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  Therapy Posters Sunday
Therapy General Poster Discussion 3:00:00 PM - 6:00:00 PM  Room: Exhibit Hall

SU-E-T-1 Applications of 6MV FFF Photon Beams in Optimizing Radiobiological Response for Respiratory-Gated Liver SBRT
T. Karan*, V. Moiseenko, B. Gill, R. Horwood, A. Minchinton
SU-E-T-2 Radiobiological Comparison of Two Treatment Schemas in IMRT Prostate Radiotherapy
T. García Hernández*, A. Vicedo González, D. Granero Cabañero, L. Brualla González, J. Rosello Ferrando, J. Pastor Peidro, J. Lopez Torrecilla
SU-E-T-3 Justification and Feasibility of Neural Stem Cell Sparing in Whole Brain Irradiation Using VMAT
T. Phillips*, L. Martin, H. Kornblum, L. Xing
SU-E-T-4 Repair Kinetics of Sublethal Damage in Rat Cervical Spinal Cord - Application of the GLQ Model Incorporating Reciprocal Time Pattern
Z. Huang*, N. Mayr, S. Lo, R. McLawhorn, M. Gao, T. Liu, G. Jia, W. Yuh
SU-E-T-5 Comparing DNA Strand Break Yields for Photons Under Different Irradiation Conditions with Geant4-DNA
P. Pater*, M. Bernal, I. El Naqa, J. Seuntjens
SU-E-T-6 A Mathematical Explanation to Tumor's Response to Perfusion and Hypoxic Fraction After Radiation
Y. Yan*, M. Kissick, J. Bussink, S. Jacques, A. van der Kogel, D. Campos, D. Zhao
SU-E-T-7 Edema Induced Changes in Tumor Cell Survival Fraction and Tumor Control Probability in 131Cs Permanent Prostate Implant Patients
T. Kehwar*, M. Huq, R. Smith
SU-E-T-8 Simple Governing Equations for Tumor Growth
Y. Watanabe*, E. Dahlman
SU-E-T-9 Empirical Evidence for Decreased Cell Survival in Flattening Filter Free Beams
U. Langner*
SU-E-T-10 Monte Carlo Study of the Dose Enhancement Factor (DEF) for Gold Nano-Particle (GNP) On the Cellular Level
M. Zhang*, S. Qin, B. Haffty, N. Yue
SU-E-T-11 LINAC Dose Profiling Using Cherenkov Emission Imaging
A. Glaser*, D. McClatchy, S. Davis, D. Gladstone, B. Pogue
SU-E-T-12 Radiation Detector Responses to Applied Homogeneous Transverse and Parallel Magnetic Fields
M. Reynolds*, S. Rathee, S. Vidakovic, B. Fallone
SU-E-T-13 Comparison of Dose Rates with and Without Gold Backing of USC #9 Radioactive Eye Plaque Using MCNP5
P. Aryal*, J. Molloy
SU-E-T-14 Modeling of 3D Positron Emission Activity Distributions Induced by Proton Irradiation: A Semi-Empirical Method
O. Tirpak*, Z. Su, Z. Li, W. Hsi, O. Zeidan, S. Meeks
SU-E-T-15 Small and Nonstandard Photon Field Dosimetry Characterization Using Monte Carlo Methods
S. Junell*, L. DeWerd
SU-E-T-16 Statistical Variability and Confidence Intervals for Planar Dose QA Pass Rates
D. Bailey*, B. Nelms, L. Kumaraswamy, K. Attwood, M. Podgorsak
SU-E-T-17 Comparison of MCNP5 Calculations in the Buildup Region with Plane Parallel Ionization Chamber Measurements for 6 and 18 MV Photon Beams
H. Abbas*, J. Satti,, C. MacDonald
SU-E-T-18 Output Dependence On Dose Rate for Uniform Scanning Proton Beams
E. Ramirez*, Y. Zheng
SU-E-T-19 Fitting a Multiple Source Photon Model for Monte Carlo Treatment Plan Verification
A. Ventura*, J. Shih, J. Svoboda
SU-E-T-20 Removal of Electron Contamination in Longitudinal Field MRI-Linac Systems: A Monte Carlo Study
B. Oborn*, P. Metcalfe, M. Butson, S. Crozier, P. Keall
SU-E-T-21 Modeling a MLC Scatter Source for In-Air Output Factors
S. Park*, S. Kim, Y. Park, J. Park, J. Kim, H. Kim, C. Choi, S. Ye
SU-E-T-22 Is the Residual Range a Universal Quantity to Specify the Quality of Modulated Proton Beams?
D. Granville*, M. Chequers, G. Sawakuchi
SU-E-T-23 TomoTherapy Patient QA Using Exit Detector Measurement of Pre-Treatment In-Air Delivery
Q. Chen*, L. Levinson, K. Ding, P. Read, S. Benedict
SU-E-T-24 Development and Implementation of An Automated Algorithm to Determine Radiation Isocenter, Radiation Vs. Light Field Coincidence, and Analyze Strip Tests
D. Hyer, C. Mart*
SU-E-T-25 Real Time Simulator for Designing Electron Dual Scattering Foil Systems
R. Carver*, K. Hogstrom, M. Price, G. Harris, J. LeBlanc
SU-E-T-26 Evaluation of New Pre-Treatment In-Air Patient Specific QA Software for TomoTherapy Treatments
L. Levinson*, Q. Chen, K. Ding, W. Renner, S. Benedict, P. Read
SU-E-T-27 A New Tool for HDR Brachytherapy Treatment QA
B. Isaak, D. Frauchiger, P. Manser, M. Fix, D. Terribilini*
SU-E-T-28 Accelerated Event-By-Event Microdosimetry Monte Carlo Simulations of Low Energy Electron and Proton On a CUDA-Enabled GPU
G. Kalantzis, H. Tachibana, L. Vazquez Quino, Y. Lei*
SU-E-T-29 Modeling Primary Off-Axis Ratio and Off-Axis Beam Softening Effects
X. Liang*, T. Zhu
SU-E-T-30 Monte Carlo Calculated Detector Corrections K(Q, F-Clin) for Determination of Output Factors for the Leksell Gamma Knife
H. Benmakhlouf*, J. Johansson, P. Andreo
SU-E-T-31 Dosimetric Evaluation of Radiation Therapy Techniques for Early Stage Glottic Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC): Three Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy (3D CRT), Step-And-Shoot Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT)
T. De La Fuente Herman*, C. Matthiesen, H. Singh, C. Higby, H. Ortega, C. Bogardus, J. Thompson, T. Herman, S. Ahmad
SU-E-T-32 The Use of Monte Carlo Method as An Independent Dose Verification Calculation Tool for TomoTherapy
Q. Chen*, K. Ding, L. Levinson, P. Read, S. Benedict
SU-E-T-33 Prediction of Exit Dose Images Using XVMC and BEAMnrc Monte Carlo Code
G. Deshazer*, J. Yoon, J. Kim, I. Yeo, J. Jung
SU-E-T-34 Three-Dimensional Dose/MU Verification Tool for Cyberknife Radiotherapy Plans
P. Dvorak*
SU-E-T-35 Optimal Clinical Megavoltage X-Ray Beam Quality for Contrast Enhanced RT (CERT)
P. Tsiamas*, E. Sajo, F. Cifter, K. Theodorou, K. Kappas, M. Makrigiorgos, K. Marcus, P. Zygmanski
SU-E-T-36 Comprehensive End to End Data Transfer Integrity Check of Delivery Parameters Using TrueBeam Trajectory Log Files Analysis
B. Sun*, D. Rangaraj, D. Yang, S. Yaddanapudi, G. Palaniswaamy, H. Wooten, S. Mutic, L. Santanam
SU-E-T-37 Evaluation of Software Systems That Estimate Patient Dose Errors Based On Planar IMRT QA Measurements
M. Bakhtiari*, A. Parniani, F. Lerma, S. Reynolds, J. Jordan, A. Sedaghat, M. Sarfaraz, J. Rodgers
SU-E-T-38 Are the Calculation Methods for Determining Tissue-Maximum Ratios From Percent Depth Dose Valid for Flattening Filter-Free Photon Beams?
E. Kinsey*, M. Guerrero, K. Prado, B. Yi
SU-E-T-39 Implementation of Doppler Broadening in MCNP5
L. Bartol*, L. DeWerd
SU-E-T-40 R&V System Direct-Accessing MU Second Check Tool
R. Sheu*, Y. Lo
SU-E-T-41 2D Vs 3D Gamma Analysis: Establishment of Comparable Clinical Action Limits
K. Pulliam*, R. Bosca, J. O'Daniel, D. Followill, S. Kry
SU-E-T-42 Penumbral Width Calculation for Flattening Filter Free Beam 7MV and Flattened Beam 6MV Using Inflection Point
S. Sinha*, G. Yadav, S. Ashokkumar, K. Raman, R. Thiyagarajan, N. Arunai Nambiraj, M. Mishra
SU-E-T-43 The Effects of Image Resolution and Noise On the Gamma Dose Distribution Comparison Method for IMRT QA
J. Huang*, K. Pulliam, D. Followill, S. Kry
SU-E-T-44 A Systematic Approach to Statistical Analysis in Dosimetry and Patient Specific IMRT Plan Verification Measurements
S. Qin, M. Zhang, S. Kim, T. Chen, L. Kim, B. Haffty, N. Yue*
SU-E-T-45 Can We Model Proton Beam Output Factors Accurately Without Measurements?
Y. Zheng*, E. Ramirez, O. Zeidan, B. Harris, N. Schreuder
SU-E-T-46 M.D. Anderson Prostate Seed Implant Dose Calculator
A. Anand*, W. Du, H. Chung, S. Frank, T. Pugh, R. Kudchadker
SU-E-T-47 Impact of Treatment Couch On Beam Attenuation
A. Khan*, L. Kim, N. Yue
SU-E-T-48 Validation of a Second MU Calculation Program for Proton Treatment
a. dimofte*, J. Finlay, S. Both, T. Zhu
SU-E-T-49 Verification of the Monte Carlo Model in the BrainLAB IPlan System for Clinical Applications
Z. Wang*, E. Galhardo, Y. Zhu, R. Zakikhani, C. Luo
SU-E-T-50 The Determination of Conformation Number (CN) for IMRT Plan Evaluation
E. Van Wie*, Z. Xu
SU-E-T-51 Evaluation of Velocity Dependent Positional Error of Dynamic Multi Leaf Collimator During VMAT Delivery Using a Well Defined Mathematical Function
A. Manikandan, b. sarkar*, M. Nandy, N. Sujatha, S. Mallik, J. Goswami
SU-E-T-52 Independent Dose Verification System for Spot Scanning Proton Therapy
Y. Li*, M. Lii, H. Li, M. Taylor, X. Li, X. Zhu, N. Sahoo, M. Gillin, X. Zhang
SU-E-T-53 3D Dose Measurements Using the Planned Dose Perturbation Technique (PDP) for the Evaluation of Head and Neck VMAT Treatment
S. Koren*, R. Price, I. Veltchev, M. Lin, J. Fan, C. Ma
SU-E-T-54 A Methodology for Monte Carlo Simulation Time Reduction in Dose Calculation for Reference Dosimetry
C. Reis*, P. Nicolucci
SU-E-T-55 Verification of Leksell GammaPlan Treatment Plans for Extend Frame Fractionated Treatments Using Gamma Knife Perfexion
M. White*, S. Yaddanapudi, R. Drzymala
SU-E-T-56 Energy Spectrum Inference of X-Rays From a Linac
J. Kotoku*, T. Kobayashi, N. Arai, T. Hatakeyama, S. Kumagai, A. Haga
SU-E-T-57 Estimation of Uncertainty in Dose Delivery Due to MLC Position Inaccuracies by Inverse Derivative Method During Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Delivery by Elekta Beam Modulator
b. sarkar*, M. Nandy, A. Manikandan, P. Basu, N. Sujatha, D. Roy, P. Senthilkumar, S. Roy, S. Sinha Roy, A. Roy, S. Basu, K. Bhattacharya
SU-E-T-58 Specific Patient Exit Dose Verification Base On Treatment Planning System and Experimental Data
S. Saboori*, M. Schmidt, R. Mueller, M. Mohammadi
SU-E-T-59 A Computer Program for Second Physics Manual Calculations in HDR Brachytherapy
A. Ayan*, J. Woollard, N. Gupta
SU-E-T-60 Development and Validation of a TOPAS Model of a Spot Scanning Proton Therapy Nozzle
D. Granville*, M. Chequers, K. Suzuki, G. Sawakuchi
SU-E-T-61 Improvements to Ion Chamber Array Spatial Resolution at Extended SSD
K. Tierney*, M. Morales, C. Coffey, G. Ding
SU-E-T-62 Modeling Influence Factors of Al2O3:C Optically Stimulated Luminescence Detectors (OSLDs) Exposed to Radiotherapy Beams
G. Sawakuchi*, A. Omotayo, E. Yukihara
SU-E-T-63 Small Field Verification with a New 2D Liquid Ionization Array
L. Brualla González*, J. Pardo-Montero, T. García Hernández, D. Gónzales-Castaño, A. Vicedo González, A. Pazos, D. Granero, M. Zapata, A. Gago-Arias, J. Rosello Ferrando, F. Gomez
SU-E-T-64 Is Correction for the Sag of EPID Panel Necessary for Proper Evaluation of Picket Fence Test in Dynamic Mode?
