2010 AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Sunday, July 18, 2010
Joint Imaging-Therapy General Poster Discussion
Joint Imaging-Therapy General Poster Discussion
Sunday 3:00:00 PM - 4:30:00 PM  Room: Exhibit Hall
SU-GG-J-1 3D-3D Deformable Registration Based On Bifurcations of Tubular Organs for the 4D Computed Tomography (4DCT) Image Sets - J. Zhou*, S. Jabbour, S. Kim, S. Goyal, B. Haffty, T. Chen, N. Yue
SU-GG-J-2 Dose Painting by Numbers Based On SUV Data for Advanced Lung Tumors - J. Steenhuijsen*, G. Meijer, A. Zwanenburg, M. Bal
SU-GG-J-3 Emission Guided Radiation Therapy System: A Feasibility Study - S. Mazin*, A. Nanduri, N. Pelc
SU-GG-J-4 Determination of Tumor Volume Using a Joint Motion-PVE Correction Technique in PET/CT Imaging - G. Chang*, T. Chang, J. Clark, O. Mawlawi
SU-GG-J-5 Monte Carlo Investigation and Measurements of Distal Edge Degradation in Lung Phantoms with Therapeutic Proton Beams - L. Perles*, G. Sawakuchi, D. Mirkovic, R. Mohan, U. Titt
SU-GG-J-6 Optical and X-Ray Image Guided Stereotactic Body Irradiator Dedicated to Small Animals - K. Song*, R. Pidikiti, S. Stojadinovic, M. Speiser, S. Seliounine, D. Saha, T. Solberg
SU-GG-J-7 Respiratory Phase Effect On Tumor Shrinkage Analysis - M. Vaidya*, R. Al-Lozi, D. Yang, D. Low, I. El Naqa
SU-GG-J-8 Physics-Based Respiration-Simulating Model Incorporating Pressure-Volume Parameters for Lung: What Can We Learn From the Biomechanical Modeling Community? - Y. Na*, J. Eom, B. Han, C. Shi, S. De, X. Xu
SU-GG-J-9 Effective Tracking of Intrafractional Organ Motion Due to Breathing Using a Siemens 160 MLC - A. Krauss*, S. Nill, U. Oelfke
SU-GG-J-10 Investigation of a Novel Algorithm for True 4D VMAT Planning and Delivery - E. Chin*, K. Otto
SU-GG-J-11 Contrast to Noise Ratio Measurements for Real Time MR Lung Tumour Imaging Sequences at Lower Fields – A Phantom Study - E. Yip*, J. Yun, K. Wachowicz, S. Rathee, B. Fallone
SU-GG-J-12 On-Line Fluoroscopic Image of a Slice of Interest Using the X-Ray Images and a Priori Anatomical Information - B. Yi*, J. Zhang, G. Lasio, C. Yu
SU-GG-J-13 Geometric Accuracy of Real-Time Tumor Tracking with the Gimbaled Linac System of the Novel VERO SBRT System - T. Depuydt*, D. Verellen, S. Erbel, O. Haas, M. De Ridder, G. Storme
SU-GG-J-14 Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)-Based Quality Assurance for Dynamic MLC Tracking Systems - A. Sawant*, S. Dieterich, M. Svatos, P. Keall
SU-GG-J-15 Evaluation of Dose Uncertainties Introduced by Dose Mapping Process Implemented in a Commercial 4D Treatment Planning System - C. Yan*, N. Saleh-Sayah, F. Salguero, J. Siebers
SU-GG-J-16 Impacting Parameter Analysis for IMRT Quality - H. Wu*, M. Cao, Q. Zhao, I. Das
SU-GG-J-17 Technical Aspects of a Simple and Effective Method to Perform Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) in Lung Cancer Patients Without 4D-CT and Gating - S. Jani*, S. Glazebrook, B. Volpp, G. Weinstein
SU-GG-J-18 Robust Tracking of Fiducials and Interventional Tools During Image-Guided Interventions - S. Siddique*, E. Fiume, D. Jaffray
SU-GG-J-19 Electromagnetic Detection and Real-Time DMLC Correction of Rotation During Radiotherapy - J. Wu*, D. Ruan, B. Cho, A. Sawant, J. Petersen, L. Newell, H. Cattell, P. Keall
