2010 AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Sunday, July 18, 2010
Young Investigators Symposium
John R. Cameron: Young Investigators Symposium
Sunday 4:00:00 PM - 6:00:00 PM  Room: Ballroom B

Moderator 1: Ervin B. Podgorsak, McGill Univ Health Center

Moderator 2: G. Donald Frey, Medical Univ of South Carolina

4:00 PM
A Water Equivalent and Angular Independent Two-Dimensional Plastic Scintillation Detector Array for Quality Assurance of IMRT Treatments - M. Guillot*, L. Gingras, L. Archambault, S. Beddar, L. Beaulieu
4:10 PM
A Study On the Focusing Power of Dynamic Photon Painting - Z. Chen*, S. Luan, D. Riofrio, L. Ma
4:20 PM
Correction for Multiple and Coherent Scatter in First Generation Incoherent Scatter CT for In-Vivo Breast Imaging - J. Alpuche Aviles*, S. Pistorius
4:30 PM
Dosimetry of Low-Energy Characteristic X-Rays - M. Tucker*, R. Starin, M. McCray, J. Rakowski
4:40 PM
Variations in 6MV Photon Energy Spectra Impact the Response of TLD - S. Scarboro*, S. Kry, R. Howell, D. Followill
4:50 PM
Emission Guided Radiation Therapy: A Simulation Study of Treatment Without Margin - Q. Fan*, L. Zhu
5:00 PM
Thin Film CdTe Photovoltaic Detector Performance Under Diagnostic X-Ray Beams - X. Jin*, E. Parsai,, D. Shvydka
5:10 PM
Blood Flow and Volume Changes During Simulated Mammography - D. Busch*, D. Minkoff, R. Choe, T. Durduran, M. Schnall, M. Rosen, A. Yodh
5:20 PM
Real-Time Soft-Tissue Imaging Concurrent with External Beam Radiation Therapy Delivery - J. Schlosser*, K. Salisbury, B. Jeffrey, D. Hristov
5:30 PM
Adaptive Seasonal Autoregressive Model Based Intrafractional Lung Tumor Motion Prediction for Continuously Irradiation - K. ICHIJI*, M. Sakai, N. Homma, Y. Takai, M. Yoshizawa
5:40 PM
Range Adaptive Proton Therapy for Prostate Cancer - A. Melancon*, A. Lee, R. Kudchadker, U. Titt, S. Beddar, X. Zhu, L. Dong
5:50 PM
IGRT Via Machine Learning From Limited Angle Projection Images - C. Chou*, S. Pizer, C. Frederick, S. Chang