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Diagnostic Workforce and Manpower Survey

M Mills

E Nickoloff

M Mills1*, E Nickoloff2*, (1) James Graham Brown Cancer Center, Louisville, KY, (2) Columbia Univ, New York, NY

TU-F-213AB-1 Tuesday 3:00:00 PM - 3:50:00 PM Room: 213AB

Since AAPM Report No. 33 on Diagnostic Radiology Physics staffing is more than 20 years old, the Diagnostic Work and Workforce Study Subcommittee (DWWSS) of the Professional Council was formed to conduct a new study and update the data. The intent of the DWWSS study has two goals. First, it wanted to assess the number of FTE diagnostic physicists needed to support the QC, acceptance tests, radiation safety and other clinical functions for various imaging modalities, such as: CT scanners, MRI units, angiography rooms, ultrasound units, nuclear medicine imagers and other equipment. For example, the preliminary results indicate that the median annual physics support for one CT scanner is 0.007 FTE or 12.6 hours per unit. Second, the study wanted to provide an estimate of the cost of these physics services in terms of a fraction of a dollar per patient examination performed. For example, the cost for physics support of CT would be $0.27 for each CT procedure. This information would be similar to the Abt study conducted in Radiation Oncology. Radiation therapy physicists have utilized the Abt studies to generate re-imbursement for physics services and to justify financially the cost of their work efforts. Appropriate recognition for physics efforts in Diagnostic Radiology has never been properly quantified nor appreciated. With all the current and future changes occurring in healthcare, the information from the DWWSS survey could be important to the future of diagnostic physicists. Although diagnostic physicists are involved with many other activities such as teaching of residents and research, information about the clinical equipment support effort could be used to assess diagnostic physics staffing needs. The goals of the DWWSS study and the preliminary findings will be presented.

1. Present the goals of the DWWSS Diagnostic Physicist Survey.
2. Present potential benefits to the AAPM members from this survey.
3. Present findings from the preliminary analysis of the survey.

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