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Dosimetric Comparison Between Pencil Beam and Monte Carlo Algorithms for SBRT Lung Treatment Using IPlan V4.1 TPS and CIRS Thorax Phantom

C Venencia

M Castrillon Fernandez, C Venencia*, E Garrigó, L Caussa, Instituto de Radioterapia - Fundacion Marie Curie, Cordoba, ARGENTINA

SU-E-T-454 Sunday 3:00:00 PM - 6:00:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: To compare measured and calculated doses using Pencil Beam (PB) and Monte Carlo (MC) algorithm on a CIRS thorax phantom for SBRT lung treatments.

Methods: A 6MV photon beam generated by a Primus linac with an Optifocus MLC (Siemens) was used. Dose calculation was done using iPlan v4.1.2 TPS (BrainLAB) by PB and MC (dose to water and dose to medium) algorithms. The commissioning of both algorithms was done reproducing experimental measurements in water. A CIRS thorax phantom was used to compare doses using a Farmer type ion chamber (PTW) and EDR2 radiographic films (KODAK). The ionization chamber, into a tissue equivalent insert, was placed in two position of lung tissue and was irradiated using three treatments plans. Axial dose distributions were measured for four treatments plans using conformal and IMRT technique. Dose distribution comparisons were done by dose profiles and gamma index (3%/3mm).

Results: For the studied beam configurations, ion chamber measurements shows that PB overestimate the dose up to 8.5%, whereas MC has a maximum variation of 1.6%. Dosimetric analysis using dose profiles shows that PB overestimates the dose in the region corresponding to the lung up to 16%. For axial dose distribution comparison the percentage of pixels with gamma index bigger than one for MC and PB was, plan 1: 95.6% versus 87.4%, plan 2: 91.2% versus 77.6%, plan 3: 99.7% versus 93.1% and for plan 4: 98.8% versus 91.7%. It was confirmed that the lower dosimetric errors calculated applying MC algorithm appears when the spatial resolution and variance decrease at the expense of increased computation time.

Conclusions: The agreement between measured and calculated doses, in a phantom with lung heterogeneities, is better with MC algorithm. PB algorithm overestimates the doses in lung tissue, which could have a clinical impact in SBRT lung treatments.

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