SU-GG-J-20 Methods for Improvement of Clip Localization in CBTS for Breast Cancer Patients Setup Verification - S. Ng*, P. Zygmanski, A. Buehler, D. Stsepankou, J. Hesser, J. Bellon, Y. Lyatskaya
SU-GG-J-21 Direct Investigation of Geometric Coincidence Among Calypso System, Onboard KV Imaging, and MV Treatment Beam Imaging - W. Mao*, J. Wang, R. Foster, K. Song, T. Solberg
SU-GG-J-22 Comparison of Gold, Carbon, and Polymer Fiducial Markers Using Different Imaging Modalities to Determine Optimal Marker Material for Image Guided Radiotherapy - L. Levinson*, N. Yue, J. Zhou, S. Goyal
SU-GG-J-23 Optical Guidance System Vs. CBCT for Phantom and Patient Setup - . Fu*, H. Perera, H. Liu, Y. Xiao, Y. Yu
SU-GG-J-24 Retrospective Clinical Data Analysis of Fiducial-Free Lung Tracking - P. Jordan*, J. West, A. Sharda, C. Maurer
SU-GG-J-25 Motion Pattern of Electromagnetic Transponders Implanted in the Prostate Gland - T. He*, J. Tanyi, W. Laub, A. Hung
SU-GG-J-26 Comparison of Intrafractional Motion Between Supine and Prone Patient Positions During Radiation Therapy of Pelvic Malignancies Using a 3D Surface Imaging System - H. Zhao*, B. Wang, P. Rassiah-Szegedi, Y. Huang, V. Sarkar, M. Szegedi, B. Salter
SU-GG-J-27 Assessment of Patient Setup Corrections in External Beam Radiotherapy Using On-Line Kilo-Voltage Imaging - M. Cao*, L. Hanns, N. Lengerich, C. Anderson, K. King, I. Das
SU-GG-J-28 Evaluation of Various MIP CT Images for Target Volume Delineation - D. Zamora*, O. Mawlawi, P. Balter, G. Starkschall, T. Pan
SU-GG-J-29 Feasibility of Improving Cone Beam CT Number Consistency with a Scatter-Correction Algorithm - J. Li*, W. Yao, Y. Xiao, Y. Yu
SU-GG-J-30 A Novel Scatter Reduction and Correction Method to Improve Cone-Beam CT (CBCT) Image Quality - L. Ren*, J. Kim, Q. Liu, B. Movsas, I. Chetty, J. Jin
SU-GG-J-31 Simultaneous Estimation of Beam Geometry and Radiation/imaging Isocenter Coincidence in Cone-Beam CT-Guided Radiation Therapy - J. Ford*, D. Zheng, H. Saleh, J. Lu, J. Williamson
SU-GG-J-32 Evaluation of a Thinner-Slice MVCT Scan Mode Across Several Systems - E. Chao*, D. Lucas, K. Ruchala, G. Olivera
SU-GG-J-33 Localizing a Moving Tumor Using MV-CBCT - O. Gayou*, A. Colonias
SU-GG-J-34 Comprehensive Clinical Commissioning and Quality Assurance Procedures of a Big Bore CT Simulator in a Radiation Oncology Department - J. Zhang*, V. Sehgal, D. Roa, Q. He, M. Martin, M. Al-Ghazi
SU-GG-J-35 A Quantitative Assessment of the Improvement in Lung Treatment Accuracy with IGRT in TomoTherapy - T. Bichay*, C. Chen, N. Klynstra
SU-GG-J-36 Analysis of Artifacts in Four-Dimensional CT Images of Phantoms with Regular Motions - H. Sheen*, Y. Han, E. Shin
SU-GG-J-37 Development of a Quantitative Target Localizing and Tracking Method for IGRT - W. Luo*, M. Young, P. Aryal, E. Johnson, J. Molloy
SU-GG-J-38 Real-Time MR Tumor Tracking Using a Linac-MR System - J. Yun*, M. MacKenzie, D. Robinson, S. Rathee, B. Murray, B. Fallone
SU-GG-J-39 Beam-Centric Algorithm for Pretreatment Patient Position Correction in External Beam Radiation Therapy - S. Bose*, H. Shukla, J. Maltz
SU-GG-J-40 Accuracy Limits for Projection-To-Volume Targeting During Arc Therapy - Y. Long*, J. Fessler, J. Balter
SU-GG-J-41 Treatment Beam’s-Eye-View Speed-Modulated CBCT Imaging Used in a Triple Imaging Modality to Track Moving Tumors During Treatment Delivery - D. Ionascu*, L. Zhuang, J. Liang, D. Yan
