2011 Joint AAPM/COMP Meeting Program
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Sunday, July 31, 2011
Imaging General Poster Discussion
Imaging General Poster Discussion
Sunday 3:00:00 PM - 6:00:00 PM  Room: Exhibit Hall
SU-E-I-1 Quantification of Vascular Networks with the Aid of OCT in Order to Evaluate Re-Endothelialization After Peripheral Angioplasty - G. Kagadis*, S. Tsantis, G. Bourantas, K. Katsanos, D. Karnabatidis, D. Mihailidis, G. Nikiforidis
SU-E-I-2 Automated Detection of Bifurcations in CT Images of the Lung - G. Xiong*, L. Xing
SU-E-I-3 Evaluation of CT Texture Feature Changes Following Deformable Lung Registration - A. Cunliffe*, H. Al-Hallaq, Z. Labby, C. Pelizzari, W. Sensakovic, S. Armato
SU-E-I-4 Texture Feature Based CAD for Breast Cancer Detection - S. Jambawalikar*, H. LI, S. Shah, P. Fisher, T. Button
SU-E-I-5 Implementation Analysis of a Mammographic Computer-Aided Diagnostic (CAD) System - s. riyahi alam, N. Riyahi-Alam*
SU-E-I-6 Fractal Dimension: A Tool to Quantify CT Images - R. Jauhari*, P. Munshi
SU-E-I-7 Average Cross Sectional Dose for a CT Phantom Through Fourth Order and Implications for 180° + Fan Angle Acquisition - D. Bakalyar*, W. Feng
SU-E-I-8 Impact of Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction On Paediatric CT Protocols - A. Protik*, A. Protik, N. Ford, P. Babyn
SU-E-I-9 Image Quality Evaluation On Reduced Doses in Brain CT Scans - Anthropomorphic Phantom Study Using Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction - Y. Zhou*, A. Scott
SU-E-I-10 Skin Dose in Routine CT Brain Perfusion Studies Using Siemens 64 Slice, Definition Dual Source, and Flash CT Scanners - S. Emerson*, Y. Liang, D. Aurand, C. Schultz
SU-E-I-11 Extraction of Blood Flow Patterns and Calculation of Heart Function Parameters in Dual Source CT Angiography - S. Chen, D. Wei, M. Gao*
SU-E-I-12 Clinical Verification of Low Dose Pediatric Abdominal CT Technique Chart - F. Dong*, J. Reid, W. Davros, A. Primak
SU-E-I-13 A Model for CT Contrast Agent Evaluation - M. Bonvento*, S. Jambawalikar, T. Button
SU-E-I-14 Image Quality and Patient Dose Dependence On CT Scan Parameters for ATCM (CareDose4D) - J. Winslow*, S. Kappadath
SU-E-I-15 CBCT Using a Robotic-Arm Based Small Animal Irradiation System - S. Sharma*, M. Chao, Y. Yan, P. Corry, E. Moros
SU-E-I-16 CBCT with Flexible Imaging Trajectories to Improve Image Quality and Longitudinal Coverage – Concept, Simulation and Digital Phantom Study - D. Yang*, S. Goddu, H. Li, E. Klein, W. Thorstad, P. Parikh
SU-E-I-17 Evaluation of Cone Beam Breast CT (CBCT) System: Detection of Randomly Distributed Micro-Calcification and the Effect of Beam Hardening Filter - S. Ge*, C. Lai, Y. Yi, Y. Shen, X. Liu, Y. Zhong, Z. You, T. Wang, C. Shaw
SU-E-I-18 Cone-Beam-CT Dose Simulation of Dental Cone-Beam-CT Using GMctdospp - J. Voigt*, J. Wulff, C. Güldner, M. Fiebich
SU-E-I-19 Development of a High-Resolution Breast CT System: Preliminary Study - O. Tomoyuki*, T. Atushii, O. Ken, T. Masatosi, F. Hiroshi
SU-E-I-20 Megavoltage and Kilovoltage Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Image Guidance for Lung Radiotherapy - R. Vlad*, K. Sixel, S. Kosowan, M. Hart, I. Fawaad, M. El-Mallah, a. Vandermeer
SU-E-I-21 The Effects of MV Scatter On Image Quality of Cone Beam Scans Acquired Asynchronously During Rotational Delivery - D. Lovelock*, P. Munro, E. Shapiro, J. Star-Lack, M. Sun, C. Ling
SU-E-I-22 Non-Clinical Applications for Cobalt-60 Cone Beam CT Imaging - M. Marsh, N. Rawluk, H. Nguyen, G. Bevan, L. Schreiner*
