Radiation Technologist Rank - Y. Meir*, D. Schifter, N. Shtraus
SU-GG-I-136 Theoretical Limits to System Performance of High Efficiency, Direct Detection, Megavoltage Active Matrix Flat-Panel Imagers Based On Polycrystalline Mercuric Iodide - Q. Zhao, L. Liu*, Y. El-Mohri, L. Antonuk, H. Jiang, M. Koniczek
SU-GG-I-137 Study of the Perception of Microcalcification Clusters in Stack-Mode Digital Breast Tomosynthesis - A. Yang*, A. Carton, P. Bakic, H. Kundel, C. Nodine, A. Maidment
SU-GG-I-138 Quantitative Fat Fraction Change in Pelvic Bone Marrow in Response to Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy - Y. Liang*, M. Bydder, J. Lawson, C. Yashar, G. Bydder, A. Mundt, L. Mell
SU-GG-I-139 Synergetic Effect of Docetaxel and MR Guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS) for Prostate Cancer - L. Chen*, Z. Mu, A. Wallentine, A. Pollack, C. Ma
SU-GG-I-140 Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) Imaging Using Multi-Slice Cine MRI - J. Adamson*, Z. Chang, Z. Wang, F. Yin, J. Cai
SU-GG-I-141 Quantification of FA and ADC Changes with Age in the Brainstem of Healthy Children Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging - Y. Zhang*, M. Jones, M. Scoggins, R. Ogg, C. Hua
SU-GG-I-142 Comparison Of 3T MRI And 3D Endorectal Ultrasonography For Evaluating Invasion To Muscularis Propria And Perirectal Tissue in Colorectal Cancer - W. Feng*, Y. Xuan, J. Hu
SU-GG-I-143 An In Vivo Study On the Enhancement of Gene Therapy with MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS) - L. Chen*, Z. Mu, A. Pollack, C. Ma
SU-GG-I-144 Accelerating Non-Contrast-Enhanced MRA with Inflow Inversion Recovery by Using Skipped Phase Encoding and Edge Deghosting (SPEED) - Z. Chang*, Q. Xiang, H. Shen, F. Yin
SU-GG-I-145 Dependence of Signal-To-Noise Ratio Variance On ROI Size in Phased-Array Coil Measurements - M. Shah*, N. Yanasak
SU-GG-I-146 Characterization of Mouse Mammary Glands by Measuring T2*: A Comparison of SV40Tag and FVB/N Mice - E. Hipp*, X. Fan, S. Jansen, E. Markiewicz, J. Vosicky, G. Karczmar
SU-GG-I-147 Can Compressive Sensing Improve Low-Contrast Object Detectability in Accelerated MRI Applications? - J. Trzasko, A. Manduca, Z. Bao, S. Stiving, K. McGee, M. Bernstein*
SU-GG-I-148 Self-Sorted Four-Dimensional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Feasibility Study - J. Cai*, Z. Chang, F. Yin
SU-GG-I-149 Positive MRI Contrast Agent Based On Gd2O3 Nanoparticles for Cell Tracking - N. Riyahi-Alam*, Z. Behrouzkia, a. seifalian, S. Haghgoo
SU-GG-I-150 Voxel Location Dependence of Brain Metabolites as Determined by Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy - L. Ewell*, A. Bhullar, B. Stea
SU-GG-I-151 Reduced Number of Signal Averages for Diffusion Imaging Using Compressed Sensing - J. Miao*, S. Narayan, W. Li, X. Yu, D. Wilson
SU-GG-I-152 Rapid Evaluation of X-Ray/light Field Alignment for Digital Radiographic Systems - M. Hoerner*, D. Hintenlang
SU-GG-I-153 A Novel Relevance Feedback Approach for Efficient Mammogram Image Retrieval - J. Oh*, Y. Yang, I. El Naqa
SU-GG-I-154 Evaluation of Quantitative Potential of Breast Tomosynthesis Using a Voxelized Anthropomorphic Breast Phantom - D. Mehtaji*, C. Shafer, B. Chen, J. Lo
SU-GG-I-155 Physical Imaging Properties and Detectability of Simulated Microcalcifications of Digital Magnification Mammography with Matched Incident Exposure - N. Tanaka*, Y. Higashida, K. Naka, F. Toyofuku, M. Ohki, J. Morishita
SU-GG-I-156 Determining Focal Spot Performance in Mammography Using Self Developing Film - K. Coleman, J. Shepard*
SU-GG-I-157 Phase Correlated Image Registration to 4D CT for Liver Stereotactic Radiosurgery with Image Guidance CT - R. Juh*, T. Suh
SU-GG-I-158 A Comparison of F-18 FDG-PET Imaging in Differential Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease with Parkinsonism and Dementia with Lewy Bodies Disease - R. Juh*, T. Suh, S. Kim
SU-GG-I-159 In-Vivo Iron Measurement Through Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence - A. Kapadia*, G. Agasthya, L. Cumberbatch, C. Howell
SU-GG-I-160 Magnetocardiographic Assessment of Fetal Long-QT Syndrome - S. Yu*, B. Cuneo, J. Strasburger, H. Horigome, R. Wakai