SU-GG-J-42 Development of An EPID-Based Machine and IMRT QA System - X. Chen*, C. Shi, C. Buckey, S. Stathakis, H. Alkhatib, N. Papanikolaou
SU-GG-J-43 Accumulating Delivered Doses Based On Daily CT in Head and Neck Cancer Radiotherapy - b. hu*, A. Godley, E. Ahunbay, K. Wang, X. Li
SU-GG-J-44 Estimation of Lateral Scatter Kernels in EPID and Water Equivalent Phantom for Dose Verification in Stereotactic Lung Radiotherapy - A. Mizoguchi*, H. Arimura, S. Yoshidome, M. Tachibana, Y. Shioyama, S. Anai, K. Nakamura, H. Honda, Y. Higashida, F. Toyofuku, M. Ohki, H. Hirata
SU-GG-J-45 Application of Virtual Patient Model in 4D IMRT Monte Carlo Treatment Planning - W. He*, B. Guo, X. Xu, C. Shi
SU-GG-J-46 Lower Spinal Cord Dosimetric Effects of Upper Field Image-Guided Alignment in Split-Field IMRT Technique - A. Yock*, L. Zhang, A. Garden, D. Rosenthal, L. Dong
SU-GG-J-47 Verification of a Deformable Image Registration Algorithm for Head and Neck Cancer Therapy - N. Dogan*, W. Sleeman, M. Fatyga, W. Lehman, g. christensen, J. Wu, E. Weiss, B. Zhang, J. Williamson
SU-GG-J-48 An Online Replanning Method for Independently Moving Structures - E. Ahunbay*, X. Li
SU-GG-J-49 Interfractional Breast Shape Variation and Dosimetric Consequences in Whole Breast Irradiation - N. Morrow*, M. Carver, E. Ahunbay, J. White, J. Wilson, X. Li
SU-GG-J-50 The Role of 4DCT Sorting in Treatment Planning for Image-Guided Radiation Therapy - C. Glide-Hurst*, H. Zhong, J. Kim, I. Chetty
SU-GG-J-51 A New Image Guided Radiation Therapy Scheme Using Spatially Weighted Mutual Information Image Registration and a Semi-Automatic PET Segmentation Tool - S. Park*, J. Sohn
SU-GG-J-52 Inclusion of KV CBCT Dose in the Patient Treatment Plans and Evaluation of Dose to Normal Tissue and Critical Organs - P. Alaei*, E. Spezi, P. Downes, R. Jarvis, E. Radu, M. Reynolds
SU-GG-J-53 A Novel Dose Reconstruction Method for Four-Dimensional Treatment Planning - H. Zhong*, J. Kim, C. Glide-Hurst, I. Chetty
SU-GG-J-54 Evaluation of Residual Errors in Online Guidance of Primary and Nodal Targets in Lung Cancer - S. Robertson*, E. Weiss, A. Badawi, A. Brown, M. Orton, G. Hugo
SU-GG-J-55 Simultaneous Estimation of Lung Tumor Image and Intrafractional Motion Without Implanted Markers Using KV-X-Ray Fluoroscopy for Image-Guided Radiotherapy - H. Endo*, N. Homma, Y. Takai, M. Yoshizawa
SU-GG-J-56 Can Four Dimensional Cone Beam Computed Tomography (4DCBCT) Improve the Patient Setup for Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy - L. Huang*, L. Papiez, E. Papiez, T. Solberg, W. Mao, C. Ding, R. Timmerman
SU-GG-J-57 Image-Guided Extended-Field Radiation Therapy for Functional Bone Marrow Sparing in Cervical Cancer Patients with Positive Para-Aortic Lymphnodes - Y. Liang*, M. Bydder, C. Hoh, C. Yashar, G. Bydder, A. Mundt, L. Mell
SU-GG-J-58 Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy : Computer-Assisted Verification of a Lung Tumor Region Using EPID Without Implanted Markers - H. Arimura*, Y. Shioyama, K. Nakamura, T. Yoshitake, S. Anai, S. Nomoto, H. Honda, F. Toyofuku, Y. Higashida, Y. Onizuka, H. Terashima, H. Hirata
SU-GG-J-59 Variation of Target Position Determined by Gold Fiducial Markers for Radiotherapy of Pancreatic Cancers - S. Shen*, R. Jacob, J. Steward, J. Duan, S. Varadarajulu