SU-E-I-23 A Novel Denoising Method for Dual Energy CT Based On Prior Image Constrained Compressed Sensing (PICCS) - T. Szczykutowicz*, G. Chen
SU-E-I-24 Pediatric CT Effective Dose - A Comparison Between the MOSFET Method and the DLP Method - M. Fredrickson*, G. Toncheva, D. Frush, C. Lowry, T. Yoshizumi
SU-E-I-25 Organ Dose Reduction by Lowering Tube Voltage From 120kVp to 80kVp for Fixed Tube Current Chest CT Scans - M. Khatonabadi*, D. Zhang, A. Turner, J. DeMarco, D. Cody, D. Stevens, M. McNitt-Gray
SU-E-I-26 A Monte Carlo Based Study On X-Ray Characteristics of Two Commercial Multi-Detector CT Simulators - S. Kim*, H. Song, B. Movsas, I. Chetty
SU-E-I-27 CTDI Verification with a Farmer Chamber - S. Emerson*, Y. Liang, D. Aurand, C. Schultz
SU-E-I-28 Pitch and Noise in Abdominal Multi-Detector CT - P. Pike*, M. Yester, G. Barnes
SU-E-I-29 A Prior Information Based Total-Variation Digital Tomosynthesis Reconstruction Algorithm - Y. Jian*, J. Cai, F. Yin
SU-E-I-30 Fast and Reliable Cone-Beam CT Reconstruction Using Cloud Computing - B. Meng*, G. Pratx, L. Xing
SU-E-I-31 CT Metal Artifact Reduction by Constrained Optimization with a Model-Based Scanning Scheme - X. Zhang*, L. Xing
SU-E-I-32 Experimental Evaluation of a Reconstruction Algorithm for Metal Artifact Reduction - A. Magnelli*, P. Xia
SU-E-I-33 Low-Dose CBCT by Iterative Image Reconstruction Using Non-Local Edge-Preserving Prior - J. Wang*, L. Ouyang, W. Lu, T. Solberg
SU-E-I-34 CT Metal Artifact Reduction in Clinical Perspective: Novel Methods Tailored to Specific Implants - J. Verburg*, J. Seco
SU-E-I-35 A GPU Optimized DRR Algorithm - M. Folkerts*, X. Jia, D. Choi, X. Gu, A. Majumdar, S. Jiang
SU-E-I-36 Cone-Beam Artifact Reduction in Wide Collimation Pediatric Head Imaging - A. Dhanantwari*, R. Patel, G. Shechter
SU-E-I-37 Coherent Scatter Computed Tomography (CSCT) in Kidney Stones Imaging-Composition Analysis - C. Dihel, I. Cunningham*
SU-E-I-38 Constrained-Total-Variation-Minimization-Based Image Reconstruction in Breast CT - J. Bian*, K. Yang, X. Han, E. Sidky, J. Boone, X. Pan
SU-E-I-39 Metal Artifacts Reduction Using Sinogram Pre-Processing and Post-Processing in Computed Tomography (CT) - B. Meng*, J. Wang, L. Xing
SU-E-I-40 Reconstruction of Sparse Images From Few-View Cone-Beam Data - X. Han*, J. Bian, D. Eaker, T. Kline, E. Sidky, E. Ritman, X. Pan
SU-E-I-41 The DCE Tool: A Freeware Analysis Tool for DCE CT and MR Studies - I. Yeung*, M. Haider, N. Gonzalez, S. Kim, C. Coolens, T. Yeung, B. Driscoll, D. Jaffray
SU-E-I-42 Variations of the Chromaticity in Gray-Scale Images Displayed On Different Liquid-Crystal Display Monitors - H. Akamine*, S. Awamoto, H. Miyazaki, Y. Nakamura, N. Hashimoto, J. Morishita
SU-E-I-43 Verification of the Usefulness of Evaluation Method for Angular Performance with the ANG Test Pattern - Y. Ikushima*, H. Akamine, Y. Nakamura, N. Hashimoto, J. Morishita
SU-E-I-44 Investigation of the Contrast Ratio Required for Medical-Grade Liquid-Crystal Displays - S. Takarabe*, H. Akamine, H. Yabuuchi, Y. Nakamura, N. Hashimoto, J. Morishita
SU-E-I-45 The Human Imaging Research Office (HIRO): Advancing the Role of Imaging in Clinical Research - S. Armato*, N. Gruszauskas, H. MacMahon, M. Torno, F. Li, R. Engelmann, A. Starkey, C. Pudela, J. Marino, P. Chang, M. Giger
SU-E-I-46 Methods to Determine Peak Skin Dose and Organ Doses for Computed Tomography Examinations - H. de las Heras*, R. Minniti, S. Wilson, L. Benevides, M. Skopec, K. Chakrabarti
SU-E-I-47 Characterization of Beryllium Oxide Optically Stimulated Luminescence Detectors for Use in Diagnostic Radiology - S. Eller*, M. Rodriguez, C. Ruan, E. Yukihara