R. Sadagopan*, J. Kerns
SU-E-T-65 Dose Enhancement Measurements at High-Z Dental Materials Using Radiochromic EBT-2 Films
A. Schoenfeld, D. Poppinga, B. Poppe*, N. Chofor
SU-E-T-66 A Particle-Counting Method to Determine Electron Stopping Powers
M. McEwen*, A. DuSautoy, G. Bass
SU-E-T-67 The Role of Different Luminescence Centers On the Dose Response of Al2O3:C OSLDs: A Systematic Investigation Using Continuous Wave and Pulsed OSL Readouts
D. Flint*, D. Granville, G. Sawakuchi
SU-E-T-68 Helical Tomotherapy DQA with ArcCHECK: Sensitivity to Possible Delivery Errors
A. Templeton*, W. Sensakovic, J. Chu, J. Turian
SU-E-T-69 A Novel Method Using Agfa-Kodak- Computer Radiography System for Routine Quality Assurance Tests On Linear Accelerators
A. Anand*, J. Kerns, W. Du, R. Kudchadker
SU-E-T-70 A Protocol for Comprehensive Acceptance/Commissioning of Complex 3D QA Devices
J. O'Daniel*, L. Ren, H. Yan, F. Yin
SU-E-T-71 A Time Dependent Model of a Passive Scattering Proton Therapy Nozzle Using TOPAS
M. Chequers*, D. Granville, K. Suzuki, G. Sawakuchi
SU-E-T-72 Microdosimetric Signal-To-Noise Comparison of Edge Detector and Small Ion Chamber
J. Kozelka*, D. Rayburn, T. Simon, A. Prabhu, B. Patadiya
SU-E-T-73 Off-Axis Dose and Dose Equivalent Due to Secondary Neutrons From Uniform Scanning Proton Beams
M. Islam*, E. Benton, Y. Zheng
SU-E-T-74 Assessing Effects of Ion Collection Efficiency in Flattening Filter-Free (FFF) Beams On Three TrueBeam Machines
Z. Chang*, Q. Wu, J. Adamson, L. Ren, J. Bowsher, H. Yan, A. Thomas, F. Yin
SU-E-T-75 Accurate Dose Measurements with EBT2 Film in Heterogeneous Media
H. JUNG*, O. Kum, J. Shin, Y. Han
SU-E-T-76 Dose Verification of IMRT Using Radiochromic Film with Triple Channel Correction Method
T. Matsunaga*, N. Hayashi, R. Yada, Y. Kato, R. Yamanaka, Y. Muraki, K. Yamada, H. Sai, M. Nozue
SU-E-T-77 Methods for Surface Dose Determination in Composite IMRT Patient Treatments
A. Zhuang*, A. Olch
SU-E-T-78 Feasibility Study On Use of Gafchromic EBT2 Film as An Absolute Dosimetry QA System for SBRT Treatment
W. Duggar*, C. Yang
SU-E-T-79 Commissioning of the ArcCHECK Phantom
R. Betancourt*, C. Chang, C. Goldberg, C. Mesina
SU-E-T-80 Long-Term Performance of a Multi Layer Ion Chamber (MLIC) for Proton QA
V. Devaraju*, R. Slopsema
SU-E-T-81 Development and Implementation of a Remote Audit Tool for High Dose Rate (HDR) Ir-192 Brachytherapy Using Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dosimetry
K. Casey*, P. Alvarez, A. Lawyer, S. Kry, R. Howell, S. Davidson, D. Followill
SU-E-T-82 Evaluation of Two Detector Arrays for Treatment Gantry Angle Specific IMRT Quality Assurance
A. Plypoo*, U. Langner, J. Molloy, E. Johnson
SU-E-T-83 Ultra-Violet Annealing of Optically Stimulated Luminescent Dosimeter
K. Lam*, C. Lee
SU-E-T-84 TrueBeam Commissioning: A Multi-Institutional Experience
M. Bellon*, C. Glide-Hurst, C. Altunbas, R. Foster, M. Speiser, M. Altman, D. Westerly, M. Miften, I. Chetty, T. Solberg
SU-E-T-85 Dose Rate and Energy Dependence of EBT, EBT2, EDR2 Films, and Mapcheck2 Diode Arrays in Beam Profiles From a Varian TrueBeam System
S. Oyewale*, S. Ahmad, I. Ali
SU-E-T-86 Development and Implementation of the Use of Optically Stimulated Luminescent Detectors in the Radiological Physics Center Anthropomorphic Quality Assurance Phantoms
J. Bergene*, S. Kry, A. Molineu, D. Bellezza, L. Court, P. Alvarez, V. Johnson, D. Followill
SU-E-T-87 The Effect of Bleaching Wavelengths On the Regeneration of the Optically Stimulated Luminescence Signal of NanoDot Dosimeters Pre-Exposed to High-Doses
A. Omotayo*, J. Cygler, G. Sawakuchi
SU-E-T-88 Evaluating Gantry Sag On Linear Accelerators and Introducing An MLC-Based Compensation Strategy
W. Du*, S. Gao, X. Wang, R. Kudchadker
SU-E-T-89 Characterization of Dental Restoration Material for Cs-137 Radiation Dosimetry
S. Ratliff*, B. Gustafson, K. Barry
SU-E-T-90 Investigation of Different Bleaching Wavelengths On the Absorbed-Dose Sensitivity of NanoDot OSLDs Exposed to 6 MV X-Ray Beams
A. Omotayo*, J. Cygler, G. Sawakuchi
SU-E-T-91 Validation of Geant4 Physics for Ionization Chamber Calculations in Radiotherapy Photon Beams
M. Chequers*, G. Sawakuchi
SU-E-T-92 On the Use of High-Sensitivity Thermoluminescent Dosimeters (TLDs) for Dosimetric Characterization of Low-Energy Brachytherapy Sources
Z. Chen*, P. Bongiorni, W. Donahue, R. Hearn, J. Rodgers, R. Nath
SU-E-T-93 High Dynamic Range Scanning for Optical-CT in 3D Dosimetry
M. Niebanck*, J. Newton, T. Juang, M. Oldham
SU-E-T-94 Multileaf Collimator Performance and Validation of Quality Control Tolerances
D. Letourneau*, K. Wang, B. Norrlinger, A. Nurul, P. Homer, P. Lee, D. Jaffray
SU-E-T-95 Investigation of 3D Dosimetry for An Anthropomorphic Spine Phantom
R. Grant*, G. Ibbott, J. Yang, J. Adamovics, D. Followill
SU-E-T-96 Energy Dependence of the New GafChromic- EBT3 Film's Dose Response-Curve
S. Chiu-Tsao*, G. Massillon-JL, I. Domingo-Muñoz, M. Chan
SU-E-T-97 Intra and Inter Variability in Beam Data Commissioning Among Water Phantom Scanning Systems
I. Das*, C. Chu, J. Conlon, D. Neck, J. Gibbons
SU-E-T-98 Towards Cell Nucleus Microdosimetry: Construction of a Confocal Laser-Scanning Fluorescence Microscope to Readout Fluorescence Nuclear Track Detectors (FNTDs)
C. McFadden*, J. Bartz, M. Akselrod, G. Sawakuchi
SU-E-T-99 Small Field Output Factor Measurement Using MAGIC Gel Dosimeter in 3T MRI
X. Ding*, J. Bourland, W. Dolesh, R. Best, I. Mcgowin, J. Liu
SU-E-T-100 How to Improve the Dose Accuracy for Gantry Angle Dependent Patient Specific IMRT QA Using 2D Ion Chamber Array with Octavius Phantom
D. Choi*, P. Nookala, B. Patyal
SU-E-T-101 Dosimetry Intercomparison for a Synchrotron-Produced Monochromatic X-Ray Beam
T. Brown*, K. Hogstrom, D. Alvarez, K. Ham, K. Matthews
SU-E-T-102 Evaluation of the Characteristics of TLD LiF:Mg.Ti-100 Powder: A Measure of Consistency Between Multiple Batches of Powder
P. Alvarez*, J. Aguirre, S. Smith, D. Followill
SU-E-T-103 Three-Dimensional Measurements of Dose and LET From a Proton Beam Via Polymer Gel Dosimetry
K. Vredevoogd*, G. Ibbott, M. Gillin, N. Sahoo, S. Kry, K. Gifford, M. Maryanski
SU-E-T-104 Commissioning and Dosimetric Characteristics of TrueBeam System: Composite Data of Three TrueBeam Machines
Z. Chang*, Q. Wu, J. Adamson, L. Ren, J. Bowsher, H. Yan, A. Thomas, F. Yin
SU-E-T-105 The LET Dependence of Liquid Ionization Chambers (LICs) in High-LET Beams
S. Tegami*, F. Gomez, D. Gónzales-Castaño, O. Jaekel, J. Pardo-Montero, M. Holzscheiter
SU-E-T-106 Evaluation of Sensitivity and Uniformity of New Radiochromic Film with Two Commercial Scanners
T. Kamomae*, Y. MIyabe, A. Sawada, M. Oita, T. Fujimoto, S. Yano, M. Nakata, S. Nakayama, M. Hiraoka
SU-E-T-107 Uncertainty Estimate of a Practical EBT-2 Film Dosimetry Approach: Transpose-And-Scan Technique
J. Kim*, Y. Huang, K. Chin, M. Bellon, C. Glide-Hurst, C. Smith, M. Altman, H. Li, S. Kim, A. Gopal, C. Liu, I. Chetty
SU-E-T-108 3D Measurement of Neutron Dose From a Novel Neutron Imaging Technique
A. Kapadia*, A. Crowell, B. Fallin, C. Howell, G. Agasthya, M. Lakshmanan, J. Newton, T. Juang, M. Oldham
SU-E-T-109 An Evaluation of a Newly Available Portal Dosimetry QA Tool for SRS Dynamic Arc and VMAT
G. Luo*, J. Crass, M. Morales, G. Ding
SU-E-T-110 Small Electron Field Surface Dosimetry Using Solid State Detectors
S. Tanny*, B. Gautam, D. Pearson, E. Parsai
SU-E-T-111 Single Line Multi-Detector Scintillation Dosimetry: Demonstration of Feasibility
G. Jozsef*, M. Pagliazzi, I. Saxena, J. De Wyngaert
SU-E-T-112 Experimental Characterization of a Novel Thermal Reservoir for Consistent and Accurate Annealing of High-Sensitivity TLDs
W. Donahue*, P. Bongiorni, R. Hearn, J. Rodgers, R. Nath, Z. Chen
SU-E-T-113 Volume Effect Correction Factor KV for Small-Field Photon Dosimetry with Ionization Chambers
H. Looe*, T. Stelljes, D. Harder, B. Poppe
SU-E-T-114 Characterization of the Spatial Response Functions of Ionization Chambers for Photon Beam Dosimetry
H. Looe*, T. Stelljes, D. Harder, B. Poppe
SU-E-T-115 A Novel Cylindrical 3D Water Scanner for Beam Data Collection: II. Dosimetric Characteristics
J. Li*, G. Yan, B. Lu, Y. Huang, C. Liu
SU-E-T-116 The Water Equivalence of Organic Liquid Scintillators for Proton Dosimetry
S. Ingram*, D. Robertson, S. Beddar
SU-E-T-117 A Point Densitometer Scanner For EBT2 Film Dosimetry
T. Hrinivich*, M. Jensen, E. Wong
SU-E-T-118 Characterization of EBT3 Films in Photon and Proton Beams
J. Sorriaux*, S. Rossomme, A. Kacperek, D. Bertrand, S. Vynckier, E. Sterpin
SU-E-T-119 Evaluation of New VMAT and IMRT Planning QA Devices: Portal Dosimetry Vs Compass
O. Kum*, H. Shin, Y. Han
SU-E-T-120 Minimum Absorbed Dose Limit for Gafchromic EBT2 Film Response After Exposure to Low-Energy Photons
G. Massillon-JL*, I. Domingo-Muñoz, P. Díaz-Aguirre
SU-E-T-121 Investigating the Optimal Scanning Resolution for Radiochromic EBT-2 Films Using An Epson 10000XL Flatbed Scanner
A. Schoenfeld, D. Poppinga, N. Chofor, B. Poppe*
SU-E-T-122 Dose Response Analysis of Radiochromic Films in Regions of Low Dose Using Separation Color Components
G. Marini*, P. Nicolucci
SU-E-T-123 Understanding the Meaning of IMRT QA Passing Rates with a 2D Diode Array
A. Perez-Andujar*, O. Morin, C. Chuang, J. Pouliot
SU-E-T-124 A Modified Winston Lutz Test Enabling Beam to Laser Angle Measurements
p. haering*, C. Lang, A. Schwahofer, G. Echner
SU-E-T-125 High-Resolution Linear Diode Array for Use in Stereotactic Beam Commissioning
J. Gersh*, S. Lovell, M. DeWeese
SU-E-T-126 Non-Reference Condition Correction Factor KNR of Typical Radiation Detectors for the Dosimetry of High-Energy Photons
N. Chofor, B. Poppe*, D. Harder
SU-E-T-127 Feasibility Study for Using a 2D Array Detector for All Beam Measurements in Monthly Quality Assurance Procedure for a Uniform Scanning Proton Therapy System
M. Rains*, A. Mascia, E. Ramirez, Y. Zheng, X. Ding, D. Neuenschwander, B. Harris
SU-E-T-128 Dosimetric Characteristics of Gafchromic EBT3 Films for Megavoltage Photon and Proton Beams
N. Hayashi*, H. Kato, R. Yada, T. Matsunaga, I. Ehara, Y. Adachi
SU-E-T-129 Rescaling of IMRT Verification Deviations From Detector Arrays Into the Patient
B. Poppe*, H. Looe, G. Heilemann, D. Harder
SU-E-T-130 IMAT Patient Specific Quality Assurance Using ArcCHECK Diode Array Detector
R. Thiyagarajan*, S. Sinha, G. Yadav, S. Ashokkumar, K. Raman, M. Mishra, N. Arunai Nambiraj
SU-E-T-131 Influence of Scanning Speed On Measurements of Field Flatness and Symmetry of Photon Beams
I. Buzurovic*, S. Gardner, M. Studenski
SU-E-T-132 Investigation of Photon and Proton Overlapping Fields in PRESAGE- Dosimeters
M. Carroll*, G. Ibbott, R. Grant, J. Adamovics, M. Gillin
SU-E-T-133 Isocenter Measurements with the Winston-Lutz Test: Impact On Treatment Planning
A. Templeton*, J. Chu, J. Turian
SU-E-T-134 Patient Specific Quality Assurance of RapidArc Pre Treatment Plans Using Semiflex 0.125 Cc Ionization Chamber
S. Kumar*, P. Sukumar, S. Padmanaban, V. Nagarajan
SU-E-T-135 Investigation of Commercial-Grade Flatbed Scanners and a Medical-Grade Scanner for Radiochromic EBT Film Dosimetry
J. Syh*, B. Patel, J. Syh, H. Wu, L. Rosen, M. Durci, S. Katz, C. Sibata
