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Preparing for the ABR Diagnostic Medical Physics Board Exams - Oral Exam

S Leng

S Leng*, L Chen, Y Shu, C McCollough, Mayo Clinic, ROCHESTER, MN

WE-D-213AB-3 Wednesday 11:30:00 AM - 12:30:00 PM Room: 213AB

Part III (oral exam) is the final part of ABR board exam for Diagnostic Medical Physics. In this exam, each of five oral examiners questions the candidate in each of five question categories. Oral exam has unique challenges to the candidate compared with the written exams. The candidate is expected to have not only adequate knowledge on each aspect of imaging physics, but also extensive clinical experience on different imaging modalities. The candidate needs to demonstrate her/his knowledge and clinical experience by correctly and effectively answering specific questions during the exam. Depending on the response of the candidate to original question, different follow-up questions are usually asked. Therefore, the interaction with examiners plays a critical role in the oral exam.

The format and question categories of the oral exam in diagnostic medical physics will be reviewed. Study materials and effective study methods will be discussed. Practical tips on answering questions and interactions with examiners during the oral exam will also be shared.

Educational objectives
(1) Understand the format and scope of oral exam.
(2) Develop an effective method for exam preparation.
(3) Learn how to effectively answer questions and interact with examiners during the exam.

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