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Time-Space Compression for Fun and Profit: How to Do More, in Less Time, Without the Stress and Mess

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K Crenshaw

K Crenshaw1*, (1) Priacta, Inc., Powhatan, VA

TU-G-213AB-2 Tuesday 4:30:00 PM - 6:00:00 PM Room: 213AB

"Time-space compression" means "processes that ... revolutionize the objective qualities of space and time." (David Harvey, The Condition of Postmodernity.)
Modern workflows suffer from negative time-space compression: computers, internet, email, smartphones, texting and chat all promise productivity, yet they can encroach on our time and clutter our minds without eliminating those lurking piles of paper. Physicists in medicine face additional technology-related challenges on top of all that.
However, the laws governing our time, workspaces, and teams are universal. Understand those laws, and you understand how to control the forces that derail personal and team workflow. Then, by drawing on a few practical techniques, you can create positive time-space compression: revolutionizing your workspace and systems to get more done, with noticeably less stress, balancing work and fun in all your life areas, keeping your desk so clean your associates will think you're going on vacation.
An approach called Total, Relaxed Organization (TRO) makes this possible. TRO was developed by Priacta, Inc. (Kevin Crenshaw's company) using best practices from many popular time management systems. TRO has measurable results: an average net gain of 581 productive hrs/yr, and average stress reduction of 59.6% from all sources combined. While these numbers are subjective and self-reported, they indicate a consistent improvement in the quality of life for TRO adherents.
This working presentation compresses a (normally paid) 7-hour TRO personal coaching session into a 75-minute interactive, entertaining, and highly-practical workshop for each participant.

Learning objectives:
1. Understand the key principles/laws that govern your use of time and (work)space.
2. Identify your personal barriers that currently work against those principles.
3. Create a personal action plan (based on those time/workspace principles and practical techniques) to re-engineer your personal and team workflow for optimal results.

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