SU-E-T-136 Comparison of TomoScanner™ 2D Water Phantom Versus IBA Helix for Tomotherapy Profile Measurements
B. Patel*, J. Syh, J. Syh, M. Durci, L. Rosen, S. Katz, H. Wu
SU-E-T-137 The Response of TLD-100 in Mixed Fields of Photons and Electrons
M. Lawless*, S. Junell, C. Hammer, L. DeWerd
SU-E-T-138 Quantification of Dwell Position Inaccuracy in Varian GammaMed HDR Titanium Ring Applicators
I. Iftimia*, E. Cirino, H. Mower, A. McKee
SU-E-T-139 Feasibility Study of Glass Dosimeter for in Vivo Measurement: Dosimetric Characterization and Clinical Application in Proton Beams
J. Lah*, D. Kim, S. Park
SU-E-T-140 A Study of Gafchromic EBT-3 Film for the Dosimetry of X-Ray Beams
I. Alnemi, R. Hill*
SU-E-T-141 Dosimetry and Error Analysis of HDR Brachytherapy Tandem Applicator Using A16 Microchamber and Monte Carlo Simulation
A. Amoush*
SU-E-T-142 Evaluation of the Energy Dependence of Gafchromic EBT3 Film for Electron Beams
T. Inoue*, S. Sugimoto, k. fukata, C. Kurokawa, S. Ozawa, K. Sasai
SU-E-T-143 Effect of Physical and Virtual Wedges On the Surface Dose at Various SSD for 6 and 15 MV Photon Beam
G. Yadav*, S. Sinha, S. Ashokkumar, K. Raman, M. Mishra, R. Thiyagarajan, R. YADAV
SU-E-T-144 Daily and Monthly Quality Assurance with TomoDose
J. Terrell*
SU-E-T-145 MRI Gel Dosimetry Applied to Dose Profile Determination for 50kV X-Ray Tube
M. Schwarcke*, T. Marques, P. Nicolucci, O. Baffa Filho
SU-E-T-146 Reference Dosimetry for Protons and Light-Ion Beams Based On Graphite Calorimetry
S. Rossomme*, H. Palmans, R. Thomas, N. Lee, M. Bailey, D. Shipley, L. Al-Sulaiti, P. Cirrone, F. Romano, A. Kacperek, D. Bertrand, S. Vynckier
SU-E-T-147 Film Dosimetry Verification for TSE Using An Epson Scanner
J. Timmerman*, K. Wang, S. Tang, T. Zhu
SU-E-T-148 An Optimizing Study of a New Multi Channel Virginal Cylinder Applicator in Brachytherapy
B. Patel*, J. Syh, J. Syh, H. Wu, L. Rosen
SU-E-T-149 Scatter Factors Comparison of 6MV Flattened and 7MV Unflattened Beams
S. Ashokkumar*, S. Sinha, G. Yadav, K. Raman, R. Thiyagarajan, N. Arunai Nambiraj
SU-E-T-150 The Basic Dosimetric Properties of NIPAM Polymer Gel Dosimeter
f. pak*, A. Farajollahi, z. Miabi
SU-E-T-151 Effect of Surface Dose and Depth of Maximum Dose with Physical Wedge Filters for 6MV Flattened and 7MV Unflattened Photon Beams
S. Ashokkumar*, S. Sinha, G. Yadav, K. Raman, R. Thiyagarajan, N. Arunai Nambiraj
SU-E-T-152 Development of a Phantom for Commissioning and Patient Specific QA for Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT)
R. Holla*, B. Pillai
SU-E-T-153 Detector-Grade CVD Diamond for Radiotherapy Dosimetry
S. Lansley, G. Betzel*, D. McKay, J. Meyer
SU-E-T-154 Online Dose Verification with Gafchromic Film for Fixed-Gantry and Rotational Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy: A Phantom Study
W. Hu*, J. Zhao, J. Ye, J. Peng, Z. Zhang
SU-E-T-155 Dose Response Curve of EBT2 and EBT3 Radiochromic Films to a Synchrotron-Produced Monochromatic X-Ray Beam
T. Brown*, K. Hogstrom, D. Alvarez, K. Ham, J. Dugas, K. Matthews
SU-E-T-156 Robust Algorithms for Correction of Predicted Electronic Portal Imager Response
D. Bailey*, L. Kumaraswamy, M. Podgorsak
SU-E-T-157 Reproducibility of CVD Diamond Detectors for Radiotherapy Dosimetry
G. Betzel*, S. Lansley, D. McKay, J. Meyer
SU-E-T-158 Neutron Damage of Power Electronics Used During Image Guidance in Proton Therapy
K. Riley*, E. Cascio
SU-E-T-159 Sensitivity of in Line Real Time Scintillating Fiber Detectors for External Beam Treatment Verification and Patient Safety
E. Izaguirre*, S. Price, S. Smajlovic, S. Yaddanapudi, H. Wooten, S. Mutic
SU-E-T-160 Response of EBT2 Gafchromic Film to Possible Stresses Associated with In Vivo Measures
J. Ashburn*
SU-E-T-161 SOBP Beam Analysis Using Light Output of Scintillation Plate Acquired by CCD Camera
S. Cho*, J. Shin, B. Min, K. Chung, D. Shin, Y. Lim, S. Park
SU-E-T-162 Rapid Assessment of Cyberknife IRIS Variable Collimator Performance Using a Commercial Diode Array
G. Gibbs, G. White*, G. Bulz
SU-E-T-163 Thin-Film Organic Photocell (OPV) Properties in MV and KV Beams for Dosimetry Applications
S. Ng*, J. Hesser, H. Zhang, S. Gowrisanker, S. Yakushevich, Y. Shulhevich, C. Abkai, L. Wack, P. Zygmanski
SU-E-T-164 Clinical Implementation of ASi EPID Panels for QA of IMRT/VMAT Plans
K. Hosier*, C. Wu, K. Beck, M. Radevic, D. Asche, J. Bareng, A. Kroner, J. Lehmann, M. Logsdon, S. Dutton, S. Rosenthal
SU-E-T-165 Protocol For Simplified Radiochromic Film Dosimetry
D. Lewis*, M. Chan, A. Micke, X. Yu
SU-E-T-166 Use of An In Vivo Dosimeter to Assess the Implications of Daily Prostate Rotations
M. Studenski*, S. Gardner, K. Yamoah, I. Buzurovic, T. Showalter, R. Den
SU-E-T-167 Comprehensive Evaluation of EPID Image Acquisition for Integrating and Temporal Dosimetry of Fixed-Gantry IMRT and ArcIMRT
I. Yeo*, J. Jung, B. Yi, B. Patyal
SU-E-T-168 Development of a Liquid Scintillation Detector for External Beam Dosimetry
D. Sinn*, M. MacKenzie
SU-E-T-169 Initial Investigation Into the Use of Optically Stimulated Luminescent Dosimeters (OSLDs) for In-Vivo Dosimetry of TBI Patients
S. Paloor*, T. Aland, J. Mathew, R. Hammoud, N. Al-Hammadi
SU-E-T-170 A Viable Approach to Patient Specific QA for Spine VMAT SRS Using EPID-Based Dosimetry
Y. Song*, P. Zhang, J. Li, C. Burman, M. Chan
SU-E-T-171 Missing Dose in Integrated EPID Images
B. King*, E. Seymour, K. Nitschke
SU-E-T-172 Ion Recombination Correction Factor in Medium Dose Rate for Advanced Markus Ionization Chamber
M. Ghorbanpour*, P. Martini, I. Simiantonakis
SU-E-T-173 TomoTherapy Treatment Couch Velocity Verification Using TomoDose
C. Chen*, T. Bichay
SU-E-T-174 Synopsis of the Experimental and Monte Carlo Calculated Values of the Radial EPOM Shift of Cylindrical Ionization Chambers for Photon-Beam Dosimetry
D. Harder*, H. Looe, B. Poppe
SU-E-T-175 A Study On Design and Fabrication of 25 * 25 Cm2 Beam Monitor for Scanning Carbon Beam
H. Lee*, T. Yang, C. Kim, H. Jang, S. Hong, H. Kim, J. Kim, D. Park, C. Kim
SU-E-T-176 Improved Collimator Scattering Factor (Sc) Measurements for Small Fields Using Build-Up Caps in Robotic Radiosurgery
S. Lee*, C. Tien, B. Curran, E. Sternick
SU-E-T-177 Deconvolution of Line Dose Profiles with Ionization Chambers - Experiences with the First Software Implementation in Mephisto 3.0
B. Poppe*, H. Looe, T. Stelljes, D. Harder
SU-E-T-178 Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) Dosimetry: A Study of A-Al2O3:C Assessed by PENELOPE Monte Carlo Simulation
P. Nicolucci, F. Schuch*
SU-E-T-179 MVCB Pelvic Surface Dosimetry
J. Mallah*, D. Mihailidis
SU-E-T-180 The Radiological Physics Center's Anthropomorphic Quality Assurance Phantom Program
C. Amador*, N. Hernandez, A. Molineu, P. Alvarez, D. Followill
SU-E-T-181 Development of a Single-Marker-Based Optical Tracking System to Enhance Patient Safety in Radiotherapy
G. Yan*, B. Lu, K. Mittauer, C. Liu, J. Li
SU-E-T-182 Delivery Verification of Tomotherapy Treatments Using Exit Detector Sinograms: A Phantom Study
V. Rodriguez*, S. Richardson, T. Ghosh, R. Kashani, S. Goddu
SU-E-T-183 Managing and Assessing Patients Receiving Radiotherapy with Implantable Cardiac Devices
J. Prisciandaro*, C. Fox, L. Horwood, J. Hayman, A. Makkar, J. Moran, F. Pelosi
SU-E-T-184 LINAC Commissioning Measurements Utilizing the Cylindrical Arc Check Phantom
M. Aristophanous*, P. Balter, M. Martel, N. Murray, L. Court
SU-E-T-186 An Automated Quality Assurance Tool for HDR Treatment Planning
C. Nelson*, K. Gifford, K. Kisling, E. Bloom, S. Kirsner
SU-E-T-187 Clinical Use of the Software for the Automation of Treatment Field Parameters Verification Prior to Radiation Delivery
S. Kriminski*, I. Lysiuk, P. Sansourekidou, D. Pavord
SU-E-T-188 Evaluation of a 3D Patient Relevant Dose QA Tool: Multiple Institutional Studies
A. Shiu*, M. Chan, H. Chung, H. Wang, D. Yan, K. Yang, X. Li, Y. Chang, S. Bai, Z. Qi, X. Deng
SU-E-T-189 Arc Splitting for VMAT Patient QA
J. Sweet*, N. Nicolaou
SU-E-T-190 Design, Development, and Evaluation of a Modified, Anthropomorphic, Head, Quality Assurance Phantom for Use in Stereotactic Radiosurgery
A. Faught*, S. Kry, D. Luo, A. Molineu, D. Bellezza, R. Gerber, S. Davidson, W. Bosch, J. Galvin, R. Drzymala, R. Timmerman, J. Sheehan, M. Gillin, G. Ibbott, D. Followill
SU-E-T-191 PITSTOP: Process Improvement Techniques, Software Tools, and Operating Principles for a Quality Initiative Discovery Framework
R. Siochi*
SU-E-T-192 Computer Vision for Final Online Treatment Parameter Verification
V. Stakhursky*, J. Finn, V. Kanumalla, I. Lysiuk, S. Kriminski
SU-E-T-193 Using Truebeam's Research Mode to Automate Mechanical Quality Assurance
K. Grantham*, D. Rangaraj, L. Santanam
SU-E-T-194 Evaluation and Simulation of Shallow Depth Skin Dose From Couch Top in Radiotherapy
K. Li*, A. Able, J. Newton, D. Cornell
SU-E-T-195 Experience in Implementing Intraoperative Radiation Therapy for Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation Using Low-Energy X-Ray Source
M. Morales*, G. Luo, G. Ding
SU-E-T-196 Commissioning for Volumetric Modulated Radiation Therapy On Varian Clinac 21EX
R. Yada*, N. Hayashi, T. Matsunaga, M. Nozue, H. Sai, K. Yamada, R. Yamanaka, Y. Kato, Y. Muraki
SU-E-T-197 A Comprehensive Variance Reporting System and An Analysis of Variances Reported at Our Institution
B. Miller*, M. Dickinson, T. Nurushev, R. Rasmusson, C. Smith, A. Orfali, N. Wen, A. Cormier, L. Gifford, J. Dragovic, B. Movsas, I. Aref, K. Levin, S. Ryu, M. Ajlouni, E. Walker, D. Pradhan, I. Chetty
SU-E-T-198 Patient Scheduling Monitor (PSM)-A New Tool for Radiation Therapy Patient Scheduling and Workflow Management in An Increasingly Digital Environment
H. Liu*, J. Kim, Z. Chen
SU-E-T-199 The Radiological Physics Center's Credentialing Dosimetry Reviews: Their Effect On Clinical Trial Deviation Rates
A. Hollan*, J. Lowenstein, H. Nguyen, F. Hall, J. Roll, I. Harris, D. Followill
SU-E-T-200 IMRT Patient Specific QA for On-Line Adaptive Radiotherapy
Z. Gao*, J. Wong, S. Merrick, M. Karim, M. Li
SU-E-T-201 Safety-Focused Customization of Treatment Plan Documentation
L. Schubert*, D. Westerly, K. Stuhr, M. Miften
SU-E-T-202 Comprehensive Quality Assurance Procedures for Uniform Scanning Proton Therapy Machines
Y. Zheng*, X. Ding, A. Mascia, W. Hsi, Y. Kang, E. Ramirez, O. Zeidan, N. Schreuder
SU-E-T-203 Development of a QA Software Tool for Automatic Verification of Plan Data Transfer and Delivery
G. Chen*, X. Li
SU-E-T-204 A Prototype of Dose-Guided Radiation Therapy
Q. Ren*, G. LI, Y. WANG, Y. WU
SU-E-T-205 MLC Predictive Maintenance Using Statistical Process Control Analysis
C. Able*, C. Hampton, A. Baydush, M. Bright
SU-E-T-206 Standardization in Documentation Format Can Significantly Reduce Manual Data Entry Error in Patient Chart
S. Zhou*, S. Chen, A. Wahl, C. Enke
SU-E-T-207 Flatness and Symmetry Threshold Detection Using Statistical Process Control
C. Able*, C. Hampton, A. Baydush
SU-E-T-208 The Secondary Malignancy Risk Estimation Due to the Neutron Contamination in 3D-CRT and IMRT Treatment Techniques by Using Bubble Detectors
f. biltekin*, G. Ozyigit, d. celik, m. yeginer, f. akyol, m. cengiz, f. yildiz
