2010 AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Imaging Scientific Session
Wednesday 8:30:00 AM - 9:30:00 AM  Room: 201B

Chair 1: Laurence P. Clarke, National Cancer Institute

Chair 2: Barbara Y. Croft, National Cancer Institute

8:30 AM
NCI Initiatives to Create Public Resources to Evaluate CAD Methods: Progress to Date - L. Clarke*, B. Croft
8:35 AM
The Lung Image Database Consortium (LIDC) and Image Database Resource Initiative (IDRI): A Completed Public Database of CT Scans for Lung Nodule Analysis - S. Armato*, G. McLennan, M. McNitt-Gray, C. Meyer, A. Reeves, L. Bidaut, B. Zhao, B. Croft, L. Clarke
8:45 AM
Fractal Dimension Analysis of Kinetic Feature Maps in Contrast-Enhanced Breast MRI - J. Bancroft Brown*, M. Giger, H. Li, N. Bhooshan
8:55 AM
Monitoring and Validating Metastatic Tumor Growth in Lung CT - R. Ambrosini*, W. O'Dell
9:05 AM
Monte Carlo Simulation of Coherent Scatter Computed Tomography (CSCT) - K. Lewis*, E. Donnelly, D. Pickens, R. Price
9:15 AM
Characterization of Mesothelioma and Tissues Present in Contrast-Enhanced Chest CT Scans - N. Corson*, W. Sensakovic, C. Straus, A. Starkey, S. Armato
9:25 AM
Volumetric Density Analysis Using Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound - R. Chang*, Y. Shen, J. Chen, C. Huang, W. Moon, S. Luo