SU-E-I-48 Cloud Computing for Interventional Fluoroscopy Dose Assessment - P. Johnson*, D. Borrego, W. Bolch
SU-E-I-49 Estimating Effective Doses to Patients Undergoing CT Pulmonary Arteriography - K. Ogden*, E. Scalzetti, M. Gabbour, M. Neuffer, M. Roskopf
SU-E-I-50 The UF Family of Hybrid Phantoms of the Developing Human Fetus for Computational Radiation Dosimetry - M. Maynard*, J. Geyer, J. Aris, R. Shifrin, W. Bolch
SU-E-I-51 Estimating Effective Dose From Phantom Dose Measurements In Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Procedures - C. Anderson-Evans*, T. Wallace, G. Toncheva, E. Hranitzky, L. Hurwitz, T. Yoshizumi
SU-E-I-52 Use of Radiochromic Film for the Estimation of CTDI100 and In-Phantom Dose Profiling - K. Wunderle*, F. Dong, W. Davros
SU-E-I-53 On The Characterization and The Characteristics Of The GafChromic XRQA2 Radiochromic Films - T. Giaddui, Y. Cui, J. Galvin, W. Chen, Y. Yu, Y. Xiao*
SU-E-I-54 A Database for Estimating Scanner-Specific CT Organ Dose - F. Rupcich*, T. Schmidt
SU-E-I-55 Application Specific Mathematical Optimization of Lead-Free Apron Composition - A. Pasciak*, A. Jones
SU-E-I-56 Computational Internal Dosimetry Methods as Applied to the UF Series of Hybrid Phantoms - M. Wayson*, C. Lee, G. Sgouros, W. Bolch
SU-E-I-57 Comparison of CT Head Dose Estimates Using DLP Vs. Monte-Carlo Simulations - T. Cook*, G. Couch, T. Couch, W. Boonn, W. Kim
SU-E-I-58 Evaluation of Radiation Dose and Image Quality for TheVarian Cone Beam Computed Tomography System - H. Cheng*, V. Wu, E. Liu, D. Kwong
SU-E-I-59 CT DOSE REDUCTION WITHOUT SACRIFICING IMAGE QUALITY: A Collaborative Intradepartmental Effort - P. Patel*, M. Campbell, K. Kirshenbaum
SU-E-I-60 Correspondance Between HVLs Measured by Direct Reporting Instruments and Traditional Methods - K. Omphroy*, G. Prasad, U. Rao
SU-E-I-61 Application of the ALARA Principle in Digital Radiography Systems - A. Brindhaban*, F. Abdulwahab, F. Essa, N. Tariq
SU-E-I-62 Dose Reduction to Anterior Surface with Organ-Based Tube Current Modulation: Evaluation of Performance in a Phantom Study - X. Duan*, J. Wang, J. Christner, S. Leng, K. Grant, C. McCollough
SU-E-I-63 Multi-Channel Film Dosimetry with Non-Uniformity Correction - A. Micke*, D. Lewis, X. Yu
SU-E-I-64 Weekly Exposure Contributions From Radioactive Patients in A Busy Comprehensive Imaging Center - W. Siman*, S. Kappadath, X. Rong
SU-E-I-65 Estimation of Secondary Cancer Risk Induced by Diagnostic Imaging Radiations During Proton Therapy - H. Jeong*, D. Shin, S. Lee, S. Yoo, B. Min
SU-E-I-66 Estimating Organ and Effective Doses for Digital Tomosynthesis Imaging Using PCXMC Software - J. King*, H. Ma, I. Elbakri
SU-E-I-67 Monte Carlo Evaluation of CT-Scanner Scatter Dose to Operator and Comparison with Measurements - H. Jans*, B. Long, D. Robinson
SU-E-I-68 Fast and Accurate Estimation of Organ Doses in Medical Imaging Using a GPU-Accelerated Monte Carlo Simulation Code - A. Badal*, A. Badano
SU-E-I-69 Development of An Automatic System for the Readout of Etch-Track Neutron Dosimeters - K. Entz*, U. Mäder, J. Barbier, M. Million, M. Fiebich
SU-E-I-70 Characterisation of the Parameters Defining a Kilovoltage Source for Accurate Dose Computation - Y. Poirier*, M. Tambasco, A. Kouznetsov
SU-E-I-71 Effective Dose and Thyroid Dose in Interventional Neuroradiology - D. Magill*
SU-E-I-72 Evaluation of CTDIw Under the New Scan Modes of GE HD 750 Scanner - Q. Liang*, L. DeWerd
SU-E-I-73 The "Routine" Enhanced Chest CT: Does It Exist? - T. Cook*, W. Gefter, W. Kim, W. Boonn
SU-E-I-74 Modality SR: Using the DICOM Radiation Dose Structured Report - R. Paden*, W. Pavlicek, M. Peter, T. Boltz