SU-GG-J-60 Daily Cone Beam CT (CBCT) Reduces the Setup Margins Needed for External Beam Radiotherapy of Brain Tumors - N. Yu*, S. Gajdos, S. Koyfman, S. Chao, J. Suh, P. Xia
SU-GG-J-61 The Optimal Frame Rate for Cine EPID Images - Y. Liao*, J. Turian, J. Zhou, A. Templeton, J. Chu
SU-GG-J-62 Use Winston-Lutz Test to Check Cone Beam CT Isocenter Accuracy for Imaging Guided Intracranial Stereotactic Radiosurgery - Z. Wang*, Z. Chang, Q. Chen, F. Yin
SU-GG-J-63 Evaluation of Treatment Shifts for Prostate and Rectum Patients Undergoing CBCT Guided IGRT Using KV CBCT - N. Tomic*, T. Vuong, T. Niazi, B. Bahoric, L. Liang, F. DeBlois, J. Seuntjens, S. Devic
SU-GG-J-64 Cone Beam Computed Tomography Dose Measurements. Head & Neck Collimators in Elekta Synergy® - X. Juan-Senabre, J. López-Tarjuelo*, A. Santos-Serra, S. Calzada-Feliu, E. Sanfeliu-Lucas
SU-GG-J-65 CBCT Image Guidance for Head and Neck IMRT Radiation Therapy—a Study On the Tumor Coverage and Critical Structure Avoidance - X. Tang*, M. Lawrence, S. Chang
SU-GG-J-66 A Single Phantom Study for the Evaluation of Accuracy of Three IGRT Techniques - T. Djemil*, S. Gajdos, M. Ouzidane, R. Tendulkar, M. Khan, P. Xia
SU-GG-J-67 Evaluating Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using a New Design of Phantom: Validation with Fast Megavoltage Fluoroscopic Imaging - Z. Chang*, J. Cai, Z. Wang, F. Yin
SU-GG-J-68 Significant Dosimetric Impact of Variable FSDs During Prostate IMRT: The Role of CBCT - J. Booth*, T. Eade, E. Forde
SU-GG-J-69 Management of Inter- and Intra-Fractional Variations in Abdominal Irradiation Using Gated In-Room CT - A. Tai*, C. Peng, B. Erickson, X. Li
SU-GG-J-70 Prostate Bed Localization in Post-Prostatectomy Image-Guided Radiation Therapy - G. Zeng*, A. Do, K. Lawrence, Y. Wang, T. McGowan, M. MacPherson
SU-GG-J-71 Cone Beam CT Hounsfield Unit to Electron Density Calibration and Its Impact On Dose Calculation Accuracy - L. Zhang*, J. Williamson
SU-GG-J-72 Study of Constant Beam Shaping Method in Tumor Tracking Radiotherapy During Respiration - S. Kim*, M. Yoon, S. Lee, S. Lee, D. Shin, S. Park, S. Ahn
SU-GG-J-73 Investigate the Equivalence of Cone Beam CT (CBCT) Versus 4-Dimensinoal (4D) MIP Images for Internal Target Volume (ITV) Definition - L. Wang*, J. Fan, T. Lin, L. Jin, S. Feigenberg, C. Ma
SU-GG-J-74 Congruence of Cone-Beam CT Image Center with the Radiation Isocenter of a Linear Accelerator - W. Du*, J. Yang, E. Chang, D. Luo, M. McAleer, A. Shiu, M. Martel
SU-GG-J-75 Neutron-Induced Electronic Failures Around a High-Energy Linear Accelerator - S. Kry*, J. Johnson, R. White, R. Howell, R. Kudchadker, M. Gillin
SU-GG-J-76 Validation of a Proposed Optimal Slow Gantry Rotation Technique for On-Board Four-Dimensional Imaging Using Lung Patient Data - J. Maurer*, I. Vergalasova, T. Pan, F. Yin
SU-GG-J-77 The Use of a Commercial Quality Assurance Device for Daily Output and Positioning Checks of Three Image-Guided Stereotactic Positioning Systems - J. Peng*, D. Kahler, J. Li, C. Liu
SU-GG-J-78 Investigation of Combined MV-KV Prostate Treatment Dose Planning for Real-Time MV-KV IGRT - Z. Grelewicz*, E. Pearson, P. Alaei, C. Pelizzari, R. Wiersma
SU-GG-J-79 Experimentally Optimizing Prompt Gamma Detection for Proton Therapy - M. Moteabbed*, P. Binns, J. Flanz, H. Paganetti, K. Riley
