2011 Joint AAPM/COMP Meeting Program
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Sunday, July 31, 2011
Young Investigators Symposium
The John R. Cameron - John R. Cunningham Young Investigators Symposium
Sunday 4:00:00 PM - 6:00:00 PM  Room: Ballroom A

Moderator: G. Donald Frey, Medical Univ of South Carolina

Moderator: Ervin B. Podgorsak, McGill Univ Health Center

4:00 PM
Object-Based Analysis of Spatial Concordance Between Coregistered Images of Intratumoral Uptake of [18F]FLT and Distribution of Cell Proliferation Markers - M. Axente*, J. He, C. Bass, S. Gobalakrishnan, J. Hirsch, J. Zweit, A. Pugachev
4:10 PM
An Investigation Into Optical Photon Transport Effects On Electronic Portal Imaging Performance Using Geant4 - S. Blake*, P. Vial, L. Holloway, P. Greer, Z. Kuncic
4:20 PM
Spatial Correlation of 4DCT Ventilation and SPECT Pulmonary Perfusion Defects in Patients with Malignant Airway Stenosis - R. Castillo*, E. Castillo, D. Gomez, J. Lopez, T. Guerrero
4:30 PM
Automatic Bladder Segmentation On CBCT for Online ART of Bladder Cancer - X. Chai*, M. van Herk, M. Hulshof, P. Remeijer, A. Bel
4:40 PM
Dual-Energy Contrast-Enhanced Breast Tomosynthesis: Signal Response to Tissue Contrast Uptake Kinetics - M. Hill*, J. Mainprize, S. Puong, A. Carton, R. Iordache, S. Muller, M. Yaffe
4:50 PM
Sensitivity Analysis for Lexicographic Ordering in Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning - T. Long*, B. Fraass, M. Matuszak, E. Romeijn
5:00 PM
Integrated 4D Reconstruction of Dynamic Data for Myocardial Blood Flow Measurements with Dedicated SPECT Cameras - T. Humphries*, R. Wells, A. Celler, R. DeKemp
5:10 PM
Development of Novel 1H Magnetic Resonance Imaging Methods to Map Lung Structure and Function - A. Owrangi*, J. Wang, A. Wheatley, D. McCormack, I. Cunningham, G. Parraga
5:20 PM
Comparison of Skin-Dose Distributions Calculated by a Real-Time Dose-Tracking System with That Measured by Gafchromic Film for a Fluoroscopic C-Arm Unit - V. Rana*, D. Bednarek, M. Josan, S. Rudin
5:30 PM
A Novel Technique for Markerless Self-Sorted 4D-CBCT - I. Vergalasova*, J. Cai, F. Yin
5:40 PM
Dynamic Modulated Brachytherapy (DMBT): Concept, Design, and Application - M. Webster*, D. Scanderbeg, T. Watkins, J. Stenstrom, J. Lawson, W. Song
5:50 PM
Comprehensive Uncertainty Analysis of Proton Stopping-Power-Ratio Estimation Using a KV-MV Dual Energy CT Scanner (DECT) for Margin Reduction - M. Yang*, X. Zhu, J. Clayton, G. Virshup, R. Mohan, L. Dong