SU-E-I-75 Feasibility of An IT-Based Dose Management in Diagnostic Radiology - M. Fiebich*, A. Schmidt, A. Ningo, J. Voigt, G. Krombach
SU-E-I-76 Investigation of Patient Dose in Mammography in Japan by 2010 - S. Suzuki*, T. Otsuka, K. Horita, K. Inagaki, M. Koga, K. Yagami
SU-E-I-77 Reduction of Fetal Dose in Computed Tomography Using Anterior Shields - T. Button*, T. Fernandez, A. Gillet, J. Dunkin, Y. Zhang, M. Bonvento, C. Adam
SU-E-I-78 CT Usage in Adult Patients at An Academic Medical Center: A Snapshot - M. Naveed, W. Huda*, S. Tipnis, E. Mah, G. Frey
SU-E-I-79 Patient Doses Reduction in Simple Radiographic Examinations in Busy Radiology Departments - H. Khosravi*, Z. Gholamalizadeh, K. Asnaashari Lahroodi
SU-E-I-80 Dose Metrics, the Relationship, and Reduction Strategies for Interventional Procedures - J. Zhang*, L. Qin, O. Garry
SU-E-I-81 Radiation Dose For A 320 Slice Cone Beam CT: Methods And Analysis - E. Nickoloff*, Z. Lu, A. Dutta, J. So
SU-E-I-82 CT Protocol Translation in a Multi-Vendor, Multi-Hospital Environment - G. Arbique*, T. Blackburn, J. Gallet, J. Guild, J. Anderson
SU-E-I-83 Filling the Gap: Using Detailed Machine Parameters to Refine Skin Dose Calculations for Fluoroscopic Sentinel Events - J. Guild*, G. Arbique, J. Gallet, T. Blackburn, J. Anderson
SU-E-I-84 Development of Average Glandular Dose Estimation Program by EUREF Protocol - T. Otsuka*, S. Suzuki, K. Tanaka, R. Hibi, Y. Matsunaga, M. Ogura
SU-E-I-85 Application of Real-Time Dosimetry to Characterize the X-Ray Penetrability of CT Scanners - S. McKenney*, G. Burkett, D. Gelskey, J. Boone
SU-E-I-86 Using Modulation Transfer Function as a Tool in a Digital Mammography QC Program - S. Shen*, G. Mawdsley, A. Bloomquist, M. Yaffe
SU-E-I-87 Pilot Testing of Software for Automated Remote Quality Control of Digital Mammography Equipment for Use in the Ontario Breast Screening Program - A. Bloomquist*, J. Jacobs, M. Yaffe
SU-E-I-88 Improvement of Mammography Quality After the Enforcement of Quality Assurance in Taiwan - Y. Hwang*, C. Chen, H. Tsai, C. Chen, C. Chui, Y. Wan, H. Liu
SU-E-I-89 A Standard Reference Material for Lung CT - H. Chen-Mayer*, Z. Levine, B. Zimmerman, D. Mason
SU-E-I-90 A Simple Method to Estimate Magnetic Field Homogeneity at Distant Point Locations - S. Yee*, W. Li, K. Ogden
SU-E-I-91 Use of the ACR CT Accreditation Phantom for Routine Quality Assurance of CBCT Imaging Systems in a Radiotherapy Environment - M. Hobson*, W. Parker, E. Soisson
SU-E-I-92 Application of Dose Modulation for the Clinic - Z. Yang*, R. Edwards, B. Lane
SU-E-I-93 Comparison of the AEC Thickness Tracking Using the Signal-Difference-To-Noise Ratio in 113 Flat-Panel Digital Mammography Units - Y. Hwang*, C. Chen, H. Tsai, C. Chen, C. Chui, Y. Wan, H. Liu
SU-E-I-94 Survey of CT Image Quality and Patient Doses in Taiwan - H. Tsai*, H. Liu, Y. Hwang, C. Chen, Y. Wan
SU-E-I-95 Using Angular Magnitude Evaluate the Spatial Orienations in Computed-Tomography Simulation System - M. Wu*, R. Ramaseshan
SU-E-I-96 Evaluation of Intraoral Dental X-Ray Imaging Equipment Via Mail - J. Gray*
SU-E-I-97 A Protocol for Attenuation Characterization of Neurovascular Devices Under Fluoroscopic Conditions - S. Vedantham*, M. Gounis, A. Wakhloo, A. Karellas
SU-E-I-98 Neurovascular Device Localization Accuracy Dependence On Exposure, Temporal Filtering, and Motion Blur for Real Time Imaging with the Microangiographic Fluoroscope - A. Panse*, A. Jain, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-99 Extending the Micro-Angiographic Fluoroscope (MAF) Exposure Dynamic Range Using Variable Electronic Gain - V. Singh*, A. Jain, A. Panse, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-100 Establishment of Local Diagnostic Reference Levels for Typical Fluoroscopic Procedures - E. Tonkopi*, M. Gale, S. Schofield, J. VanLarkin