SU-GG-J-80 Characterization of Cross Scatter in Dual Source CBCT - W. Giles*, J. Bowsher, F. Yin
SU-GG-J-81 Geometric Accuracy of Imaging Systems On Trilogy MX Using An Automated Geometric Test Tool - A. Jeung, A. Graf, R. Suri, P. Munro*
SU-GG-J-82 Comparison of Positional Accuracy for KVkV, KVMV, and CBCT OBI for Cranial Localization - H. Armstrong*, M. Lamba, H. Elson, M. Davis
SU-GG-J-83 Interplay Study Between Respiration Motion and Dynamic MLC Delivery for 4D IMRT Plan - j. zhu*, J. Liang, D. Yan
SU-GG-J-84 ADiver: A Respiratory Physiology Based Motion Phantom for Evaluating Radiotherapy Motion Management - K. Lam*, S. Hadley, J. Balter
SU-GG-J-85 A Method Incorporating 4DCT Data for Evaluating the Dosimetric Effects of Respiratory Motion in Single Arc IMAT - H. Kuo*, D. Mah, A. Wu, K. Chuang, L. Hong, R. Yaparpalvi, M. Spierer, S. Kalnicki
SU-GG-J-86 Impact of Hysteresis On Breathing Motion and Its Distribution - T. Zhao*, B. White, S. Mutic, W. Lu, J. Bradley, P. Parikh, D. Low
SU-GG-J-87 State Based Motion Tracking and Prediction Using a Hidden Markov Model - A. Kalet*, G. Sandison, R. Schmitz, H. Wu
SU-GG-J-88 Evaluation of Phase Sampling Methods for 4D Dose Accumulation - Y. Chi*, J. Liang, D. Yan, C. Wuu, H. Chen, K. chao
SU-GG-J-89 Optimizing Principal Component Models for Interfraction Variation in Lung Cancer - G. Hugo*, A. Badawi, E. Weiss, A. Brown, M. Orton
SU-GG-J-90 Quantification of the Thorax-To-Abdomen Breathing Ratio for Breathing Motion Modeling - B. White*, S. Wuenschel, T. Zhao, J. Lamb, D. Low
SU-GG-J-91 Electromagnetic Transponders Indicate Prostate Size Increase Followed by Decrease During and After a Course of External Beam Radiation Therapy - W. Butler*, G. Merrick, J. Reed, B. Kurko, B. Murray
SU-GG-J-92 Motion Control Consistency with Abdominal Compression Device From Daily 4D CBCT - Y. Cui*, A. Harrison, Y. Xiao
SU-GG-J-93 PCA-Based Lung Motion Model - R. Li*, J. Lewis, X. Jia, T. Zhao, J. Lamb, D. Yang, D. Low, S. Jiang
SU-GG-J-94 Can We Predict the Severity of Artifacts On 4DCT From the Respiratory Irregularity During 4DCT Image Acquisition? - Z. Wang*, R. George, W. Lu, J. Hou, W. D'Souza
SU-GG-J-95 Reproducibility of a Vaginal Dilator Used for Female Anal Cancer Patients - T. Briere*, P. Das, S. Beddar, C. Crane
SU-GG-J-96 Statistical Analysis of the Correlation Between Breathing Characteristics with Patient Parameters - B. Guo*, L. Vazquez Quino, X. Xu, C. Shi
SU-GG-J-97 An MRI Study On the Use of External and Internal Surrogates for Lung Tumor Tracking - L. Cerviño*, J. Du, S. Jiang
SU-GG-J-98 Study of Patient Setup Error and Inter-Fractional Organ Motion for Prostatectomy Patients Using CT-On-Rails - S. Zhou*, S. Li, S. Chen, H. Deng, M. Zhang, L. Schubert, H. Du, A. Wahl, C. Enke
SU-GG-J-99 Design and Study of In-House Ultrasound Based Automatic Patient Movement Monitoring Device for Teletherapy Treatment - S. Senthilkumar*, R. Vinothraj, S. Vasanthamalai
SU-GG-J-100 A Comparison of the Effect of Intra-Fraction Motion On Tomotherapy and IMRT Delivery Systems - P. Kallenberg*, U. Langner, C. Waite-Jones
SU-GG-J-101 Investigation of Intrafractional Prostate Rotation and Its Effect On PTV Margin Evaluation - q. xu*, J. Li, J. Fan, Y. Chen, J. Tanyi, M. Hossain, L. Chen, B. Yang, C. Ma