SU-E-T-209 Four-Dimensional Gamma Method for Dose-Guided Radiotherapy
Y. WANG*, G. LI, Q. Ren, Y. WU
SU-E-T-210 Surviving a Visit by The Radiological Physics Center
W. Grant*, j. mcgary, I. Rosen, P. Nitsch, S. Davidson
SU-E-T-211 Peer Review System for Ensuring Quality of Radiation Therapy Treatments
R. Kapoor*, P. Kapur, S. Kumar, D. Alex, S. Ranka, J. Palta
SU-E-T-212 Clinical Deployment of An Automatic Planning Interface for Overlap Volume Histogram Based Treatment Planning
J. Moore*, J. Herman, K. Evans, W. Yang, T. McNutt
SU-E-T-213 Development of a Web Wrapper to Facilitate Radiotherapy Research
M. Folkerts*, Y. Graves, Q. Gautier, G. Kim, X. Jia, S. Jiang
SU-E-T-214 Predicting Plan Quality From Patient Geometry: Feature Selection and Inference Modeling
D. Ruan*, W. Shao, J. DeMarco, P. Kupelian, D. Low
SU-E-T-215 A Technique for Treating Patients Outside the Mosaiq R&V System for TrueBeam Users (or 4DTC)
C. Nelson*, K. Gifford, P. Balter, K. Kisling, S. Kirsner
SU-E-T-216 TPS QC Supporting Program by a Third-Party Evaluation Agency in Japan
k. fukata*, T. Minemura, C. Kurokawa, T. Miyagishi, J. Itami
SU-E-T-217 Automated Data Mining of Lung SBRT Cases for Predicting Dosimetric Indices in Prospective Plans
T. Atwood*, L. Xing, D. Hristov
SU-E-T-218 The IHE-RO Helper Tool: Demonstrating the Connectivity Issues Solved by IHE-RO
R. Kapoor*, D. Yeung, S. Kumar, D. Alex, P. Kapur, J. Palta
SU-E-T-219 A Free and Open Source DICOM Solution: DicomPack
B. Zhang*
SU-E-T-220 A Web-Based Research System for Outcome Analysis of NSCLC Treated with SABR
A. Le*, Y. Yang, D. Michalski, D. Heron, M. Huq
SU-E-T-221 Evaluation of Technology Using Probabilistic Decision Models
M. Phillips*
SU-E-T-222 How to Define and Manage Quality Metrics in Radiation Oncology
A. Harrison*, K. Cooper, N. DeGregorio, A. Dicker, L. Doyle, Y. Yu
SU-E-T-223 High-Energy Photon Standard Dosimetry Data: A Quality Assurance Tool
J. Lowenstein*, S. Kry, A. Molineu, P. Alvarez, J. Aguirre, P. Summers, D. Followill
SU-E-T-224 Dose Distribution of Oesophagus Stents Measured by EBT2 Film Dosimetry
D. Poppinga, A. Schoenfeld, N. Chofor, B. Poppe*
SU-E-T-225 A Comprehensive Evaluation of Real-Time Motion Tracking of a Surface Imaging System for Lung Treatment
H. Jin*, Z. Su
SU-E-T-226 Clinical Implementation of a Gravity-Oriented Wedge for Total Body Irradiation
N. Koch*, C. Yount, K. Prado, S. Nelson, J. Jenrette, K. Vanek
SU-E-T-227 Re-Evaluation of Dose Distribution and Margins for IMRT Prostate Plans
W. He*, X. Wei, H. Hsieh, A. Harvey, W. Chen
SU-E-T-228 The Beauty and the Beast: Transition From Film/paper Charts to Paperless Environment with a New TrueBeam/ARIA System in a Small Community Hospital On a Tight Budget
K. Chu*, B. Rasmussen
SU-E-T-229 Monte Carlo Dosimetric Study of SAVI HDR Applicator for Partial Breast Irradiation
Z. Zhang*, K. Dou
SU-E-T-230 Field Factor Verification in Small Fields
Y. Jia*, H. Zhang, C. Desrosiers, I. Das
SU-E-T-232 Proton Source Modeling for Geant4 Monte Carlo Simulations
S. Barnes*, G. McAuley, A. Wroe, J. Slater
SU-E-T-233 Evaluation of Superficial Doses for Postmastectomy Radiotherapy
A. Shiau*, M. Chiu, T. Chen, J. Chiou, P. Shueng, S. Chen, W. Chen, W. Kuan
SU-E-T-234 LET Measurement Using Nuclear Emulsion and Monte Carlo Simulation for Proton Beam
J. Shin*, S. Cho, S. Park, J. Kwak, S. Kim, K. Morishima
SU-E-T-235 Dosimetry Study Within a Millimeter From Beam Exiting Air-Tissue Interface Using Film and Monte-Carlo Simulation On a Co-60 Beam
R. Tailor*, J. Yang
SU-E-T-236 Brachytherapy for Breast Cancer Patients with Implanted Pacemeker, Using Multi Lumen Partial Breast Applicator
D. Jacob*, J. Strasser
SU-E-T-237 Leading 25 in 25: A Bibliometric Analysis of Classics Articles in IMRT
G. Sayed*, A. Hebshi, S. Devic, B. Moftah
SU-E-T-238 Annual QA of Proton Gantry with Robotic Table
N. Wang*, A. Ghebremedhin, R. Simpson, B. Patyal
SU-E-T-239 In Vivo Dosimetry with Surface Diodes During Total Body Irradiation: A Patient Thickness Factor to Correct Midline Dose
M. Nyflot*, C. Holdsworth, A. Kalet, A. Chvetsov, G. Sandison
SU-E-T-240 Accuracy of Dose Attenuation Correction for a 6D Carbon Fiber Treatment Couch Using a Virtual Couch Technique Integrated Into a Treatment Planning System
K. Shioiri*, M. Kurooka, S. Yoshino, W. Maehana, M. Itou, Y. Kusano, S. Ide, M. Onodera, T. Nonaka, Y. Nakayama
SU-E-T-241 Proton Range Compared to the Treatment Planning Modeled Range
A. Tasson*
SU-E-T-242 Effect of Skull Surgical Clips and Bone Artifacts On Treatment Planning for Brain Tumors with Proton Beam
a. dimofte*, R. Lustig, M. Alonso-Basanta, A. Kassaee
SU-E-T-243 Dosimeter Parameters Comparison of TrueBeam, Trilogy, and IX Machines
R. Li, T. Xue, C. Song*
SU-E-T-244 High Spatial Resolution EBT2 Film Dosimetry
D. Poppinga, A. Schoenfeld, B. Poppe*, N. Chofor
SU-E-T-245 Survival Fractions for Head-And-Neck Cancer Derived From Tumor-Volume Variation Curves Using a 2-Level Cell Population Model
A. Chvetsov*, R. Stewart
SU-E-T-246 Preliminary Normal Tissue Complication Probability (NTCP) Analysis for Radiation Pneumonitis (RP) After Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT)
J. Grimm*, D. Palma, J. Xue, S. Senan
SU-E-T-247 Dose-Volummetrics in the Prediction of Pulmonary Function Changes After Radiotherapy in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
S. Zhu*, Y. Li, Z. Liu, Y. Cao, R. Qiu, J. Su
SU-E-T-248 An Extended Generalized Equivalent Uniform Dose Accounting for Dose-Range Dependency of Radio-Biological Parameters
A. Troeller*, M. Soehn, D. Yan
SU-E-T-249 Theoretical Analysis of the Effects Uncertainties Have On Treatment Outcomes
T. Harry*, M. Whitaker, T. Pawlicki
SU-E-T-250 Dose-Response Curves for the Esophagus
L. Court*, J. Wang, S. Lin
SU-E-T-251 Analysis of Irradiated Induced Lung Injury in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Treated by Three-Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy(3DCRT)
Z. Liu*, J. Su, W. Shen, Y. Li, S. Li, S. Zhu
SU-E-T-252 Consolidating Duodenal/Small Bowel Toxicity Data Via Iso-Effective Dose Calculations Based On Compiled Clinical Data
P. Prior*, A. Tai, B. Erickson, X. Li
SU-E-T-253 Assessing Small-Volume Cord Biological Effective Dose for Repeat Spinal Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Treatments
L. Ma*, A. Sahgal, N. Kirby, D. Larson
SU-E-T-254 Quantitative Evaluation of Three Mathematical Models for Radiation-Induced Secondary Cancer Risk for Lung in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
C. Han*, K. Nguyen, T. Schultheiss, J. Wong
SU-E-T-255 A Novel Rectal Obturator for Prostate Radiotherapy Improves the Spatial Distribution of Dose and Reduces the Predicted Risk for Rectal Bleeding and Subjective Sphincter Control
F. Buettner*, E. Alexander, H. McNair, L. Bulbrook, S. Gulliford, M. Partridge, D. Dearnaley
SU-E-T-256 Radiation Dose Responses for Chemoradiation Therapy of Pancreatic Cancer: An Analysis of Compiled Clinical Data Using Biophysical Models
I. Moraru*, A. Tai, B. Erickson, X. Li
SU-E-T-257 Risk of Radiogenic Second Cancer After Photon and Proton Craniospinal Irradiation
R. Zhang*, R. Howell, A. Giebeler, P. Taddei, A. Mahajan, W. Newhauser
SU-E-T-258 Assessment of Radiation Induced Second Cancer Risks in Proton Therapy and IMRT for Organs Inside the Main Radiation Field
H. Paganetti*, M. Moteabbed, B. Athar, J. Adams, U. Schneider, T. Yock
SU-E-T-259 A Statistical and Machine Learning-Based Tool for Modeling and Visualization of Radiotherapy Treatment Outcomes
J. Oh*, Y. Wang, A. Apte, J. Deasy
SU-E-T-260 Radiation Exposure Estimation for 131Cs Prostate Implant Patient Release Determination
M. Yang*, W. Du, S. Frank, T. Pugh, T. Bruno, R. Kudchadker
SU-E-T-261 Determination of Initial Exposure Rates and Clearance Constants in a Sequence of 165 Consecutive Thyroid Cancer Patients Undergoing NaI-131 Therapy
C. Pickering, J. Dykes, M. Domingo, D. Yamauchi, J. Patricko, L. Williams*
SU-E-T-262 Treatment Room Activation After 15 MV Single Fraction Radiation Treatments Delivered Using Varian's TrueBeam and Trilogy Linear Accelerators
M. Yan*, L. Fanchon, M. Williamson, M. Hunt, A. Kirov
SU-E-T-263 Luminescent Dosimetry to Measure the Out-Of-Field Low and High LET Dose Components in High Energy Photon and Proton Therapy Beams
C. Reft*
SU-E-T-264 New Concrete Designed and Evaluation for Megavoltage X Radiotherapy Facilities (CONTEK--RFH2)
M. Mera, L. Pereira, E. Meilán, F. Del Moral, A. Teijeiro, M. Salgado, B. Andrade, F. Gomez, V. Fuentes-Vázquez, J. Caruncho, A. Medina*
SU-E-T-265 Reducing Pacemaker Doses with a Lead Sheet: A Multi-Detector Study
A. Bourgouin*, N. Varfalvy, L. Beaulieu, L. Archambault
SU-E-T-266 Shielding Measurements for a Proton Therapy Facility
K. Risolo*, S. Avery, J. McDonough, M. Bartels, R. Maughan
SU-E-T-267 Construction and Evaluation of a Neutron Wall to Shield a 15 MV Linac in a Low-Energy Vault
M. Speiser*, F. Hager, R. Foster, T. Solberg
SU-E-T-268 Evaluation of Photoneutron Contamination in Elekta Synergy-S High-Energy Linear Accelerator and Indigenous Novel Solution: The AIIMS Experience
V. Subramani*, M. Singh, S. Sharma, R. Bisht, N. Gopishankar, G. Rath
SU-E-T-269 The Evaluation of Copper as An Alternative for Cerrobend Electron Shielding
A. Chu*, W. Feng, M. Ahmad, Z. Chen, R. Nath
SU-E-T-270 Optimized Shielding Calculations for Medical Linear Accelerators (LINACs)
W. Muhammad*, S. Lee, A. Hussain
SU-E-T-271 Irradiating a Single Hippocampus in a Small Rodent Using VMAT-RapidArc SRS: Preliminary Data
Y. Lin, C. Limoli, M. Acharya, L. Christie, O. Bosch, V. Kumar, M. Hamamura, D. Roa*
SU-E-T-272 Commissioning An Orthovoltage Unit Used for Radiobiology Research
R. Azimi*, P. Alaei, S. Hui
SU-E-T-273 Commissioning Motorized Jaws for a Micro-CT/RT
M. Jensen*, T. Hrinivich, M. Drangova, D. Holdsworth, J. Chen, E. Wong
SU-E-T-274 Monte Carlo Simulations of Output Factors for a Small Animal Irradiator
R. Pidikiti*, S. Stojadinovic, k. Song, M. Speiser, T. Solberg
SU-E-T-275 Dose Verification in a Small Animal Image-Guided Radiation Therapy X-Ray Machine: A Dose Comparison Between TG-61 Based Look-Up Table and MOSFET Method for Various Collimator Sizes
A. Rodrigues*, G. Nguyen, Y. Li, D. Kirsch, K. Roy Choudhury, S. Das, T. Yoshizumi
SU-E-T-276 Treatment Planning Strategies for Lung Injury Studies in Rat Models in 6 MV Delivery
M. Serban*, N. Ybarra, S. Lee, K. Jeyaseelan, J. Seuntjens, I. El Naqa
SU-E-T-277 Hypothesis and Design of An Integrated X-Ray/Bioluminescent Imaging (BLI) and Tomography (BLT) System for the Study of Radiation and Treatment in Small Animals
S. Eslami*, M. Patterson, J. Wong, I. Iordachita
SU-E-T-278 Study of MAGIC-F Gel and PENELOPE Code Simulation Response for Clinical Electron Beams
T. Pianoschi*, M. Alva-Sánchez, M. Santanna, D. César, P. Nicolucci, C. Reis
SU-E-T-279 A Novel Electron-Beam Combined with Magnetic Field Application for Radiotherapy
D. Alezra*, E. Nardi, S. Koren, D. Bragilovski, I. Orion
SU-E-T-280 Optimal Angle for a Dual-Field Stanford Technique for TSET
J. Timmerman*, K. Wang, S. Tang, T. Zhu
SU-E-T-281 Secondary Light-Ions in Carbon-Ion Therapy: A GEANT4 Simulation of LET and Dose Contributions
