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The Regulatory Path To Achieve QMP Requirement

D Pfeiffer

D Pfeiffer1*, (1) Boulder Community Foothills Hospital, Boulder, CO

TU-E-213AB-2 Tuesday 2:00:00 PM - 2:55:00 PM Room: 213AB

Licensure for medical physicists has been pursued for a number of years, with success in some states and failure in others. Lessons from these cases has been used to strengthen the licensure effort, but they have also demonstrated that licensure may not be an option in some states. In such cases, we still need a methodology to achieve credentialing and practice standards. A comprehensive registration approach may provide that methodology. This talk will discuss features of comprehensive registration, along with positive and negative aspects of the approach. It will be demonstrated that comprehensive registration is a viable alternative that can be used when licensure is not achievable.

The objectives of this talk are to allow the attendees to:
1) Understand the differences between licensure and the regulatory approach.
2) Learn how the regulatory approach can achieve the goal of requiring use of Qualified Medical Physicists with an appropriate scope of practice.
3) Discuss ways of working with regulators to implement regulatory changes.
4) Discuss potential draft regulatory language.

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