SU-GG-J-102 The Effect of Inter-Fraction Setup Error On Single Fraction, Cumulative, and Biological Effective Doses in Head-And-Neck Radiotherapy - D. Pinnaduwage*, S. Yom, J. Quivey, J. Chen
SU-GG-J-103 Development of Statistical/Mathematical Predictive Model For Lung Tumor Motion - P. Verma*, H. Wu, M. Langer, I. Das
SU-GG-J-104 Inclusion of Effects of Image Registration Errors in Accumulated Dose Distributions - D. McQuaid*, G. Sharp, T. Bortfeld
SU-GG-J-105 An Analysis of CyberKnife Prediction Accuracy - E. Pepin*, H. Wu, Y. Zhang, B. Lord
SU-GG-J-106 Prostate and Pelvic Lymph Node PTV Margins for Treatment of Pelvic IMRT Followed by Proton Prostate Boost - Z. Su*, A. Edwards, Z. Li
SU-GG-J-107 Monte Carlo Modelling the Effect of Translational Shifts and Rotations On Prostate Dose-Population Histograms - What Margins Are Required for IGRT? - M. Cowen*, S. Thomas
SU-GG-J-108 Validation Study of a Software Tool for Consensus Analysis of Experts’ Contours for Generating Atlases of Radiotherapy Target and Normal Structures - R. Al-Lozi*, X. Li, J. White, A. Apte, A. Tai, J. Michalski, W. Bosch, I. El Naqa
SU-GG-J-109 A Study On Image Guided Radiotherapy Using Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) for Head and Neck Cancer IMRT Patient Setup - X. Tang*, B. Chera, J. Lian, K. Deschesne, S. Chang
SU-GG-J-110 The Use of 4D Dose Calculations to Evaluate Whether the ITV Can Be Created Using a Reduced Set of 4DCT Phases - N. Giakoumakis *, B. Winey, J. Killoran, T. Lingos, L. Court
SU-GG-J-111 Evaluation of Reproducibility of Immobilization Device for Head-And-Neck Radiotherapy - Y. Chen, D. Rosenthal, S. Kry, P. Wong, S. Harrelson, S. Hayden, A. Garden, D. Schwartz, L. Dong*
SU-GG-J-112 A Retrospective Single Institution Patient Population Study of I.G.R.T. Shifts and Their Implications for Non-IGRT Treatment Set-Up Margins, as Both An Internal and External Q.A. Tool - E. Clouser*
SU-GG-J-113 Considering Respiration Motion in Radiation Treatment Planning for Pancreatic Cancers - Z. Liang*, A. Tai, B. Erickson, T. Kelly, X. Li
SU-GG-J-114 A Graphical Tool for Assessing Margin Definition From Daily Deformations - A. Apte*, R. Al-Lozi, G. Pereira, J. Matthew, D. Mansur, J. Deasy, I. El Naqa
SU-GG-J-115 IGRT with Megavoltage Cone Beam CT for Prostate Patients with Fiducial Markers: Action Levels and Population Margins - W. Neves-Junior*, S. Hanna, A. Mancini, E. Pelosi, C. Haddad, J. SILVA
SU-GG-J-116 Simplified Method for Acquiring CTN to RLSP Conversion Function - M. Moyers*
SU-GG-J-117 Nanoparticle Assembled Capsules for Target Drug Delivery, Controllled Release and Hyperthermia - J. McGary*, S. Kadali, M. Wong
SU-GG-J-118 Geometrically Targeted Radiation Enhancer Using Semiconductive Nanoparticles - K. Sheng*, L. Wang, B. Rzigalinski, P. Read, J. Larner, W. Yang
SU-GG-J-119 Induction of Plasmonic Heating Inside Breast Tumor Phantom Using Gold Nanorods and Near-Infrared Laser - S. Cho*, A. Siddiqi, N. Manohar
SU-GG-J-120 Silver Nanoparticle Added to Nuclear Medicine: A Preliminary Evaluation of Dose Increase in Iodine Therapy Assessed by Monte Carlo - M. Schwarcke*, T. Marques, P. Nicolucci, O. Baffa
SU-GG-J-121 Targeted Gold Nanoparticles as Contrast Agents in Pancreatic Cancer - E. Boote*, R. Kannan, R. Shukla, N. Chanda, A. Zambre, J. Viator, K. Katti
