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How You Can Be the Speaker and Communicator Everyone Wants You to Be

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J Collins

J Collins1*, B Aydogan2, (1) The University of Cincinnati, Cincinnat, OH(2) The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

TU-D-213AB-1 Tuesday 11:30:00 AM - 12:30:00 PM Room: 213AB

Effectiveness of an oral presentation depends on the ability of the speaker to communicate with the audience. An important part of this communication is focusing on two to five key points and emphasizing those points during the presentation. Every aspect of the presentation should be purposeful and directed at facilitating learners’ achievement of the objectives. This necessitates that the speaker has carefully developed the objectives and built the presentation around attainment of the objectives. A presentation should be designed to include as much audience participation as possible, no matter the size of the audience. Techniques to encourage audience participation include questioning, brainstorming, small-group activities, role-playing, case-based examples, directed listening, and use of an audience response system. It is first necessary to motivate and gain attention of the learner for learning to take place. This can be accomplished through appropriate use of humor, anecdotes, and quotations. This course will review adult learning principles and effective presentation skills.

Learning Objectives:
1) Apply adult learning principles.
2) Demonstrate effective presentations skills.

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