2010 AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Thursday, July 22, 2010
Therapy Scientific Session
Measurements: Inhomogeneities and New Detectors
Thursday 10:00:00 AM - 12:00:00 PM  Room: Ballroom B

Chair 1: Jan P. Seuntjens, McGill University

Chair 2: Ying Xiao, Thomas Jefferson Univ Hospital

10:00 AM
Characterization of Optically-Stimulated Luminescent Detectors (OSLDs) in Photon & Proton Beams - J. Kerns*, G. Ibbott, V. Johnson, S. Kry, N. Sahoo, D. Followill
10:12 AM
Determination of Average LET of Therapeutic Proton Beams Using Al2O3:C Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) Detectors - G. Sawakuchi*, N. Sahoo, P. Gasparian, M. Rodriguez, L. Archambault, U. Titt, E. Yukihara
10:24 AM
On the Suitability of Using NanoDot for Measuring Dose Distributions Resulting From KV-CBCT Acquisitions - G. Ding*, C. Coffey
10:36 AM
In Vivo Measurements for Proton Therapy Using a Glass Dosimeter - J. Rah*, D. Shin, U. Hwang, H. Jeong, S. Lee, S. Ahn, M. Yoon, S. Lee, S. Park
10:48 AM
Status of the NIST Primary Standard Water Calorimeter for 60Co Beams - H. Chen-Mayer, R. Tosh*
11:00 AM
Advanced Dosimetry Techniques for Accurate Dose Measurement of Small and Nonstandard Fields - E. Chung*, E. Soisson, H. Bouchard, J. Seuntjens
11:12 AM
Development of a Wall-Less Fricke Dosimetry System for Megavoltage Photon and Electron Beams - C. Cojocaru*, G. Stucki, M. McEwen, C. Ross
11:24 AM
Improving Reference Dosimetry of Nonstandard Beams - H. Bouchard*, I. Kawrakow, J. Carrier, F. Lacroix, E. Chung, J. Seuntjens
11:36 AM
Design and Initial Performance of a Large Cross-Section Multi-Element Ionization Chamber System for Water Equivalent Range Measurements of Pristine Proton Fields - J. Farr*, T. Mertens, B. Mukherjee, C. Bäumer, B. Marchand, M. Stuschke
11:48 AM
Extraction of Perturbation Factors for Parallel-Plate Chambers in Electron Beams Using a Plastic Scintillation Detector - F. Lacroix*, M. Guillot, M. McEwen, C. Cojocaru, L. Gingras, S. Beddar, L. Beaulieu