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MRI Gel Dosimetry Applied to Dose Profile Determination for 50kV X-Ray Tube

M Schwarcke

M Schwarcke*, T Marques, P Nicolucci, O Baffa Filho, University of Sao Paulo, Department of Physics - FFCLRP, Ribeirao Preto - SP, Brazil.

SU-E-T-145 Sunday 3:00:00 PM - 6:00:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: The aim of this study was to use MRI gel dosimetry to determine the dose profile of 50kV MAGNUM® X-ray tube, MOXTEK Inc., in order to calibrate small solid dosimeters of alanine, tooth enamel and LiF-TLDs, commonly used in clinical quality assurance and datation dosimetry.

Methods: MAGIC-f polymer gel was kept in two plastic containers of 100mL, avoiding attenuation of the primary beam trough the wall. Beam aberture of 3mm and dose rate of 16.5Gy/min were set, reproducing irradiation conditions of interest. The dose rate was assumed based on data of the vendor information of the tube and dose of 30Gy was delivered at the surface of the gel. MAGIC-f gel was irradiated at source-surface distances(SSD) of 0.1cm and 1.0cm. After 24hours of irradiation, gel was scanned in an Achieva® 3T Philips® MRI tomography using relaxometry sequence with 32 Echos, Time-to-Echo(TE) of 15.0ms, Time-to-Repetition(TR) of 6000ms and Field-of-View(FOV) of 0.5x0.5x2.0mm. Dose map at the central plain of irradiation was calculated from T2 relaxometry map.

Results: The gel dosimetry results evidenced a build-up depth of 0.13cm for SSD=0.1cm and no build-up was detected for SSD=1.0cm. However, the dose profile evidenced high gradient of dose in SSD=0.1, decreasing the dose from 100% to 30% in 1.4cm depth inside the gel; In turn, the dose distribution is homogeneous after 0.4cm deth for SSD=1.0cm.

Conclusions: MRI gel dosimetry using MAGIC-f presented as feasible technique to determine dose profiles for kilovoltage x-rays tubes. The results evidenced that the calibration of small solid dosimeters can be performed using SSD of 1.0cm in the 50kV MAGNUM® X-ray tube using 0.4cm/g/cm³ filter.

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