SU-E-I-101 A Toolkit for Automatic 2D/3D Medical Image Registration Using Graphic Processor Units - J. Yuan*
SU-E-I-102 Enhancement of Registration Accuracy Using Landmark Information - N. Shusharina*, Y. Wang, G. Sharp
SU-E-I-103 Tissue Dependent Deformation Field Regularization Through Collapsed Cone Convolution/Superposition - B. Zhou*, C. Yu, D. Chen, X. Hu
SU-E-I-104 Automatic Labeling of the T1 Through T12 Vertebrae in CT - G. Sharp*, R. Li
SU-E-I-105 Development of Semi-Automatic Bone Age Estimation Method - Y. Oh*, H. Lee, D. Kim, H. KIM, S. An, T. NA, R. Lee
SU-E-I-106 Differential Diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease with VOI Based Diffusion Tensor Analysis - R. Juh*, T. Suh, S. Kim
SU-E-I-107 Compositing Daily Images for Coverage and Enhancement - D. Gering*
SU-E-I-108 Deformable Registration Using Edge Preserving Scale Space for Adaptive Image Guided Radiation Therapy - J. Chen*, D. Li
SU-E-I-109 Validating Assisted Registration Tool of UTRS Using CT and PET - H. Kim*, J. Shin, S. Park, J. Monroe, M. Yao, R. Ellis, J. Sohn
SU-E-I-110 Do Reconstruction Parameters Affect CT-Based Kidney Stone Volume Quantification? - L. Chen*, J. Wang, X. Duan, L. Yu, S. Leng, C. McCollough
SU-E-I-111 Freesurfer MRI Data Analysis of Brain Cortical Thickness Variations in Individuals - M. Dennis*, J. Wall, H. Xie, A. Cotton, R. Mooney, J. Kane, X. Wang
SU-E-I-112 New Algorithm for Identification of Differences Between Noisy Medical Images - K. Mitev*, G. Gerganov, I. Kawrakow
SU-E-I-113 A Practical Human-Observer-Based Scoring Method for Imaging Performance Assessment in Computed Tomography - G. Yadava*, A. Cohen, J. Fan, P. Sainath, J. Hsieh
SU-E-I-114 Simulations of Scintillation Events in a High-Resolution Liquid Xenon Micro-PET System - C. Clements*, D. Bryman, J. Glister, L. Kurchaninov, A. Miceli, F. Retiere, V. Sossi, H. Zhu
SU-E-I-116 Spatial Frequency Spectrum of the X-Ray Scatter Distribution in CBCT - G. Bootsma*, F. Verhaegen, D. Jaffray
SU-E-I-117 Quantifying Search and Classification Performance in Lesion Localization Tasks - D. Chakraborty*
SU-E-I-118 Differential Analysis (DA) – A New Approach for Evaluating the Clinical Utility of Image Processing Algorithms - W. Huda*, S. Tipnis, D. Vincent, M. Spampinato, Z. Rumboldt
SU-E-I-119 Short-TE 2D Proton Echo Planar Spectroscopic Imaging in Adolescents with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - J. Zhang*, J. O''Neill, S. Thomas, M. Hudkins, V. Yee, R. Ly, F. Kurth, A. Doss, S. Loo, S. Posse, J. Alger, J. Levitt
SU-E-I-120 Automated Analysis of MRI Radio Frequency Coil Performance - T. Greene*, R. Stafford, D. Reeve
SU-E-I-121 MRI Detection of Dominant Intraprostatic Lesions and Correlation with Tumor Microenvironment - S. Ware*, R. Hardman, F. Tio, A. Bao
SU-E-I-122 Polymer Gel and Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry Based 3D Dose Monitoring - R. Hira*, U. Sinha, S. Sinha, T. Pawlicki
SU-E-I-123 Quantification of 1H Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging for Breast Cancer with Singular Value Decompsition (SVD) Method - W. Feng*, A. Chu, J. Hu
SU-E-I-124 Diffusion Tensor Imaging of the Sciatic Nerve at 3T - S. Jambawalikar*, M. Friedman, E. GOULD, H. LI, T. Button
SU-E-I-125 Uniform Sampling of Projections During Pulsed Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Imaging Data Acquisition - G. Redler*, B. Epel, P. Seifi, J. Bryant, H. Halpern
