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How to Prepare for the ABR Therapy Oral Exam

S Becker

SJ Becker1*, (1) NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, NY

WE-C-213AB-3 Wednesday 10:30:00 AM - 11:25:00 AM Room: 213AB

Preparing for Part III (Oral Exam) of the ABR Therapy Physics boards is more than just studying as much material as possible. There will always be material that is missed and gaps in one’s knowledge. Therefore, in order to fill those gaps, it is crucial to understand how the parts of the material relate to each other and to the clinical experience. Part III presents its own challenges compared to the written exams. It requires not only knowledge of and experience with clinical procedures, but also the ability to explain orally how they are performed and what they mean. One must be able to easily and confidently respond to oral questions about all aspects of working in the clinic and clearly explain why those clinical methods and procedures are performed that way. This talk is not a comprehensive review of all required study material. Instead, it focuses on the required experiences, skill sets, and study methods that are needed to pass Part III of the board exam.

Educational Objectives:
1. Generate a list of clinical experiences needed for the exam
2. Understand how the study material and clinical experiences relate to each other
3. Learn how to effectively prepare for an oral style exam

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