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Medical Physicist Leadership in Managing Projects- Large and Small

J Limmer

J Limmer1*, (1) US Oncology | McKesson, The Woodlands, TX

TU-C-211-2 Tuesday 10:30:00 AM - 12:30:00 PM Room: 211

In a medical physicist’s career there are many opportunities to assume a leadership or consultant role as a subject matter expert in the management of projects; both large and small. While both relevant and important this role-function does not typically, formally appear in the graduate school curriculum. As a result well qualified medical physicists who are called upon to lead or assist in the management of a project might rely on instinct, experience through trial and error, and may need additional training or guidance.

In this presentation we will dive into the world of project management; uncovering potential barriers and discovering strategies that can be applied to most project situations and scale. Communicating with vendors, administrators, and colleagues; coordinating schedules; dealing with unexpected glitches; and framing the project in a way that increases the probability of success are some of the topics which will be explored. The establishment of a multi-site Quality Management Program will be used as a case study.

1. Understand tools and strategies which can be used in project management
2. Understand project barriers and ways to avoid or overcome them
3. Understand the importance of the medical physicist in the project manager role

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