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Cone Beam CT: Dose Measurement, Calculation, and Inclusion in the Treatment Plan

P Alaei

P Alaei1*, G Ding2, (1) Univ Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, (2) Vanderbilt University , Nashville, TN

TH-B-211-2 Thursday 9:00:00 AM - 9:55:00 AM Room: 211

Measurement and calculation of the dose from imaging beams have gained interest following development of cone beam CT (CBCT) systems. Much work has been done in the use of various dosimeters to measure, as well as methods and algorithms to calculate the imaging dose both in phantom and in patient. Depending on beam quality, measuring imaging dose produces its own challenges. There have also been proposals on the methodology and quantities suitable to describe the dose from CBCT as well as those suitable to quantify the dose to patient.

This lecture will review the various measurement and calculation methods as well as quantities used to describe the dose from CBCT systems. It will also review methods being developed to include imaging dose in the patient treatment plans.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the dosimeteric tools and methods used to measure dose from CBCT imaging
2. Understand the methods used to calculate dose from CBCT imaging
3. Understand the methodology used to describe the dose from CBCT imaging
4. Understand the methods used to generate beam data from imaging systems for commissioning imaging beams in the treatment planning systems
5. Update on the progress made on inclusion of the CBCT imaging dose in patient treatment plans using existing commercial planning systems as well as development of new algorithms.

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