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How to Obtain the Resources Needed for Your Program and Ensure That Work Is Performed by Qualified Professionals

P Halvorsen

P Halvorsen1*, (1) Alliance Imaging/Alliance Oncology, Newton, MA

TU-C-211-1 Tuesday 10:30:00 AM - 12:30:00 PM Room: 211

Managing a medical physics practice requires much more than diligent attention to the standard range of medical physics duties. Obtaining the appropriate resources to operate a quality program is not always easy, and delegating duties while maintaining an appropriate level of supervision can present many challenges. The former requires interacting with health-system administrators to justify the request for resources and to ensure that budgets provide the support needed for the program. An understanding of financial models for new services, capitalized assets and operational budgets is essential in this regard. The latter requires a clear system of credentialing for each role in the physics group, scope of practice for each job description, delegation and supervision levels, and defining and managing performance expectations.

At the end of this presentation, participants will:
1. Understand how financial models are used to project return on investment in capital assets and how to build an operational budget for a physics group;
2. Understand how to implement a credentialing program in medical physics; and
3. Understand how to clearly define delegation of tasks and appropriate supervision levels and how to define and manage performance expectations.

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