2010 AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Thursday, July 22, 2010
Imaging Scientific Session
Imaging Performance: Measurement and Modeling
Thursday 12:30:00 PM - 2:20:00 PM  Room: 201B

Chair: Andrew A. Maidment, Univ Pennsylvania

12:30 PM
Task-Based Analysis of Detectability in Tomosynthesis and Cone-Beam CT: Validation of Fourier Metrics in Comparison to Real Observers - G. Gang*, J. Lee, J. Stayman, D. Tward, W. Zbijewski, J. Prince, J. Siewerdsen
12:40 PM
Modeling the Performance Characteristics of a "Dual-Side" Read Computed Radiography System for Mammography - S. Vedantham*, A. Karellas
12:50 PM
A Comparison of Protons Versus Gamma X-Rays in Producing Patient Radiographs: A Monte Carlo Study - N. Depauw*, S. Danto, V. Taranenko, F. Sorin, Y. Fink, J. Seco
1:00 PM
Optimization of Scanning Protocol for Combined FDG and NaF PET Kinetic Analysis a Simulation Study - U. Simoncic*, R. Jeraj
1:10 PM
Monte Carlo Simulations of the Effects of Bowtie Filtration On X-Ray Scatter in Cone-Beam CT - G. Bootsma*, F. Verhaegen, D. Jaffray
1:20 PM
Evaluation of the Intracellular and Extracellular Anomalous Diffusion From MR Diffusion Tensor in Neural Structure - L. Lin*, E. Blackman, W. O'Dell
1:30 PM
Predicting Noise and Resolution Properties in Tomosynthesis with Statistical Image Reconstruction - J. Stayman*, W. Zbijewski, Y. Otake, J. Prince, J. Siewerdsen
1:40 PM
An Anthropomorphic Software Breast Phantom for Tomosynthesis Simulation: Power Spectrum Analysis of Phantom Reconstructions - B. Lau*, P. Bakic, I. Reiser, A. Carton, A. Maidment, R. Nishikawa
1:50 PM
Low Dose Lesion Contrast On PEM Flex Solo II - L. MacDonald*, W. Luo, X. Lu, C. Wang, J. Rogers