SU-E-I-126 Feasibility of Myelin Water Fraction Quantification Using Multi-Component Gradient Echo Sampling of Spin Echoes - Y. Gagnon*, N. Gelman, J. Théberge
SU-E-I-127 Evaluation of Displacement Force, Image Artifact and Heating of the Envoy Medical Esteem System at 1.5 and 3 Tesla - D. King*, K. Gorny, Y. Cole, D. Glumac, J. Felmlee
SU-E-I-128 Evaluation of Magnetic Resonance Phase Data of Projection and 2-D FLASH Acquisition to Estimate the AIF - J. Moroz*, S. Reinsberg, P. Kozlowski
SU-E-I-129 Determining the Cramer-Rao Lower Bound in Magnetic Resonance Imaging - M. MacDonald*, M. Lauzon, J. Nielsen, R. Frayne
SU-E-I-130 Improved Quantification of Cerebral Metabolites in Hepatic Encephalopathy Using 2D L-COSY and ProFit - A. Huda*, M. Sarma, R. Nagarajan, C. Hinkin, N. Wilson, R. Gupta, J. Sayre, B. Guze, S. Han, M. Thomas
SU-E-I-131 Uniformity Evaluation of GRAPPA and MSENSE Parallel Imaging Reconstruction Algorithm - F. Goerner*, G. Clarke, T. Duong
SU-E-I-132 Whole-Brain DCE Quantitative Perfusion Imaging - P. Gauderon*, M. Salluzzi, M. Lauzon, C. McCreary, M. Smith, R. Frayne
SU-E-I-133 Novel Methods of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Near Metals - M. Hoff*, Q. Xiang
SU-E-I-134 Integration of Multiparametric and Multimodality Whole Body Radiological Imaging (MRI/PET/CT) - M. Jacobs*, A. Akbardeh
SU-E-I-135 Image Reconstruction by Derivatives in Frequency Domain - J. Shen*
SU-E-I-136 MR Imaging Techniques with Reduced Metal Artifact for Improved Brachytherapy Device Visualization - L. Warner*, M. Kotys-Traughber, U. Blume
SU-E-I-137 Incorporation of Regional Homogeneity in Seed-Based Resting-State Functional MRI Analysis Improves Default-Mode Network Detection in Patients with ICA Stenosis - F. Yan*, T. Lee, H. Wong, H. Liu
SU-E-I-138 EPI Stability Testing On 3T MRI Scanners with Clinical and 32-Channel Head Coils - W. Chu*, C. Chen, Y. Wan, H. Liu
SU-E-I-139 Transition From CT to MR Imaging of Titanium Applicators for 3D Image-Based High Dose Rate Cervix Cancer Brachytherapy - J. Esthappan*, J. Garcia Ramirez, Y. Hu, P. Grigsby
SU-E-I-140 A Clinical Study of Dual- and Single- Spectrum Temporal Subtraction Mammography Techniques Using An Iodine-Based Contrast Medium - M. Brandan*, Y. Villaseńor, L. Benitez-Bribiesca, F. Trujillo, H. Perez-Ponce, P. Sanchez-Suarez, H. Galvan, E. Bargallo, I. Rosado-Mendez
SU-E-I-141 Repeat Rates and Their Effect On Dose in Transitioning From Screen/Film to Full-Field Digital Mammography - E. Ripley*, P. Otto, M. Hatab
SU-E-I-142 A Review of Digital Mammography Detector Failure Modes Encountered in Clinical Practice - B. Schueler*, A. Walz-Flannigan
SU-E-I-143 Feasibility of Using Chemical Analysis to Validate Breast Density Measurement From Dual Energy Mammography - M. Klopfer*, J. Ducote, S. Molloi
SU-E-I-144 Radiation Dose Reduction in Monochromatic Phase Contrast X-Ray Mammography Using Equally Sloped Tomography - Y. Zhao*, E. Brun, B. Fahimian, A. Bravin, A. Sztrókay, P. Coan, J. Miao
SU-E-I-145 A Spectral Reconstruction Method for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis - S. Feng*, J. Nagy, J. Chung, V. Mejia-Bustamante, I. Sechopoulos
SU-E-I-146 An X-Ray Scatter Technique for Extracting Differential Linear Scattering Coefficients - R. Tang*, R. LeClair
SU-E-I-147 New Digital Mammography Equipment: Physical Characterization and Image Quality Evaluation - N. Oberhofer*
SU-E-I-148 New Way for Calculating the Average Glandular Dose in the Mammography - P. Penchev*, S. Schopphoven, A. Smirnov, K. Bock, M. Fiebich
