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Training and QA Procedures for Using CAD Systems

R Summers

R Summers1*, (1) National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, Bethesda, MD

WE-E-217A-4 Wednesday 2:00:00 PM - 3:50:00 PM Room: 217A

Computer-aided detection/diagnosis (CAD) devices for radiology are becoming increasingly available for clinical use. To achieve the highest possible benefit from CAD systems, best practices are required for clinical implementation and use of CAD. This lecture will discuss four areas of interest to the medical physics community pertaining to CAD best practices: off-label use and pitfalls, user training, QA of CAD use, and academic opportunities for quality assurance (QA) research.

Financial Disclosure: Patent royalties from and research agreement with iCAD; software license to Translational Sciences Corporation

The learning objectives for this lecture are to:
(1) Understand benefits of PACS integration of CAD.
(2) Identify potential issues with off-label use of CAD.
(3) Understand the importance of user training relating to CAD devices.
(4) Learn potential QA procedures to assure proper use of CAD as designed.
(5) Learn about areas of CAD user training and QA that could benefit from further research.

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