SU-GG-J-122 Therapeutic Efficacy of 198Au Nanoparticles Using a Canine Model of Prostate Cancer - R. Kannan, E. Boote*, P. Khan, C. Cutler, S. Jurisson, K. Katti, N. Chanda, R. Shukla, S. Axiak, J. Lattimer, C. Henry, A. Zambre, K. Katti
SU-GG-J-123 Dose Increase in Radiotherapy Evaluated to Biocompatible Levels of Gold Nanoparticle: A Quantitative Analysis by MRI Gel Dosimetry and Monte Carlo Spectrometry - T. Marques*, M. Schwarcke, C. Garrido, V. Zucolotto, O. Baffa, P. Nicolucci
SU-GG-J-124 On the Search of the Ideal Radiation Source for Gold Nano-Particle Enhanced Radiation Treatment - F. Van den Heuvel*, J. Locquet, S. Nuyts
SU-GG-J-125 Monte Carlo Simulation of Dose Enhancement in Tumors Using Gold Nanoparticles - M. Quinn*, M. Gao, K. Albuquerque, J. Roeske
SU-GG-J-126 Benefits of Radiotherapy Added Nanoparticle Assessed by a Quantitative Analysis of Dose-Gradient: An Evaluation in Soft and Lung Tissues by Monte Carlo - T. Marques*, M. Schwarcke, C. Garrido, O. Baffa, P. Nicolucci
SU-GG-J-127 Monte Carlo Calculation of Secondary Electron Production From Gold Nanoparticles in Proton Beam Irradiation - J. Gao*, X. Ding, W. Sun
SU-GG-J-128 Comparison of Dose Distributions for Small Animal Radiotherapy Using a MicroCT Scanner and a Single-Field Irradiator - M. Bazalova*, G. Nelson, J. Noll, E. Graves
SU-GG-J-129 Dosimetric Correction for Lung Aperature Used in Mouse Irradiation Experiments for a 250 KVp Orthovoltage Unit - C. Arndt*, Z. Wang, N. Saito, M. Podgorsak
SU-GG-J-130 Recent Development of a Carbon Nanotube Field Emission Based X-Ray Micro-Radiotherapy System for Small Animal Radiotherapy - S. Wang*, R. Peng, J. Zhang, E. Schreiber, O. Zhou, S. Chang
SU-GG-J-131 Immobilization Bed for Multi-Modality Image Registration - G. Nelson*, M. Bazalova, M. Vilalta, J. Perez, E. Graves
SU-GG-J-132 Estimate Absorbed Dose Using Micro PET Imaging of Rat Brain Tumor with I-124 Infusion Followed by F-18 Injection - J. Luo*, S. Jang
SU-GG-J-133 Dosimetric Characterization of An Accessory Designed to Irradiate Rodents Using the Gamma Knife Perfexion Treatment System (PFX) - H. Wooten*, J. Tellez, R. Drzymala
SU-GG-J-134 Non-Thermal Cell Damage and Therapeutic Potential of MR Guided High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound - C. Ma*, Z. Mu, L. Chen
SU-GG-J-135 Exploring the Neuroprotective Effects of Bee Venom in a Mouse Parkinson Model with Immunohistochemistry, Magnetization Transfer Ratio Imaging and Spectroscopy - M. Yoon*, A. Doo, H. Park, S. Kim, J. Jung, H. Kim
SU-GG-J-136 High Fidelity, Low Distortion Diffusion-Weighted MRI for Head and Neck Cancer Radiotherapy Planning - E. Paulson*, E. Ahunbay, X. Li
SU-GG-J-137 Application of Unsupervised Spectral Clustering in 3D for PET Tumor Segmentation: A Digital Phantom Study - F. Yang*, M. Aristophanous, D. Yang, D. Low, W. Lu
SU-GG-J-138 Effect of RF Pulse Dwell Time On Eddy Current and Motion Compensation in Multi-Shot Diffusion-Weighted MRI - E. Paulson*, E. Ahunbay, X. Li
SU-GG-J-139 Quantitative PET Imaging of Heterogeneous Tumors: The Dosimetric Effect of Patient Motion On Image-Based Dose Painting Plans - K. McCall*, S. Bowen, C. Jaskowiak, M. McNall, S. Rice, R. Jeraj
SU-GG-J-140 Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of the Prostate: One Institutional Experience - M. Hossain*, M. Buyyounouski, T. Richardson, T. Schirmer, L. Chen, C. Ma