D. Johnson*, Y. Chen, S. Ahmad
SU-E-T-282 Preliminary Simulation Study for 3 Dimensional Dose Delivery in Carbon Beam Active Scanning System of KHIMA
C. Kim*, H. Kim, T. Yang, G. Han, H. Lee, H. Jang, J. Kim, D. Park, S. Hong
SU-E-T-283 Carbon Ion Therapy Innovations in Dosimetry and Dose Delivery
G. Cernica*, S. Mun
SU-E-T-284 Surface Dose Evaluation for Beams with and Without Flattening Filter in Breast Cancer Treatment
J. Xie*, W. Chen, Y. Cui, T. Giaddui, J. Galvin, Y. Yu, Y. Xiao
SU-E-T-285 Flatness as a Measure of Changes in Photon Energy for Megavoltage X-Ray Radiotherapy
S. Gao*, M. Rose, W. Simon, P. Balter
SU-E-T-286 Verification of Treatment Delivery Monitor Unit (MU) Calculation and Dose Estimation of Bilateral Total Body Irradiation (TBI)
S. Li*, J. Driewer, C. Lin
SU-E-T-287 Patterns of Patient Specific Dosimetry in Total Body Irradiation
Y. Akino*, K. McMullen, I. Das
SU-E-T-288 Skin Dose Measurement of Whole Brain with GAFCHROMIC EBT2 Films
Y. Jia*, H. Costlow, Y. Akino, Y. Peng, C. Desrosiers, H. Zhang
SU-E-T-289 On the Use of a Diode Array for the Commissioning of Dynamically-Wedged Asymmetric Fields Generated by Varian EDW's in the Pinnacle Treatment Planning System
M. Ahmad*, W. Liu, J. Deng, K. Nguyen, D. Wu, Z. Chen, M. Moran, R. Nath
SU-E-T-290 Dosimetric Verification of Helical Tomotherapy Against Experimental Measurements for Head and Neck Treatments
N. Lopez-Vilanova*, M. Bueno, D. Sevillano, C. Minguez, M. Ginjaume, A. Sanchez-Reyes, M. Duch
SU-E-T-291 Dosimetry of Double Scattered Proton Beam Fields Used for Cranio-Spinal Irradiation
X. Song*, N. Sahoo, R. Wu, M. Taylor, R. Georges, X. Zhu, P. Summers, M. Gillin
SU-E-T-292 New Technique for Developing Proton Range Compensator Using Three-Dimensional Printer
S. Ju*, M. Kim, C. Hong, D. Yim, J. Kim, D. Shin, Y. Han, J. Shin, E. Shin, S. Ahn, D. Choi
SU-E-T-293 The Potential Application of High Energy Proton Beam-Induced Positron for PET Imaging Technique
E. Kumi Barimah*, K. Shahnazi, P. Gueye
SU-E-T-294 Maximizing the Availability of Positron Emitting Nuclei for Proton Therapy Verification Using Different Beam Irradiation Sequences
M. Yagi*, D. Oxley, P. Dendooven, S. Brandenburg, M. Koizumi, T. Teshima
SU-E-T-295 Factors Affecting Accuracy in Proton Therapy
C. Cheng*, L. Zhao, Q. Zhao, V. Moskvin, J. Buchsbaum, I. Das
SU-E-T-296 Optimization of the Energy Selection System with Varying Magnetic Field for Laser-Accelerated Proton Beams
D. Kim*, S. Yoo, W. Cho, M. Kim, J. Jung, T. Suh
SU-E-T-297 Proton-Therapy System for Treatment of Macular Degeneration and Ocular Malignancies
R. Slopsema*, M. Mamalui-Hunter, D. Yeung, Z. Li
SU-E-T-298 Evaluation of the CNAO Spot Scanning Technique Based On the First Clinical Deliveries
S. Hosseini*, M. Donetti, M. Garella, S. Giordanengo, M. Lavagno, L. Capasso, R. Cirio, F. Marchetto, C. Peroni, R. Sacchi
SU-E-T-299 Proton Pencil Beam Spot Scanning Phase Space in the IBA System and the Clinical Implications for Superficial Targets
L. Lin*, C. Ainsley, D. Dolney, M. Closset, F. Dessy, O. De Wilde, R. Maughan, J. McDonough
SU-E-T-300 Monte Carlo Simulation of Single-Plane Magnetically Focused Narrow Proton Beams
G. McAuley*, S. Barnes, A. Wroe, J. Slater
SU-E-T-301 A Novel Daily QA Device for Proton Therapy
X. Ding*, Y. Zheng, A. Mascia, W. Hsi, Y. Kang, E. Ramirez, O. Zeidan, R. Foster, M. Gao, S. Laub, M. Pankuch, N. Schreuder, B. Harris
SU-E-T-302 A Simulation Study with Geant4 Investigating the Secondary Prompt Gamma Emissions From Incident 40 MeV Protons Onto Various Materials
A. lau*, Y. Chen, S. Ahmad
SU-E-T-303 Practical Considerations for Maximizing Heat Production in Novel Thermo-Brachytherapy Seed Prototype
B. Gautam*, D. Shvydka, E. Parsai
SU-E-T-304 Evaluation of Mammosite Multi-Lumen Rotation and Its Dosimetric Consequences
D. Wiant*, J. Terrell, J. Pursley, B. Sintay
SU-E-T-305 Limitations of Using DICOM Data for BrachyVision Treatment Plan Evaluation
B. Sun*, J. Kavanaugh, D. Yang, J. Garcia-Ramirez, S. Mutic, P. Grigsby, S. Richardson
SU-E-T-306 An Optimized Dosimetry Study Comparing a Multichannel Cylinder Versus Single Channel Cylinder in the Treatment of the Vaginal Cuff Or Vagina with High Dose Rate Brachytherapy
L. Rosen*, J. Syh, B. Patel, J. Syh, H. Wu
SU-E-T-307 Quantitative Assessment of the Source Attenuation for the New CT-Compatible Titanium Fletcher-Suit-Delclos (FSD) Gynecologic Applicator
N. Soni*, B. Gautam, D. Shvydka, E. Parsai
SU-E-T-308 Dosimetry of a New Minimally Invasive Episcleral Brachytherapy Device
R. Hamilton*, T. Cetas, J. Gordon, W. Lutz, L. Marsteller
SU-E-T-309 Dosimetric Study and Clinical Implementation of An HDR Applicator of SAVI for Partial Breast Irradiation
K. Dou*, F. Lerma, M. Jacobs, M. Ottinger, M. Seidel, M. Herchko, S. Reynolds
SU-E-T-310 Micro-Dosimetry Study of the Radiation Dose Enhancement at the Gold-Tissue Interface for Nanoparticle-Aided Radiation Therapy
N. PAUDEL*, D. Shvydka, E. Parsai
SU-E-T-311 Dose Perturbation Due to Thin Layers of High-Z in HDR Ir-192 Source Dose Delivery
H. Zhang*, I. Das
SU-E-T-312 Optically Stimulated Luminescent Dosimeter Performance in High Dose Rate Brachytherapy
C. Tien*, J. Hiatt, B. Curran, E. Sternick
SU-E-T-313 Probe-Type Experimental Dosimetry in Terms of Absorbed Dose to Water in Photon-Brachytherapy A Proposal for a Radiation-Quality Index
U. Quast*, T. Kaulich, G. Zakaria, A. Ahnesjö, J. Alvarez-Romero, D. Medich, F. Mourtada, A. Pradhan, M. Rivard
SU-E-T-314 Evaluation of Dosimetric Impact of Catheter-Position Uncertainty in Balloon High Dose Rate Brachytherapy of Breast Cancer
Y. Kim*, M. Trombetta
SU-E-T-315 Planning and Verification of CT-Based HDR Intraluminal Brachytherapy Treatment for Malignant Obstructive Jaundice
A. Svoboda*, Y. Lo, R. Sheu, V. DUMANE, K. ROSENZWEIG
SU-E-T-316 New Design of the Valencia Applicators to Reduce Radiation Leakage
D. Granero*, J. Vijande, J. Perez-Calatayud, J. Richart, F. Ballester
SU-E-T-317 Dynamic Modulated Brachytherapy (DMBT): Robotic Applicator Design
D. Han*, M. Webster, S. Devic, T. Vuong, D. Scanderbeg, W. Song
SU-E-T-318 Source Position Localization for ICBT Tandem & Ovoid Applicators Utilizing Oncentra Brachy Applicator Modeling
J. Kemp*, M. Price
SU-E-T-319 Monte Carlo Characterization of a New Directional Pd-103 High Dose Rate Source for Brachytherapy Application
A. Heredia*, A. Robinson, D. Henderson, B. Thomadsen
SU-E-T-320 A New Verification Phantom for GYN Brachytherapy Applicators Using GafChromic - Films
S. Gholami*, A. Meigooni, S. Mahdavi, H. Mirzaei
SU-E-T-321 Dynamic Modulated Brachytherapy
M. Webster*, S. Devic, T. Vuong, D. Scanderbeg, W. Song
SU-E-T-322 A Dosimetric Comparison of PBI Brachytherapy Techniques: SAVI, Contura, and Tube and Button Applicators
S. Park*, M. Kamrava, J. Demanes
SU-E-T-323 A CT-Based Monte Carlo Dose Calculation for Correction of Metal Artifacts Due to the Henschke Applicator
P. Yu*, T. Chao, C. Lee, C. Tung, C. Wu, H. Lee, H. Nien, P. Tu
SU-E-T-324 Evaluation of Prostate Volume and Shape Change After Permanent Prostate Brachytherapy Using Implanted Seed Displacement Analysis
Y. Le*, Q. He, J. Lee, D. Song
SU-E-T-325 Clinical Implementation Experiences of Low KV Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) Intrabeam System for Low Risk Breast Cancer Patients
D. Pokhrel*, J. David, W. Small, J. Hayes, J. Strauss, K. Bethke, V. Sathiaseelan
SU-E-T-326 Repeated CT-Scans in Pulsed Doserate Prostate Brachytherapy: Assessment of Deviations From the Treatment Plan
C. Koedooder*, A. Dinkla, B. Pieters, N. van Wieringen, R. van der Laarse, J. van der Grient, A. Bel
SU-E-T-327 Tracking Palladium Seeds Implanted in Prostate Using Shape Analysis Approach
Y. Zhai*, Y. Jiang, X. Papademetris, K. Roberts, R. Nath, Z. Chen
SU-E-T-328 Method for Verifying the Air Kerma Strength of Pre-Assembled I-125 Plaques for Ocular Melanoma
L. Zimmermann*, D. Wilkinson
SU-E-T-329 Measurement of I-125 Brachytherapy Dose in Lung
O. Gayou*, Y. Kim, M. Johnson, A. Colonias, D. Werts
SU-E-T-330 Evaluation of Prostate Edema and Seed Migration Via Seed Position Change From Consequent Post-Implant CT Scan in Prostate Brachytherapy
Y. Peng*, H. Zhang, C. Desrosiers, E. Slessinger, I. Das
SU-E-T-331 Geometric Variations Between Pre Planned and OR Planned Implant Procedures for Patients Undergoing I-125 Prostate Brachytherapy Seed Implantation
D. Pokhrel*, J. David, V. Sathiaseelan, J. Kalapurakal
SU-E-T-332 A Retrospective Review of Target Motion for Prostate IMRT Patients Using Calypso
M. Fredrickson*, L. Arvan, G. Courlas, L. Sweeney, D. Kaurin
SU-E-T-333 Immobilization for Proton Therapy - How Is It Different to Photon Therapy?
A. Wroe*, R. Schulte, J. Slater, J. Slater
SU-E-T-334 Clinical Implementation of Gating and Dose Verification with Scanned Ion Beams at HIT
N. Chaudhri*, D. Richter, M. Haertig, S. Ecker, B. Ackermann, J. Naumann, T. Haberer, C. Bert, D. Habermehl, K. Herfarth, M. Ellerbrock, O. Jaekel
SU-E-T-336 ICom - A Communication Interface for Quality Assurance in VMAT Treatment Delivery
S. Nicol*, C. Furstoss, W. Wierzbicki, P. Munger
SU-E-T-337 Dynamic Tomotherapy Delivery with Running-Start-Stop: Comparing to Conventional Tomotherapy and VMAT Deliveries
Y. Rong*, Y. Chen, Q. Chen, W. Lu
SU-E-T-338 Investigations of Fidelity of Dose Delivery at High Dose Rate of Flattening Filter Free (FFF) Beams in VMAT On TrueBeam™
G. Kalantzis*, J. Qian, B. Han, G. Luxton
SU-E-T-339 First Evaluation of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Delivery Accuracy During Real-Time Tracking Using a Gimbaled X-Ray Head of Vero4DRT (MHI-TM2000)
S. Utsunomiya*, Y. MIyabe, A. Sawada, T. Shiinoki, Y. Ishihara, N. Mukumoto, M. Nakamura, M. Yamada, H. Monzen, T. Mizowaki, M. Kokubo, M. Hiraoka
SU-E-T-340 Estimation of the Delivered Fractional and Accumulative Patient Dose in IMRT and VMAT
Y. Graves*, X. Zhen, G. Kim, Q. Gautier, Z. Tian, L. Cervino, M. Lambrecht, X. Jia, S. Jiang
SU-E-T-341 Characterization of a New Commercially Available System for Patient Specific IMRT/VMAT QA
S. Stathakis*, P. Myers, C. Esquivel, A. Gutierrez, P. Mavroidis, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-342 Evaluation of Volumetric Change and Dosimetric Discrepancy with Daily Cone-Beam CT for Patients with Head-And-Neck Cancer
H. Liu*, J. Greskovich, S. Koyfman, P. Xia
SU-E-T-343 Respiratory-Gated Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy for Lung SBRT with An Elekta Digital Accelerator: A Pre-Clinical Evaluation
G. Cui*, D. Housley, F. Chen, V. Mehta, D. Shepard
SU-E-T-344 Practicality of Pyroelectric X-Ray Sources for Grenz and Conventional Radiotherapy
M. Klopfer*, V. Satchouk, Y. Alivov, S. Molloi
SU-E-T-345 A Dosimetric Study of Spatially Fractionated Radiation (GRID) Using Linac Grid Block and Newly Designed Virtual TOMOGRID Template
X. Zhang*, J. Penagaricano, S. Sharma, R. Clarkson, M. Chao, X. Chen, E. Han, P. Corry, V. Ratanatharathorn, Y. Yan
SU-E-T-346 Clinical Results of 3D in Vivo Dose Verification of VMAT
B. Mijnheer*, I. Olaciregui-Ruiz, R. Rozendaal, J. Sonke, J. Stroom, R. Tielenburg, M. van Herk, R. Vijlbrief, A. Mans
