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A Study On Design and Fabrication of 25 * 25 Cm2 Beam Monitor for Scanning Carbon Beam

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H Lee

H Lee1*, T Yang1, C Kim1, H Jang1, S Hong1, H Kim1, J Kim1, D Park1, C Kim2, (1) Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Science and Hanyang University, Seoul, 75 Nowon-gu(2) Hanyang University, seoul, seongdong gu

SU-E-T-175 Sunday 3:00:00 PM - 6:00:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

The KHIMA is developing a superconducting cyclotron of 430 MeV/u for carbon therapy. In order to verify the irradiated beam dose and position, detectors have been developed. The detector has a considered in the active area of 25*25cm² to cover the entire beam scanning area. To minimize the loss of data during beam irradiation, a fast data acquisition system was required.

A PPIC type was adopted. To measure the beam position and profile, the electrode of PPIC was designed to have a strip pattern. The PCB technique was applied to large area with thin FR-4 plate of electrodes. The chamber has a strip interval of 1.7mm. He was used as the filling gas in order to reduce the ion collection time. Output signal from the detector connected to the two charge integrators was transferred every 10us. The signal can be stored temporarily in memory of FPGA through one of 2 integrators.

The fabricated large electrode plates did not show any deformation on their shape. Depending on the beam position, the amount of dose from the ion chamber will be measured. For fast data acquisition, the DAQ board was fabricated by using 2 charge integrators and the FPGA. The obtained data from the ion chamber was displaced on the PC screen every 10us. The fluence map of a single layer will be shown on the PC screen at the end of beam irradiation on the layer. The output data from the profile monitor will be compared with Gafchromic Film results.

PCB method for active area of thin electrodes was used in the strip pattern. To reduce the loss of data during irradiation, 2 charge integrators are used alternately. The response of the readout data was set 10us. The beam tests will be performed with the MC-50 Cyclotron.

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