SU-GG-J-141 Development of a Novel Multipurpose Specimen Slicing-Imaging Platform - J. Wen*, D. Ma, J. Hoefert, F. Yang, W. Lu, P. Parikh
SU-GG-J-142 Investigation of MIP PET in Motion-Encompassing Methods to Account For Respiratory Motion in Radiotherapy - C. Liu, R. Schmitz*, L. Pierce, K. Hendrickson, S. Patel, R. Jeraj, P. Kinahan
SU-GG-J-143 Automatic Region-Of-Interest Delineation of Cone-Beam CT Images for Adapting Treatment and Assessing Response in Head-And-Neck Cancer - J. Hou, J. Hou*, W. Chen, M. Guerrero, W. D'Souza
SU-GG-J-145 PET Image Simulation of Isotopes Produced in Patient During Proton Therapy - W. Zou*, D. Dolney, C. Ainsley, S. Surti, B. Teo, J. McDonough, J. Karp
SU-GG-J-146 Evaluation of Parotid Density Changes During IMRT of Head-And-Neck Cancer - J. Cheung*, Y. Chen, M. Lindberg, B. Cannon, L. Dong
SU-GG-J-147 Quantification of Tumor Response in Serial PET Imaging Using Level Set Clustering - E. Schreibmann*, T. Fox
SU-GG-J-148 Evaluation of Performance of a Conceptual Time-Resolved Proton Range Telescope for In-Room Respiration Monitoring Using Monte Carlo Simulations and 4DCT Patient Data - B. Han*, A. Ding, X. Xu, B. Bednarz, G. Sharp, N. Choi, G. Chen, K. Riper
SU-GG-J-149 Feasibility of In-Room PET Imaging for in Vivo Proton Beam Range Verification - S. España*, X. Zhu, J. Daartz, N. Liebsch, G. El Fakhri, T. Bortfeld, H. Paganetti
SU-GG-J-150 Analyses of Multiple Q-Sampled Diffusion Tensor Amplitudes for Pseudoprogressive GBM - A. Chu*, J. Knisely, R. Constable, R. Fulbright, R. Nath
SU-GG-J-151 Intra-Patient Response Heterogeneity Using FLT PET During Chemotherapy in Canine Subjects with Lymphoma - M. Vanderhoek*, J. Lawrence, D. Vail, R. Jeraj
SU-GG-J-152 Assessment of Normal Tissue Response to Therapy Using FLT PET - P. Scully*, S. Perlman, G. Liu, R. Jeraj
SU-GG-J-153 Voxel-Based Phenomenological SUV-Dose Response Model for the Human Parotid Glands - B. Cannon*, S. Tucker, M. Chambers, A. Garden, M. Martel, D. Schwartz, L. Dong
SU-GG-J-154 Developing Multimodality Image Analysis Software for Target Definition and Therapy Response Assessment - C. Hua*, Y. Zhang, G. Glenn, M. Krasin
SU-GG-J-155 Impact of Deformable-Registration-Based Contour Propagation On PET Based Treatment Response Assessment - S. Yip*, M. Vanderhoek, R. Jeraj
SU-GG-J-156 Optimizing a 3-Stage Compton Camera for Imaging Prompt Gammas During Proton Irradiation - S. Peterson*, D. Robertson, J. Polf
SU-GG-J-157 Evaluation of Volumetric Losses During Radiation Therapy Using Image Guidance of Electronic Portal Imaging Device - S. Senick*, Z. Chang
SU-GG-J-158 Functional Diffusion Map Analysis in Assessing Brain Tumor Response to Therapy - J. Wang*, W. Curtis, A. Chandler
SU-GG-J-159 Dosimetric Consequences of Rotational Setup Errors Using Direct Simulation in a Treatment Planning System for Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SRT) - J. Peng*, Y. Chen, C. Liu, D. Kahler, J. Li
SU-GG-J-160 Monte Carlo Optimization of a Three-Stage Compton Camera for Prompt Gamma Imaging and Spectroscopy: Materials and Geometry - D. Robertson*, S. Peterson, J. Polf
SU-GG-J-161 Dosimetric Variations Due to the Photon Beam Energy in Monte Carlo Dose Calculation Using Sub-Millimeter Voxels - J. Chow*