SU-E-T-347 Evaluation of DQA Results Using a Super-Sampling Dose Calculation in Helical Tomotherapy
R. Rupolo, S. Wang*, Z. Xu, K. Deschesne, S. Chang, J. Lian
SU-E-T-348 Measurement-Guided 4D VMAT Dose Reconstruction On An Arbitrary Homogeneous Dataset
D. Opp, J. Robinson, B. Nelms, G. Zhang, V. Feygelman*
SU-E-T-349 Variation in VMAT QA Pass Rate Caused by Detector Setup Errors
T. Liu*, P. Rajaguru, G. Dieck, J. Edwards, R. He, Z. Huang, S. Vijayakumar, C. Yang
SU-E-T-350 Three Year Analysis Using Ionization Chamber Array for Patient Specific IMRT QA
M. Regan*, S. Stathakis, N. Nayebi, R. McKinsey, P. Myers, C. Knaup, L. Vazquez Quino, A. Gutierrez, C. Esquivel, P. Mavroidis, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-351 Investigation of Clinically Relevant Dose of Small Field Brain IMRT Using Planned Dose Perturbation
H. Jin*, I. Ali, V. Keeling, S. Ahmad
SU-E-T-352 Commissioning and Quality Assurance of the First Commercial Hybrid MRI-IMRT System
O. Pechenaya Green*, S. Goddu, S. Mutic
SU-E-T-353 Dosimetric Verification of Rectal Wall Sparing Effect in Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer Patients with and Without the Use of a Rectal Balloon
S. Lee*, J. Lee, H. Park, J. Park, T. Suh
SU-E-T-354 Comparative Evaluation of EBT2 Film, Matrixx and PTW729 for Patient Specific, Small-Field, High Dose IMRT Plans
S. Kim*, S. Stathakis, C. Esquivel, N. Papanikolaou, A. Gutierrez
SU-E-T-355 Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Treatment Quality Assurance Using An Ion Chamber Array and a Software-Modified Phantom
B. Han*, T. Phillips, G. Luxton
SU-E-T-356 Dose Response of a 2D Diode Array for Non-Primary Photon Radiation From a Dynamic MLC
A. Chu*, W. Feng, Z. Chen, R. Nath
SU-E-T-357 Error Detection with a 3D Patient Specific QA System
R. Rivest*, J. Alpuche Aviles, K. Nakonechny, J. Beck, B. McCurdy
SU-E-T-358 Penumbral Dose with Limited Scatter in Photon Beams with and Without Flattening Filter
S. Srivastava*, Y. Akino, C. Cheng, I. Das
SU-E-T-359 Comparison of Three Array Calibration Methods of MapCheck for Elekta Beam Modulator LINAC
T. Liu*, R. He, Z. Huang, S. Vijayakumar, C. Yang
SU-E-T-360 The Effect of Delivery Parameter Errors to the Patient Quality Assurance Result for RapidArc Treatment in Head-And-Neck Patients
J. Peng*, W. Hu, Z. Zhang
SU-E-T-361 Evaluation of a New Commercially Device for Patient Specific IMRT QA
S. Stathakis*, P. Myers, C. Esquivel, A. Gutierrez, P. Mavroidis, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-362 A Novel Technique to Evaluate 3D Dose Delivery to a Moving Tumor
K. Wijesooriya*, E. Aliotta, C. Geesey, S. Benedict, P. Read, J. Larner
SU-E-T-363 Sensitivity of ArcCheck to Delivery Errors in IMRT/VMAT Treatment
W. Yang*, R. Wallace, K. Huang, R. Cook, B. Fraass
SU-E-T-364 Verification of MLC Motion Error During IMRT/VMAT Delivery by Using An In-House Program
I. Ehara*, N. Hayashi, Y. Adachi, R. Yada, T. Matsunaga, H. Kato
SU-E-T-365 IMRT Monte Carlo Dose Calculations for a Novalis TX LINAC Equipped with HD-120 MLC
L. Vazquez Quino*, S. Stathakis, A. Gutierrez, C. Esquivel, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-366 Patient Specific IMRT Pre-Treatment Verification Using A Commercial Portal Dosimetry Software
V. Chandraraj*, E. Moretti, R. Manickam, R. Padovani
SU-E-T-367 A Method of Improving the Effective Spatial Resolution of IMRT QA for 2D Array Devices
J. Zhang*, W. Laub
SU-E-T-368 A Comparison of Small MU Sub-Field Dosimetry for Step-And-Shoot IMRT Fields On Varian IX and Truebeam Machines
J. Dolan*, R. Ambrose, E. Furhang, L. Harrison
SU-E-T-369 Evaluation of Dose Control System Performance On a TomoTherapy Hi-Art System
R. Staton*, J. Biddle, K. Langen, S. Meeks
SU-E-T-370 A Dynamic 3-D Dosimetry Phantom for Commissioning and QA of Gated RapidArc Radiotherapy Treatment
K. Cheung*, W. Lam, H. Geng, T. Leung, P. Wu, S. Yu
SU-E-T-371 Impact of Small MU/segment and High Dose Rate On Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) Delivery
L. Huang*, P. Xia, T. Zhuang, T. Djemil
SU-E-T-372 Optimal Selection of Plane and Alignment Based On Quantitative Evaluation Using Three-Dimensional (3D) Dose Data for IMRT and VMAT Dosimetry
H. Tachibana*, R. Takahashi, T. Umeda
SU-E-T-373 The Comparative Research of Monte Carlo Simulation Based Inhomogeneous Tissue Correction Algorithm
G. Li*, B. Yan, A. Wu, J. Jing, Q. Wang
SU-E-T-374 An Improved Leaf Sequencing Algorithm Based On MLC Shape Regulation
J. Jing, H. Lin, G. Li, J. Chow*
SU-E-T-375 Ion Recombination Correction Factors (Pion) for Varian TrueBeam High Dose Rate Therapy Beams
S. Kry*, R. Popple, A. Molineu, D. Followill
SU-E-T-376 Report On Use of a Methodology for Commissioning and Quality Assurance of a VMAT System
C. Mayo, L. Fong de los Santos*, J. Kruse, C. Blackwell, L. McLemore, D. Pafundi, J. Stoker, M. Herman
SU-E-T-377 Dose Calculation Accuracy of Various Commercially Available Algorithms for Treatment of Targets in Heterogeneous Media
J. Saini*, B. Mathews, E. Grant
SU-E-T-378 Dosimetry Comparison of VMAT and Tomotherapy Plans with Dose Painting in Brain Metastases
C. Yang*, N. Sheth, Y. Chen
SU-E-T-379 Assessment of the Dosimetric Significance of Isocenter Shift by Means of EPID QA
N. Papanikolaou*, L. Vazquez Quino, S. Stathakis, A. Gutierrez, C. Esquivel, H. Alkhatib
SU-E-T-380 Evaluation of Patient Specific Machine Delivery Performance Based On Analysis of Trajectory Log Files
V. Stakhursky*, T. Stanley, W. Yi
SU-E-T-381 Experimental Measurements of 3D Dose Distribution for a Moving Target Treated with IMRT and VMAT
H. Yan*, A. Thomas, M. Oldham, F. Yin
SU-E-T-382 An Analysis of VMAT Monthly Quality Assurance
J. Stenbeck*, S. Oves, W. Gebreamlak, H. Alkhatib
SU-E-T-383 Pulsed Low Dose Rate Radiotherapy Using Advanced Treatment Methods: A Novel Technique for Patient Re-Irradiation
M. Lin*, R. Price, S. Koren, J. Li, C. Ma
SU-E-T-384 An Easy Use Anthropomorphic Phantom for Lung IMRT QA
E. Fan*, D. Ellerbusch, L. Qin
SU-E-T-385 Accelerated Beam Delivery with MLC Gaps in IMRT Fields
Y. Yang*, J. Wong, T. McNutt, E. Tryggestad, Y. Le
SU-E-T-386 Gamma Analysis of Normalized and Un-Normalized Dose Distributions
S. Stojadinovic*, O. Luo, Q. Bao, A. Pompos, X. Gu, T. Solberg
SU-E-T-387 Validation of a New System for Patient Specific IMRT QA and Comparison with Other Commerical Systems
R. McKinsey*, S. Stathakis, C. Esquivel, A. Gutierrez, P. Myers, N. Nayebi, M. Regan, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-388 Verification of Monitor Units and Dose Distributions in IMRT Plans Using Monte Carlo Algorithms On the E-IMRT Web Platform
L. Pereira, Z. Martin, M. Mera, E. Meilán, J. Vazquez, M. Salgado, A. Medina*
SU-E-T-389 Accuracy Of A VMAT Planning System For Head And Neck Radiotherapy
E. Aldaais, D. Tedeschi*, W. Gebreamlak, T. Shieder, H. Alkhatib
SU-E-T-390 Monitorization of the Dynamic Multi-Leaf Collimator Performance Using Log Files - a Quality Assurance Tool for Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy
A. Martins da Silva*, A. Pereira, M. Barreiros, R. Silva, D. Faria
SU-E-T-391 Modelling Peripheral Photon Dose in TomoTherapy Treatments
B. Sánchez-Nieto*, M. Romero, F. Sánchez-Doblado
SU-E-T-392 A Software Tool of Extracting Dose Plane for Tomotherapy Delivery QA
J. Zhang*
SU-E-T-393 Using TG119 to Assess RapidArc at Hamad Medical Corporation
A. Nobah*, T. El-Kaissi, R. Hammoud, N. Al-Hammadi
SU-E-T-394 Comparison of Planned Dose Distribution Vs. Delivered Dose Distribution for Both IMRT and Proton Therapy Using Weekly Repeat 4DCT Data Sets
Y. Chen*, L. Zhang, L. Court, Z. Liao, X. Zhu, R. Mohan, L. Dong
SU-E-T-395 Achievability and Optimization of Synchrotron-Based Respiratory Gated Spot Scanning Proton Beam Delivery
Y. Tsunashima*, N. Sahoo, T. Sakae, F. Poenisch, M. Umezawa, T. Briere, X. Zhu, R. Mohan, L. Dong
SU-E-T-396 Beam Angle Optimization for IMPT Comparing Gantries and Fixed Beam Lines
M. Bangert, U. Titt, P. Ziegenhein*, R. Mohan, U. Oelfke
SU-E-T-397 Interplay Effect of Gated Lung Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy with RapidArc Delivery
B. Zhao*, Y. Yang, M. Huq, D. Heron
SU-E-T-398 Verification of Gamma Knife EXtend System Based Fractionated Treatment Planning Using EBT2 Film
N. Gopishankar*, R. K Bisht
SU-E-T-399 Dosimetric and Geometric Evaluation of a Novel Stereotactic Radiotherapy Device for Breast Cancer: The GammaPod
Y. Mutaf*, C. Yu, J. Zhang, B. Yi, K. Prado, W. D'Souza, W. Regine, S. Feigenberg
SU-E-T-400 SBRT Dose Verification Using Monte Carlo Simulation
W. Luo*, X. Xie, R. McGarry, J. Molloy
SU-E-T-401 Evaluation of Initial Setup Accuracy and Intra-Fraction Motion for Spine SBRT Using Stereotactic Body Frames
F. Hacker*, J. Bondeson, J. Lewis, E. Mannarino, S. Friesen, T. Balboni, B. Alexander, D. Sher
SU-E-T-402 Coordinate Transformation After Stereotactic Frame Reapplication in Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
J. Park*, T. Suh, H. Chung
SU-E-T-403 Delivery Efficiency of StereoArc Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT)
E. Kinsey*, X. Yang, K. Prado, S. Feigenberg, B. Yi
SU-E-T-404 A Prototype Program for Analyzing 4D Image Guidance Shifts for Lung SBRT
B. Wang*, V. Sarkar, C. Busselberg, P. Rassiah-Szegedi, H. Zhao, Y. Huang, M. Szegedi, B. Salter
SU-E-T-405 A Whole-Procedure Winston-Lutz Test for Quality Assurance of a Bite-Block Based Extend Frame System for Delivering Multi-Session Stereotactic Radiosurgery
L. Ma*, K. Nie, S. Gros, D. Pinnaduwage, M. McDermott, P. Sneed
SU-E-T-406 Online Image-Guidance for Prostate SBRT: Dosimetric Benefits and Margin Analysis
T. Li*, L. Yuan, W. Lee, F. Yin, Q. Wu
SU-E-T-407 Freedom From Conventional: Application of RapidArc for SBRT Lung Treatments
K. Guida*, G. Luo, M. Morales, C. Coffey, G. Ding
SU-E-T-408 Enhancing Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Using Gold Nanoparticles
W. Ngwa*, M. Makrigiorgos, R. Berbeco
SU-E-T-409 A Comparison of 3D Optical Surface and IR Marker Tracking for Head Motion Compensated Frameless SRS
R. Wiersma*, S. Tomarken, Z. Grelewicz, H. Kang
SU-E-T-410 Spine Radiosurgery Imaging Guidance Using ExacTrac and CT_on_rails
J. Yang*, X. Wang, Z. Zhao, P. Brown
SU-E-T-411 Dosimetric Comparison Between Two Multileaf Collimator Systems for Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Radiotherapy
K. Asnaashari, J. Chow*, M. Heydarian
SU-E-T-412 Can Cyberknife SBRT Be An Alternative to Brachytherapy for Cervical Cancer Treatment?
T. Podder*, D. Fried, B. Holland, J. Rosenman, T. Biswas
SU-E-T-413 Dose Verification for Linac-Based SRS Commissioning and Patient Specific QA
J. Wu*, H. Wu
SU-E-T-414 Clinical Implementation of Anthropomorphic Lung Phantom for Patient-Specific SAbR QA
B. Hrycushko*, Q. Bao, P. Medin, T. Solberg
SU-E-T-415 Evaluation of the Effect of the Dose Buildup Region for Flattening Filter Free Beams in IMRT Plans of Lung and Sinuses
V. Chanyavanich*, A. Siddiqi, E. Elder, A. Dhabaan
SU-E-T-416 Performance Test Comparing Three Pre-Treatment Isocenter Localization Techniques for Single Fraction Cranial Stereotactic Radiosurgery
B. Mathews*, J. Saini, D. Campbell
SU-E-T-417 Tomotherapy Isocentricity: Is It Good Enough For Stereotactic Radiosurgery?