SU-GG-I-161 Multi-Resolution Cumulative Summation (CUSUM) Images for Monitoring Gamma Camera Detector Uniformity - B. Lofton*, R. Wendt
SU-GG-I-162 Development and Verification of Functions Correlating PET Image Noise to Scan Duration and Image Smoothing for Patients with Different BMI - T. Chang*, G. Chang, J. Clark, O. Mawlawi
SU-GG-I-163 A Scatter Correction Algorithm for Quantitative Yttrium-90 SPECT Imaging - S. Kappadath*
SU-GG-I-164 Flies for PET: An Artificial Evolution Strategy for Image Reconstruction in Nuclear Medicine - F. Vidal*, J. Louchet, J. Rocchisan, E. Lutton
SU-GG-I-165 Determination of Tissue Optical Properties in ALA-Mediated Head & Neck PDT - A. Dimofte*, T. Zhu, J. Finlay, J. Sandell
SU-GG-I-166 Design and Evaluation of An Optical Tactile Imaging Device for Tumor Detection - J. Lee*, C. Won, K. Yan, Y. Yu
SU-GG-I-167 Light Fluence Rate Calculation for Intracavity Photodynamic Therapy - J. Sandell*, C. Chang, T. Zhu
SU-GG-I-168 Image Reconstruction in An Attenuating Medium with Two Different Attenuation Coefficients Using Photoacoustic Tomography - D. Modgil*, P. La Riviere
SU-GG-I-169 Effective Photodynamic Dose Delivered by Head and Neck Visualization Light Sources - J. Finlay*, H. Quon, A. Sinha, K. Malloy
SU-GG-I-170 Differentiation of Seborrheic Keratosis and Verruca Plana with Reflectance Confocal Microscopy:A Preliminary Study - M. Gao*, h. liu
SU-GG-I-171 Diffuse Optical Measurements of Blood Oxygenation and Flow for Monitoring CMRO2 in Neonates with Congenital Heart Defects - D. Minkoff*, D. Busch, E. Buckley, T. Durduran, D. Licht, A. Yodh
SU-GG-I-172 Phase-Contrast Enhancements Within Digital Tomosynthesis Images - j. hammonds*, R. Price, E. Donnelly, D. Pickens
SU-GG-I-173 GPU-Accelerated Digitally Reconstructed Radiograph Generation for Radiation Therapy - J. Yuan*, S. Chang, C. Tsang, W. Chen, D. Jette
SU-GG-I-174 Use of Line-Focus Principle to Increase the Beam Intensity While Maintaining a High Generalized MTF for the Microangiographic Fluoroscope (MAF) System - S. Gupta*, A. Jain, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-GG-I-175 Evaluation of Osteolytic Metastases and Myeloma Multiple Skeletal Lesions On Digitized Radiographs with Gray Level Parameters - A. Baltasar Sánchez*, A. González Sistal
SU-GG-I-176 Issues Related To A Digital Portable X-Ray Iin A Clinical Setting - V. Natarajan*, V. Koehler, R. Bordia
SU-GG-I-177 The Dosimetric Comparision of RapidArc with Fixed Gantry Static IMRT for Liver Metastatic Carcinoma - C. Ma*, Y. Yin, T. Sun, J. Lu, J. Chen
SU-GG-I-178 Numerical Simulations of the SonoKnife’s Acoustic Edge - E. Moros*, D. Chen, R. Xia, X. Chen, G. Shafirstein, P. Corry
SU-GG-I-179 Ultrasound-Image Guided Radiation Treatment with Amplitude-Based Gating System - T. Lin*, M. Hossain, R. Price, C. Ma
SU-GG-I-180 Application of Molecular Imaging in the Monitoring of Angiogenesis of a Hindlimb Ischemia Model. - G. Kagadis*, K. Tsioupinaki, G. Loudos, A. Diamantopoulos, G. Soultanidis, D. Karnabatidis, D. Mihailidis, G. Nikiforidis
SU-GG-I-181 Noise Characterization of a Clinical Flat-Panel Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) System - S. Vedantham*, M. Gounis, M. van der Bom, A. Karellas, A. Wakhloo
SU-GG-I-182 Adjustment of Angiographic Time-Density-Curves Temporal Parameters for More Accurate Healing Prediction of Stent-Treated Aneurysms - C. Ionita*, W. Wang, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-GG-I-183 Parameterization of Time-Density Curves (TDC) and Regional-TDC’s to Quantify Flow Modification Inside Aneurysms Treated with Flow-Modifying Devices (FMD) Following Endovascular Image-Guided Interventions - A. Dohatcu*, C. Ionita, J. Sherman, D. Bednarek, K. Hoffmann, S. Rudin
SU-GG-I-184 New Graphical User Interface for the Solid State X-Ray Image Intensifier (SSXII) - W. Wang*, A. Kuhls-Gilcrist, C. Ionita, Y. Huang, B. Qu, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-GG-I-185 Extraction of Blood Flow Patterns From Coronary Angiographic Data - M. Gao, S. Chen*, D. Wei
SU-GG-I-186 Evaluation of Z-Axis Resolution for 4D-CT Scanning Modes - P. Klahr*, J. Yanof