SU-E-I-149 Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Using 2D Source Scanning Patterns: A Simulation Study - Y. Zhong*, Z. You, Y. Shen, X. Liu, C. Lai, T. Wang, S. Ge, Y. Yi, C. Shaw
SU-E-I-150 Cone-Beam Artifacts in Dedicated Breast CT - S. Vedantham*, L. Shi, F. Noo, S. Glick, A. Karellas
SU-E-I-151 Performance Evaluation of a New Commercially Available Portable Pixelated Gamma Camera for 99mTc-Scintimammography - S. Kappadath*, W. Siman
SU-E-I-152 CCD Vs CdTe X-Ray Methods to Estimate Fat Content in Breast Biopsies - B. Maraghechi*, R. Tang, S. Spooner, E. Cerilli, R. LeClair
SU-E-I-153 A Method for Fast Generation of High Resolution Software Breast Phantoms - D. Pokrajac, A. Maidment*, P. Bakic
SU-E-I-154 Cardiac SPECT/CT: Comparing Slow-Rotation and Fast-Rotation CT for Attenuation Correction in Cardiac Imaging - E. Sabondjian*, J. Patrick, R. Stodilka, M. King, G. Wisenberg, F. Prato
SU-E-I-155 Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Relationship Between 18F-FDG PET-CT Maximum Standardized Uptake Value, Metabolic Tumour Volume and TNM Classification - w. Zhu*, X. Sun, L. Xing, J. Yue, W. Qu, J. Yu
SU-E-I-156 CT Dose in Pediatric PET/CT Examinations - E. Tonkopi*, A. Ross, A. MacDonald
SU-E-I-157 A Calibration Phantom for Dual-Modality Mechanical Alignment: Numerical Simulation - C. Ji*
SU-E-I-158 A Feasibility Study of SPECT Mode in Multi-Modality System Based On Fabricated CsI(Tl)-PIN Photodiode Detector in Circular Geometry - T. NA*, J. HA, H. KIM, S. An, Y. Oh, R. Lee
SU-E-I-159 Delaunay Triangulation for Angular Interpolation and Single Stage Reconstruction of EPRI - J. Bryant*, B. Epel, H. Halpern
SU-E-I-160 Initial Scatter Quantification in Flat Panel Based First Generation Coherent Scatter CT of the Breast - B. Ahmad*, J. Alpuche Aviles, S. Pistorius
SU-E-I-161 Quantifying the Viscoelastic Properties of Human Hepatic Malignancies Using Dynamic Compression Testing - R. DeWall, S. Bharat, T. Varghese*, M. Hanson, M. Kliewer
SU-E-I-162 Quantitative Analysis of Human Soft Tissue Using Grating-Based X-Ray Phase Contrast - J. Herzen, M. Willner*, D. Hahn, S. Schleede, M. Bech, P. Noël, A. Sztrókay, F. Bamberg, I. Zanette, T. Weitkamp, F. Pfeiffer
SU-E-I-164 Maternal Magnetocardiographic Interference Cancellation Using Splined Independent Component Subtraction - S. YU*, R. Wakai
SU-E-I-165 Initial Imaging Results with Manganese-52 PET Tracer - G. Topping*, P. Schaffer, V. Sossi
SU-E-I-166 Investigation and Development of Point-Based Image Reconstruction Algorithm Capable of Handling Non-Rigid Motion - I. Klyuzhin*, V. Sossi
SU-E-I-167 Impact of Peak SUV Definition On Quantification of Treatment Response - M. Vanderhoek*, S. Perlman, R. Jeraj
SU-E-I-168 An Image Quality Assurance Phantom for Positron Emission Mammography (PEM) - W. Luo*, N. Disher, X. Lu
SU-E-I-169 Optimizing Image Quality and Accurate SUVs in Four Different PET Scanners Within the Same Institution - J. Campbell*, Y. Roumayah, M. Johnson, C. Wong
SU-E-I-170 Improvement of Quantification for Tumors with Non-Uniform Activity Distributions: SPECT Simulation Study - S. Shcherbinin*, A. Celler
SU-E-I-171 On the Potential for the Production of 99Mo and 99mTc From Light-Ion Reactions Based Zirconium + Lithium - F. Guo*, Y. Zhai, Z. Chen, R. Nath
SU-E-I-172 Fast Computation of High Resolution LOR-Based 3D OSEM PET Algorithm Using the GPU Device - M. Nassiri*, P. Després, S. Hissoiny, J. Carrier
SU-E-I-173 Factor Analysis with Prior Information Using Projected Gradient Method – Application to 11C-DTBZ Dynamic PET Dataset for Early Detection of Parkinson’s Disease - D. Lee*, A. McEwan, D. Robinson, H. Jans, W. Martin, M. Wieler, T. Riauka