Y. Xu*, S. Lam, G. Ingram
SU-E-T-418 Evaluation of Peripheral Dose for SRS Treatment Radiations with the VIS CyberKnife: A Phantom Study
G. Kalantzis*, A. Lo, S. Dieterich
SU-E-T-419 MU Verification for Small Lesions in Lung SBRT
D. Ellerbusch*
SU-E-T-420 Development of a Comprehensive Linac-Based Quality Assurance Procedure for Retrofitted Micro-MLC SRS System
G. Hancock*, D. Pearson
SU-E-T-421 6MV Radiation Small Field Dose: Off Axis and Penumbra Effects, a Study with Radiochromic Film
J. Baek, D. Beachey*
SU-E-T-422 Lung SBRT Using Cyberknife: Technique and Treatment Outcome
T. Biswas*, B. Holland, J. Rosenman, T. Podder
SU-E-T-423 Dosimetric Effect Of Rotation On Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) Of The Spine
T. Djemil*, T. Nomnyaka, M. Ouzidane, L. Angelov, S. Chao
SU-E-T-424 Inter-Fraction Variation of High Dose Regions of OARS in MR Image Based Cervix Brachytherapy Using Rigid Registration
J. Swamidas*, U. Mahantshetty, D. Deshpande, S. Shrivastava
SU-E-T-425 Impact of Model Based Dose Calculation Algorithm for Ir-192 Intracavitary Brachytherapy with Shielded Applicator
J. Mikell*, A. Klopp, M. Price, F. Mourtada
SU-E-T-426 Comparison of HDR Brachytherapy for Cervix Cancer Using An Adaptive Simulated Annealing Program and Oncentra- for Simultaneously Integrated Boost
R. Yao*, Y. Liao, K. Kiel, A. Templeton, J. Turian, J. Chu
SU-E-T-427 Effect of Contrast in Radiadyne Alatus Balloon Packing System On Bladder and Rectal Doses in Gynecological Brachytherapy
B. Libby*, K. Ding, K. Reardon, E. Crandley, C. Andrew, B. Schneider
SU-E-T-428 Class Solution for Prostate High Dose Rate Brachytherapy with Inverse Planning Simulated Annealing
N. Sheth*, N. Mistry, Y. Chen, C. Yang
SU-E-T-429 Image-Guided Eye Plaque Brachytherapy Optimization: Implications for Patients at 2-Year Follow-Up
K. Guida*, K. Niermann, A. Malcolm, P. Sternberg, G. Munn, C. Coffey
SU-E-T-430 Evaluation of Inverse Optimization in Brachytherapy for Locally Advanced Cervix Cancer
Y. Liao*, V. Dandekar, J. Chu, J. Turian, K. Kiel
SU-E-T-431 Investigation of BrachyVision™ Acuros™ Using Varian Surface Applicators
S. Simiele*, R. Fulkerson, J. Micka, L. DeWerd
SU-E-T-432 Comparison of HDR Treatment Plans for Interstitial Brachytherapy with Intracavitary Savi Brachytherapy for Post Lumpectomy Breast Cancer
M. Nair*, P. Anderson, T. Neumann, W. Vance, M. White, J. Davis
SU-E-T-433 Pear-Shaped Based Dose Optimization for HDR Intracavitary Brachytherapy for Cervical Cancer Patients with Small Uterus
S. Shen*, R. Kim, J. Duan, X. Wu, R. Popple, R. Cardan, I. Brezovich
SU-E-T-434 Use of Deformable Registration for Cumulated Dose Calculation in Image-Guided Intracavitary Bracytherapy for Cervical Cancer
X. Wu*, S. Shen, A. Whitley, R. Kim, J. De Los Santos, S. Spencer
SU-E-T-435 Automatic Monte Carlo Dose Calculations of Proton Treatment Plans
U. Titt*, D. Mirkovic, A. Liu, R. Mohan
SU-E-T-436 Feasibility of Using the 'Irregular Surface Compensator'¯ Planning Feature of the Eclipse TPS for Total Body Irradiation (TBI) Treatment Planning
A. Ayan*, L. Lu, Y. Rong, M. Cunningham, M. Weldon, M. Welliver, J. Woollard, N. Gupta
SU-E-T-437 Interfractional Dosimetric Verification of Lung Patients Treated by Passive Double Scattering Proton Radiotherapy
S. Tang*, L. Yin, R. Rengan, P. James, S. Hahn, S. Both
SU-E-T-438 Optimal Proton Beam Energy to Treat Adult CNS, Adult Head and Neck, and Pediatric Cancers
K. Kainz*, S. Firat, J. Wilson, X. Li
SU-E-T-439 First Experience of Three Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy (3DCRT) Planning with Helical Tomotherapy
M. Chao*, P. Corry, X. Zhang, J. Penagaricano, V. Ratanatharathorn
SU-E-T-440 Dosimetry Parameter Comparison Between Field-In-Field Technique and Conventional Physical Wedge Technique for Whole Breast Radiation Treatment
M. Su*, V. Ayzenberg, W. Li
SU-E-T-441 A Feasibility Study to Replace Electron Cutouts with a Motorized Electron Multileaf Collimator
A. Eldib*, J. Li, L. Jin, C. Ma
SU-E-T-442 Assessing Vertex Beam with Its Dosimetric Relevance for Intracranial Tumours: A Computational Exploration
P. Adurkar*, S. Rathod, R. Shah, R. Jalali, D. Deshpande
SU-E-T-443 The Dosmetic Difference of RapidArc Plans in Radiotherapy of Multiple Hepatic Malignancy Applying 6MV and 15MV X-Ray
G. Gong*, Y. Yin, T. Liu
SU-E-T-444 4D-CT and Active Breathing Coordinator Play Similar Role in Sparing Normal Liver Tissue in the Radiotherapy of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
G. Gong*, Y. Yin, T. Liu
SU-E-T-445 A Dosimetric Comparison of Gamma Knife Plans with Measurement Based and Image Based Skull Definitions
Z. Zhao*, X. Wang, J. Yang
SU-E-T-446 Effect of Dose Calculation Grid Size Variability On the Specification of Spinal Cord Dose Tolerance for Spinal Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
S. Gros*, M. Descovich, I. Barani, L. Ma
SU-E-T-447 Evaluation of the Anisotropic Analytical Algorithm (AAA) Heterogeneity Correction Dose Calculation in Flattened and Flattening-Filter-Free (FFF) Beams for High Energy X-Ray Beams Using the Radiological Physics Center (RPC) Lung Phantom
R. Repchak, A. Molineu, R. Popple, S. Kry, R. Howell, D. Followill*
SU-E-T-448 Switch Patients Between Collimation Systems for CyberKnife Treatment Feasibility Study
J. Fan*, Q. Xu, L. Wang, L. Jin, J. Li, T. Lin, S. Hayes, T. Tam, C. Ma
SU-E-T-449 Dosimetric Comparison of Beam Arrangements for Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy of Lung Lesion
R. Liu*, S. Meeks
SU-E-T-450 An Evaluation Study of Dose Calculation Algorithms for Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy in Heterogeneous Phantom
M. Shosha*, N. Deiab, A. Eldib, k. Tohamy
SU-E-T-451 Optimization of Normalized Prescription Isodose Selection for Stereotactic Radiation Therapy: Conventional Vs. Robotic Linac
C. Ding*, T. Solberg, L. Xing, J. Heinzerling, R. Timmerman
SU-E-T-452 Impact of Abdominal Compression On the Tumor Motion in the Treatment of NSCLC Using Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery
K. Martin, J. Gomez, A. Singh, H. Malhotra*
SU-E-T-453 Optimization of Dose Gradient for Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
N. Sheth*, Y. Chen, J. Yang
SU-E-T-454 Dosimetric Comparison Between Pencil Beam and Monte Carlo Algorithms for SBRT Lung Treatment Using IPlan V4.1 TPS and CIRS Thorax Phantom
M. Castrillon Fernandez, C. Venencia*, E. Garrigó, L. Caussa
SU-E-T-455 Novel Planning Techniques for Lung SBRT
B. Caroprese*, P. Desai, H. McKellar
SU-E-T-456 Potential Optimization of Stereotactic Body Radation Therapy (SBRT) From a Simple Field Timing Rearrangement
J. Schmitt*, G. Warren, I. Wang
SU-E-T-457 Multi-Mode Model - A Consistent Approach for Conventionally Fractionated Radiotherapy and Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
C. Ma*
SU-E-T-458 Radiobiological Comparison of Single and Dual-Isotope Prostate Seed Implants
C. Knaup*, P. Mavroidis, C. Esquivel, S. Stathakis, C. Esquivel, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-459 Radiobiological Evaluation of Implant Duration and Radionuclide Selection for COMS Eye Plaque Brachytherapy Using An Objective Function
N. Gagne*, M. Rivard
SU-E-T-460 Isoeffective Dose Display (EQD2) for Composite Plan of Radiosurgery and Conventional 3D Radiotherapy
Y. Zheng*, J. Yuan, C. Woods, M. Machtay, B. Wessels
SU-E-T-461 Fractionation Schedule Optimization for Lung Cancer Treatments Using Radiobiological and Dose Distribution Characteristics
H. Keller*, G. Meier, A. Hope, M. Davison
SU-E-T-462 Calculation of Prescribed Dose for Permanent Implant with Cs-131 Using LQ Equation Including Resensitization
W. Luo*, P. Aryal, M. Randall
SU-E-T-463 Biological-Based Optimization and VMAT Is Unnecessary for Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
D. Mihailidis*, M. Harmon, L. Whaley, P. Raja, G. Kagadis
SU-E-T-464 Impact of the Treatment Margin On Tumor Control and Normal Tissue Complication for Prostate Treatment
J. Li*, M. Lin, C. Ma
SU-E-T-465 Exploring the Dosimetric and Tumor Control Consequences of Prostate Seed Loss and Migration
C. Knaup*, P. Mavroidis, C. Esquivel, S. Stathakis, C. Esquivel, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-466 TCP and NTCP: Is That All?
B. Sánchez-Nieto*, M. Romero, F. Sánchez-Doblado
SU-E-T-467 Monte Carlo Dosimetric Study of the New Flexisource Co-60 High Dose Rate Source
J. Vijande*, D. Granero, J. Perez-Calatayud, F. Ballester
SU-E-T-468 Gamma Knife Perfexion Dosimetry: A Monte Carlo Model of One Sector
R. Best*, J. Gersh, D. Wiant, J. Bourland
SU-E-T-469 The Effects of Patient Anatomy and Parallel Magnetic Fields On Beamlet Dose Distributions
A. Keyvanloo, B. Warkentin, B. Fallone, G. Field*
SU-E-T-470 Comparison of Proton Treatment Planning and Monte Carlo Calculation Using TOPAS for Liver Cancer
M. Moteabbed*, J. Schuemann, H. Paganetti
SU-E-T-471 Beam Properties of An In-Room Proton Therapy Accelerator
C. Bloch*, P. Hill, E. Klein
SU-E-T-472 Characterization of the Very High Energy Electrons, 150 - 250 MeV (VHEE) Beam Generated by ALPHA-X Laser Wakefield Accelerator Beam Line for Utilization in Monte Carlo Simulation for Biomedical Experiment Planning
V. Moskvin*, A. Subiel, C. Desrosiers, M. Wiggins, M. Maryanski, M. Mendonca, M. Boyd, A. Sorensen, S. Cipiccia, R. Issac, G. Welsh, E. Brunetti, C. Aniculaesei, D. Jaroszynski
SU-E-T-473 Performance Assessment of the TOPAS Tool for Particle Simulation for Proton Therapy Applications
J. Perl*, J. Shin, J. Schuemann, B. Faddegon, H. Paganetti
SU-E-T-474 Monte Carlo Phase Space Production to Model Magnetically Scanned Proton Beams for IMPT
U. Titt*, D. Mirkovic, L. Perles, M. Sell, C. Peeler, A. Liu, R. Mohan
SU-E-T-475 Nano-Dosimetric Track Structure Scoring Including Biological Modeling with TOPAS-NBio
J. Schuemann*
SU-E-T-476 GPU-Based Monte Carlo Radiotherapy Dose Calculation Using Phase-Space Sources
R. Townson*, X. Jia, S. Zavgorodni, S. Jiang
SU-E-T-477 Influence of Eye Size On Radiation Absorbed Dose Delivered to Non-Targeted Tissues During Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Age-Related Macular Degeneration
J. Cantley*, E. Chell, M. Firpo, J. Hanlon, C. Lee, W. Bolch
SU-E-T-478 Geometrical Splitting Technique to Improve the Computational Efficiency in Monte Carlo Calculations for Proton Therapy
J. Ramos-Mendez*, J. Perl, B. Faddegon, H. Paganetti
SU-E-T-479 Skin Dose From Flattening Filter Free Beams: A Monte Carlo Investigation
G. Zhang*, K. Javedan, E. Moros, K. Latifi, V. Feygelman
SU-E-T-480 Updating the Planar Patterson-Parker Table Using the TG-43U1 Recommended Dosimetric Parameters
Z. Naghshnezhad*, r. faghihi, A. Meigooni
SU-E-T-481 Dosimetric Effects of Tissue Heterogeneity in Proton Therapy: Monte Carlo Simulation and Experimental Study Using Animal Tissue Phantoms
Y. Liu*, Y. Zheng
SU-E-T-482 A More Accurate Bare ¹²5I Spectrum
M. Rodriguez*, D. Rogers
SU-E-T-483 Delay Treatment Or Switch to Different Machines? Dosimetric Effect and Tumor Control Probability
T. Lin*, J. Fan, M. Hossain, C. Ma
SU-E-T-484 Potential Clinical Impact of Dosimetric Uncertainties in Proton Therapy
D. Mirkovic*, U. Titt, R. Mohan
SU-E-T-485 Validation of Acuros XB Dose Calculations in SBRT Lung Planning with Monte Carlo Methods
K. Bush*, L. Wang, E. Mok
SU-E-T-486 Volume and Location Dependence On the Difference Between Monte Carlo and Pencil Beam Dose Calculations for Lung Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
T. Zhuang*, T. Djemil, P. Qi, A. Magnelli, K. Stephans, G. Videtic, P. Xia
SU-E-T-487 Spatial Assessment of Dose Distributions for Patients with Lung Cancer Treated with Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR)
D. Liu*, D. Chen, M. Chetvertkov, M. Altman, H. Li, N. Wen, C. Glide-Hurst, M. Ajlouni, K. Levin, B. Movsas, I. Chetty
SU-E-T-488 Dose Calculation Model Using the Simplified Monte Carlo Method with An Initial Beam Model Adapted to a Beam-Wobbling System
R. Tansho*, R. Kohno, Y. Takada, K. Hotta, Y. Hara, K. Nagafuchi, Y. Suzuki, T. Akimoto
SU-E-T-489 Quantum Versus Classical Trajectory Monte Carlo Simulations of Low Energy Electron Transport
R. Thomson*, I. Kawrakow
SU-E-T-490 Comparison of XVMC Monte Carlo Dose Calculations with Eclipse AAA Calculations for RapidArc Plans
T. Stelljes*, M. Alber, B. Poppe, W. Laub
SU-E-T-491 A FLUKA Monte Carlo Computational Model of a Scanning Proton Beam Therapy Nozzle at IU Proton Therapy Center
V. Moskvin*, C. Cheng, V. Anferov, D. Nichiporov, Q. Zhao, M. Takashina, R. Parola, I. Das
