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AAPM International Outreach Programs - Collaboration with IOMP

R Wu

Raymond Wu1*, (1) Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, AZ

WE-A-211-4 Wednesday 8:00:00 AM - 9:55:00 AM Room: 211

Introduction. The purpose of the AAPM International Affairs Committee (IAC) is to advise the AAPM Board through the Administrative Council on matters related to activities of an international nature conducted on behalf of the Association. The charges of the IOMP Professional Relations Committee are to promote and support international cooperation to promote the standards of practice in medical physics and professional conduct.

Purpose. The various programs of AAPM and IOMP developed over many decades will be presented. The AAPM international outreach programs will be described. The opportunities for collaboration will be explored.

Method & Materials. Many of the AAPM programs, including the Partner in Physics (PIP), International Affiliate, Developing Country Educational Associate, and International Library (ILP), are intended to assist the medical physics community in developing countries to have access to the latest literature and other information to improve the quality of medical physics practice. Other programs, including the Delegates to IOMP, the Liaisons to countries in all regions, and the International Portal are serving as the global link for medical physicists. Since 1992, IAC raised funding to deliver the International Scientific Exchange Program (ISEP) courses in developing countries.

Results. Recently, AAPM has provided budgets for two ISEP courses every year, and created the International Educational Activities Committee to take over the program under the Education Council. All medical physics organizations in developing countries are encouraged to host such courses in partnership with AAPM. Since about ten years ago, the IOMP banner started to appear in the ISEP certificates presented to all participants.

Conclusions. This joint activity in education will continue to improve the quality of medical physics globally. This and other opportunities for collaboration between the two organizations, including the ILP, PIP, Exchange Scientist Program, and Equipment Donation Program will be explored in this presentation.

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