SU-E-I-174 Monte-Carlo-Based Scatter Analysis for Improving Image Reconstruction of PET/CT Systems - Z. Huang*, C. Tung, Z. Hu, Y. Wu, M. Zhu, R. Brown, N. Mayr, W. Yuh, S. Lo
SU-E-I-175 Evaluation of Quantitative Direct PET/CT Imaging of Y-90 Microspheres Using the Jaszczak Phantom - A. Pasciak*, R. Owen
SU-E-I-176 Impact of Residual Activity and Clock Synchronization On Quantitative Treatment Response Assessment - N. Jallow*, P. Scully, M. Vanderhoek, S. Perlman, G. Liu, R. Jeraj
SU-E-I-177 Electric Field and Ionization Signal Simulation in Liquid Xenon Detectors for PET - H. Zhu*, D. Bryman, C. Clements, J. Glister, L. Kurchaninov, A. Miceli, F. Retiere, V. Sossi
SU-E-I-178 Spatial Analysis of PET Images Using 3D Moment Invariants (3DMI) - M. Gonzalez*, V. Sossi, M. McKeown, K. Dinelle, N. Vafai
SU-E-I-179 Evaluation of a SPECT Camera with CZT Detectors and Multipinhole Collimator for Nuclear Cardiology Imaging - J. Luo*, N. Deitz, D. Pantelic, D. Cowling, S. Jang
SU-E-I-180 Simulation of Arterial First Pass and Recirculation Input Functions Using a Series of Related Gamma Variate Function - S. Yee*, K. Ogden
SU-E-I-181 Calibration of the Relation Between Signal-To-Background Ratio and Threshold SUV Maximum On a Gemini TF PET-CT - A. Vicedo*, D. Granero, T. Garcia-Hernandez, J. Rosello, L. Brualla, J. Pamos, R. Sanchez, J. Ferrer-Rebolleda
SU-E-I-182 Slit-Slat Collimators in a Staggered Array for Dedicated Breast SPECT - C. Tenney*, C. Liang, J. DiPirro
SU-E-I-183 Variation in Lesion Detectability of a Positron Emission Mammography (PEM) System as a Function of Breast Thickness - C. Walker*, A. Springer, N. Shkumat, O. Mawlawi
SU-E-I-184 Variation of SUV in Time of Flight and Non-Time of Flight Dual Time Oncologic PET-CT - J. Campbell*, B. Hung, C. Wong, M. Johnson, R. Wong, Y. Roumayah, C. Wong
SU-E-I-185 Dynamic Follow-Up of Plaque Type Mycosis Fungoides with Reflectance Confocal Microscopy Of: A Preliminary Study in Chinese Cases - M. Gao*
SU-E-I-186 Digital Radiography Artifacts - A. Walz-Flannigan*, T. Daly, D. Magnuson, D. Erickson, B. Schueler
SU-E-I-187 Coherent Scatter Ring Integration Imaging - K. Landheer*, P. Johns
SU-E-I-188 Potential for Dose Reduction in An Indirect Flat Panel Detector System Employing Irradiation Side Sampling - N. Tanaka*, T. Akasaka, H. Yabuuchi, M. Ohki, J. Morishita
SU-E-I-189 The Clinical Efficacy of the Exposure Index Value in Computed Radiography - M. Butler*, M. Lewis, L. Rainford
SU-E-I-190 Integration of Bioluminescence Imaging and Cone-Beam CT for Image-Guided Small Animal Irradiation - R. Weersink*, P. Lindsay, R. Clarkson, S. Ansell, G. Wilson, D. Jaffray
SU-E-I-191 Effective-Dose Rate Comparison Between the Micro-Angiographic Fluoroscope (MAF) and the X-Ray Image Intensifier (XII) Used During Neuro-Endovascular Device Deployment Procedures - k. gill*, C. Ionita, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-192 Improved High-Resolution Imaging Through An Aneurysm Coil Mass Using the MAF Compared with a Flat Panel Detector - A. Jain*, A. Panse, C. Ionita, V. Singh, S. Rudin, D. Bednarek
SU-E-I-193 Dynamic Gain Adjustment of a High Resolution Microangiographic Fluoroscope (MAF) for Improved Imaging of Intracranial Aneurysm Coiling - C. Ionita*, W. Wang, A. Jain, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-194 Motion Detection Based Adaptive Temporal Filtering for Image Guided Procedures Using the High Resolution Microangiographic Fluoroscope (MAF) - A. Panse*, A. Jain, C. Ionita, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin