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CT QC Testing Under the Draft ACR QC Manual

D Pfeiffer

D Pfeiffer*, Boulder Community Foothills Hospital, Boulder, CO

MO-A-213CD-1 Monday 8:00:00 AM - 9:55:00 AM Room: 213CD

There are many recommendations for appropriate quality control for computed tomography scanners. The breadth of the recommendations is large and this has led to confusion as to what quality control is indeed necessary. The American College of Radiology is producing a QC Manual for CT under the auspices of the CT Accreditation Program. The draft manual is currently under final stages of review.

The objectives of this presentation are:
1) Review current recommendations for CT quality control.
2) Describe the draft QC program of the ACR CT QC Manual
3) Discuss the status of the ACR CT QC Manual

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