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IOMP Role On the International Stage

F Nuesslin

F Nuesslin1*, (1) Klinikum r.d. Isar, Munich,

WE-C-211-2 Wednesday 10:30:00 AM - 12:30:00 PM Room: 211

The IOMP represents over 18.000 medical physicists worldwide and 76 adhering national member organizations which are structured into 7 Regional Organizations. In order to meet the mission statement, i.e. to advance medical physics worldwide, IOMP is collaborating with the major international organizations, such as WHO, IAEA, ILO and ICSU. Furthermore,the IOMP with its sister organization for biomedical engineering is forming the umbrella organization IUPESM. At least, IOMP is networked with several professional organizations most relevant to medical physics as IUPAP, IRPA, ICRU, ISR, ICRP, BIPM and IUPAB. Some examples of the most important achievements emanating so far will be presented.

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