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Development and Implementation of An Automated Algorithm to Determine Radiation Isocenter, Radiation Vs. Light Field Coincidence, and Analyze Strip Tests

C Mart

D Hyer, C Mart*, University Of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

SU-E-T-24 Sunday 3:00:00 PM - 6:00:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: The aim of this study was to develop a phantom and analysis software that could be used to quickly and accurately determine the location of radiation isocenter using the Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID). The phantom could then be used as a static reference point for performing other tests including: radiation vs. light field coincidence, MLC and Jaw strip tests, and Varian Optical Guidance Platform (OGP) calibration.

Methods: The solution proposed uses a collimator setting of 10x10 cm to acquire EPID images of the new phantom constructed from LEGO® blocks. Images from a number of gantry and collimator angles are analyzed by the software to determine the position of the jaws and center of the phantom in each image. The distance between a chosen jaw and the phantom center is then compared to the same distance measured after a 180 degree collimator rotation to determine if the phantom is centered in the dimension being investigated. The accuracy of the algorithm's measurements were verified by independent measurement to be approximately equal to the detector's pitch. Light versus radiation field as well as MLC and Jaw strip tests are performed using measurements based on the phantom center once located at the radiation isocenter.

Results: Reproducibility tests show that the algorithm's results were objectively repeatable. Additionally, the phantom and software are completely independent of linac vendor and this study presents results from two major linac manufacturers. An OGP calibration array was also integrated into the phantom to allow calibration of the OGP while the phantom is positioned at radiation isocenter to reduce setup uncertainty contained in the calibration.

Conclusions: This solution offers a quick, objective method to perform isocenter localization as well as laser alignment, OGP calibration, and other tests on a monthly basis.

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