SU-E-T-492 The Dosimetric and Clinical Impact of the Metallic Dental Implants On Radiation Dose Distributions in IMRT Head and Neck Cancer Patients
L. Wang*, L. Xing, Q. Le
SU-E-T-493 Accelerated Monte Carlo Methods for Photon Dosimetry Using a Dual-GPU System and CUDA
T. Liu*, A. Ding, X. Xu
SU-E-T-494 Variation of Mucosal Dose in Head-And-Neck Radiotherapy: A Phantom Study Using Monte Carlo Simulation
J. Chow*, A. Owrangi
SU-E-T-495 Monte Carlo Dose Verification of Passive Scattering Proton Therapy for Prostate Cancer
D. Giantsoudi*, H. Paganetti
SU-E-T-496 Monte Carlo Simulation of a 6MV Varian Truebeam Without Flattening Filter Linac
T. Song*, L. Zhou
SU-E-T-497 Study of Restricted Mass Stopping Power Ratio in Small Electron Tube Fields
S. Sugimoto*, S. Ozawa, H. Takatou, K. Tokuyama, H. Maruyama, T. Yamagishi, R. Baba, K. Ebe, K. Sasai
SU-E-T-498 A Preliminary Monte Carlo Simulation Study of the Varian TrueBeam Linear Accelerator
D. Johnson*, Y. Chen, E. Schnell, S. Ahmad
SU-E-T-499 Validation of the Varian Generic Phase Space Files for Monte Carlo Calculations of Dose Distributions for the TrueBeam Linac Head
L. Wang*, L. Xing, D. Sawkey, M. Constantin, M. Svatos, E. Mok
SU-E-T-500 Pencil-Beam Versus Monte Carlo Based Dose Calculation for Proton Therapy Patients with Complex Geometries. Clinical Use of the TOPAS Monte Carlo System
J. Schuemann*, J. Shin, J. Perl, C. Grassberger, J. Verburg, B. Faddegon, H. Paganetti
SU-E-T-501 Perturbation of TG-43 Parameters of the Brachytherapy Sources Under Insufficient Scattering Materials
m. zehtabian, s. Sina*, r. faghihi, A. Meigooni
SU-E-T-502 Dose Perturbation Effects Near Implant Surfaces Caused by Secondary Electron Transport in Photon-Beam Therapy
N. Chofor, B. Poppe*, D. Harder
SU-E-T-503 IMRT Optimization Using Monte Carlo Dose Engine: The Effect of Statistical Uncertainty
Z. Tian*, X. Jia, Y. Graves, A. Uribe-Sanchez, S. Jiang
SU-E-T-504 Incident Fluence Reconstruction Based On Monte Carlo Finite-Size Pencil Beam Model for Dose Guided Radiation Therapy
G. LI*, Y. WU
SU-E-T-505 BrainLab Plan Comparisons: Brain Scan Pencil Beam Versus IPlan Monte Carlo
M. Kowski, PhD, DABR, J. Edwards*, L. Bauer, R. DuBose, H. Powell
SU-E-T-506 Dosimetric Study for Shallow-Seated Tumor Using Passive/active Scanning Proton Beam
C. Toramatsu*, T. Matsuura, H. Nihongi, S. Takao, N. Miyamoto, S. Shimizu, R. Kinoshita, K. Umegaki, H. Shirato
SU-E-T-507 Dose Calculation Quality of AcurosXB Involving a HD120 MLC Compared with Monte Carlo Methods
D. Frauchiger*, P. Manser, R. Bigler, A. Geretschläger, D. Aebersold, M. Fix
SU-E-T-508 A Novel Method of Heterogeneity Compensation for the Convolution / Superposition Algorithm
R. Jacques*, T. McNutt
SU-E-T-509 Photon Spectrum Modeling of Flattening Filter Free (FFF) Beam and the Optimization of Model Parameters
W. Cho*, K. Kielar, L. Xing, T. Suh
SU-E-T-510 Calculation of High Resolution and Material-Specific Photon Energy Deposition Kernels
J. Huang*, N. Childress, S. Kry
SU-E-T-511 Dose Variations Related to Tumor Size and Location for Pencil Beam and Anisotropic Analytical Algorithms
J. Kang*, J. Yang, J. Varlotto, C. Saw, C. Ma
SU-E-T-512 Evaluation of Treatment Planning Dose Calculation Accuracy at the Interface of Prosthetic Devices
D. Paulu*, P. Alaei
SU-E-T-513 Clinical Implementation of a GPU Accelerated Pencil Beam Dose Calculation Algorithm
H. Chen*, Z. XIAO, D. Du, D. Yang, S. Mutic, H. Li
SU-E-T-514 Implementation and Commissioning of a Micro Multileaf Collimator in Pinnacle Treatment Planning System
T. García Hernández*, L. Brualla González, A. Vicedo González, J. Rosello Ferrando, D. Granero Cabañero
SU-E-T-515 Comparison of Two Dose-Specification Methods for the Treatment of Uterine Cervix Cancer with HDR Brachytherapy Using a Tandem and Ring Applicator
n. bhandare*, A. Yeung
SU-E-T-516 Dosimetric Validation of AcurosXB Algorithm in Comparison with AAA & CCC Algorithms for VMAT Technique
M. Kathirvel*, V. Sai subramanian, G. Arun, S. Thirumalaiswamy, K. Ramalingam, S. Ashok kumar, K. Jagadeesh
SU-E-T-517 Characterization of Relative Doses and Source Strengths for Various Plaque Sizes and Tumor Dimensions in the Treatment of Uveal Melanoma
C. Esquivel*, S. Stathakis, A. Gutierrez, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-518 Dose Perturbation at Air-Tissue Interface in Proton Beam Therapy
I. Das*, V. Moskvin, L. Coutinho, C. Cheng, P. Johnstone
SU-E-T-519 Experimental Evaluation of Deterministic Acuros XB Radiation Transport Algorithm for Heterogeneity Dose Calculation Using the Radiological Physics Center's Lung Phantom
T. Han*, F. Mourtada, R. Repchak, J. Tonigan, J. Mikell, R. Howell, M. Salehpour, A. Molineu, D. Followill
SU-E-T-520 Quantitative Evaluation of Metal Artifacts in CT and Cone-Beam CT Images On the Accuracy of Dose Calculation
S. Oyewale*, S. Ahmad, I. Ali
SU-E-T-521 Dosimetric Effect On Variation of Patient Size in Prostate Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy
J. Chow*, R. Jiang
SU-E-T-522 Analysis of SCERMA-To-KERMA Ratio for Megavoltage Photons
D. Bridges*, T. Zhu
SU-E-T-523 Modeling Beam Data for Flattening Filter Free (FFF) Photon Beams
T. Zhu*, X. Liang
SU-E-T-524 The Effect of CT Contrast On CyberKnife Treatment Planning
H. Kim*, A. Chang, Y. Park, S. Ye
SU-E-T-525 Dosimetric Validation of the Algorithm Based On Linear Boltzmann Transport Equations for Photon 4MV Dose Calculation
S. Sato*, Y. MIyabe, M. Nakata, Y. Tsuruta, M. Nakamura, T. Mizowaki, M. Hiraoka
SU-E-T-526 Evaluation of Dose Mapping Errors Via Use of a Volume-Based Dose Mapping Method
H. Chen*, N. Saleh-Sayah, W. Watkins, C. Yan, F. Salguero, E. Heath, J. Siebers
SU-E-T-527 Assessment of Field-Junction Dosimetry: Pinnacle V9.0 Versus Film (EBT2)
A. Melancon*, M. Gillin, R. Tailor
SU-E-T-528 Appraisal of Acorus XB and Convolution Dose Algorithms in Field Junction of Breast Tangential/superclavicular Fields
T. Han*, R. Tailor, S. LaNeave, R. Howell, F. Mourtada, M. Salehpour
SU-E-T-529 Dosimetric Evaluation with Heterogeneity in Acuros XB Advanced Dose Calculation Algorithm and Anisotropic Analytical Algorithm (AAA)
S. Rana*, K. Rogers
SU-E-T-530 Relative Electron Density Phantom Comparison
B. Rasmussen*, K. Chu, S. Tong
SU-E-T-531 Verification of Acuros Dose Calculation Accuracy in Lung SBRT
L. Wang*, K. Bush, L. Xing, E. Mok
SU-E-T-532 Comparison of Dose Distributions Calculated Using Different Planning Systems with Radiochromic Film Measurements in An Inhomogeneous Phantom
D. Lovelock, S. Lim*, E. Yorke, A. Kirov, T. LoSasso
SU-E-T-533 Evaluating Effective Source Position Corrections During Modeling with Pinnacle Version 9.2 Software for Flattening Free (FFF) Small Field Treatments
S. Philbrook*, B. Hasson, C. Hand, P. Sullivan
SU-E-T-534 Beam and MLC Commissioning and Assessment of Three Commercial Treatment Planning Systems
S. Lim*, T. LoSasso
SU-E-T-535 Proton Dose Calculations in Homogeneous Media
J. Chapman*, J. Fontenot, W. Newhauser, K. Hogstrom
SU-E-T-536 Is BJR Supplement #25 Recommendation for Megavoltage Energy Independent Scatter Factor Still Valid for Flattening Filter Free Photon Beams?
H. Chung*, B. Yi, K. Prado
SU-E-T-537 Photon Beam Modeling and Verification of Collapsed Cone Convolution Algorithm for Dose Calculation in a Radiation Treatment Planning System
J. Jung*, W. Cho, J. Lee, D. Kim, M. Kim, T. Suh
SU-E-T-538 Evaluation of IMRT Dose Calculation Based On Pencil-Beam and AAA Algorithms
Y. Yuan*, J. Duan, R. Popple, I. Brezovich
SU-E-T-539 The Effect of the Scattering Volume of Phantom On Dose Calculation Accuracy Using Elekta's Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) for Head-Neck Radiotherapy
X. Jiang*, T. Li, G. Peng, R. zhong, q. Jiang, L. Zhuang, S. Bai
SU-E-T-540 Evaluation of Forced-Density Corrected Dose Calculation for Lung Cancer Treatment
J. Li*, Y. Xiao, A. Harrison, Y. Yu
SU-E-T-541 Dose Calculation Algorithm for External Neutron Radiotherapy Based On Pencil Beam Method
A. Moiseev*, V. Klimanov
SU-E-T-542 Impact of Tongue-And-Groove Width On MLC-Defined Small Field Dosimetry for Pinnacle 9.0
S. Jang*
SU-E-T-543 Beam Attenuation Characteristics of Treatment Couches
B. Cochran*, G. Kim, R. Rice
SU-E-T-544 Commissioning and Clinical Evaluation of a Secondary Check Software for 3D Conformal and IMRT Treatment Plans
P. Foong, H. Looe, B. Poppe*
SU-E-T-545 Dose Comparison Between Intravenous Contrast-Enhanced CT and Non Contrast CT in Treatment Planning
W. Xiong*, D. Huang, R. Gewanter, C. Burman
SU-E-T-547 Rotating Shield Brachytherapy (RSBT) for Cervical Cancer
W. Yang, Y. Kim, Y. Liu, X. Wu, R. Flynn*
SU-E-T-548 Case Study of HDR Vs IMRT in Pediatric Sarcomas
B. Chinsky*, R. Vatner, A. Narayana, S. Becker
SU-E-T-549 On Importance of Accurate Treatment Couch Modeling in SmartArc VMAT Plans
R. Ter-Antonyan*, D. Frieda
SU-E-T-550 Influence of the Clinical Outcome and Quality of Life by Replanning During Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
H. Yang*, W. Hu, W. Wang, P. Chen
SU-E-T-551 A Customized Plan Evaluation System for On-Line Adaptive Radiotherapy
L. Jiang*, L. Arhjoul, J. Anderson, L. Nedzi, T. Solberg, W. Mao
SU-E-T-552 Maximizing the Biological Effect of Proton Dose Delivered with Scanned Beam
C. Zeng*, D. Giantsoudi, C. Grassberger, S. Goldberg, A. Niemierko, H. Paganetti, A. Trofimov
SU-E-T-553 Dose-Mass Vs. Dose-Volume Optimization: A Phantom Study
I. Mihaylov*, E. Moros, J. Siebers
SU-E-T-554 PTV to Skin Proximity for Head and Neck IMRT Treatment Planning
R. Price*, S. Koren, M. Hossain, I. Veltchev, T. Galloway, P. Flanagan, C. Ma
SU-E-T-555 Weighted Four-Dimensional IMRT Planning for Dynamic MLC Tracking Using a Practical and Simple Framework
H. Tachibana*, Y. Cheung, S. Jain, A. Sawant
SU-E-T-556 Integration of Lung Blocks in the Inverse Planning Process of Modulated Arc Total Body Irradiation Using Cone Beam CT
O. Morin*, M. Held, N. Kirby, A. Perez-Andujar, C. Chuang, J. Pouliot
SU-E-T-557 A Planning Strategy of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy with Simultaneous Integrated Boost for Intracranial Stereotactic Radiotherapy
K. Ono*, S. Fujimoto, K. Furukawa, T. Kudo, Y. Akagi, Y. Hirokawa
SU-E-T-558 Assessing the Effect of Inter-Fractional Motion in Esophageal Sparing Plans
R. Williamson*, J. Bluett, J. Niedzielski, Z. Liao, D. Gomez, L. Court
SU-E-T-559 Evaluation of Flatening Filter Free (FFF) Beams in Radiotherapy of Head and Neck Cancer
Q. Wu*, S. Yoo, S. Das, F. Yin
SU-E-T-560 Inter- and Intra-Fraction Variations in Esophageal Dose for Lung Cancer Patients, and the Impact of Setup Technique and Treatment Modality
M. Carroll*, J. Cheung, L. Zhang, L. Court
SU-E-T-561 A Comparative Study of Single Verses Two Field Daily Fraction for Treatment of Prostate Cancer Using IMPT, Double-Scattered, and SFUD Delivery Technique
B. Arjomandy*, T. Schultz, S. Park, H. Gayar
SU-E-T-562 Reducing the Arc Span for CSA VMAT Delivery
P. Myers*, S. Stathakis, A. Gutierrez, C. Esquivel, P. Mavroidis, N. Papanikolaou
SU-E-T-563 Which Is More Important in IMRT Planning: The Number of Beam Angles Or the Number of MLC Segments?
D. Cao*, D. Shepard
SU-E-T-564 Radiation Therapy for Lung Cancer: A Treatment Planning Comparison Among Fixed Field IMRT, Coplanar and Noncoplanar Arcs Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy
P. Yan*, D. Horowiz, M. Schweizer, C. Chao
SU-E-T-565 Effectiveness of Robust Optimization in Head and Neck IMPT Dose Distributions
W. Liu*, S. Frank, X. Li, Y. Li, X. Zhang, X. Zhu, R. Mohan
SU-E-T-566 A Dosimetric Comparison of Partial Breast Irradiation Technique Depending On the Tumor Locations in Patient's Breast
M. Kim*, B. Choi, S. Park, D. Kim, J. Jung, W. Cho, T. Suh
SU-E-T-567 Improve Dose Conformity with IMRT Using Shorter Source to Tumor Distance
W. Yang*, H. Sandler, B. Fraass
SU-E-T-568 Hippocampus and Neural Stemcell Sparing Using Proton Therapy in Whole Brain Irradiation
Z. Su*, J. Wu, N. Kirby, Z. Li, I. Barani
SU-E-T-569 A Dosimetric Comparison of Helical Tomotherapy Versus Intensity Modulated Proton for Lung Cancer
X. Mo*, K. Perumal, T. Mackie
SU-E-T-570 Improvement to the Histogram Analysis in Radiation Therapy (HART): An Open Source Software System for the Multi-Dimensional Dose-Volume Histogram Analysis in Digital Image Communication in Medicine - Radiation Therapy (DICOM-RT) Treatment Plans
A. Pyakuryal*, I. Bacchus, S. Jang, G. Narayanasamy, M. Gopalakrishnan, D. Pokhrel, J. Luo, V. Sathiaseelan, B. Mittal
SU-E-T-571 Prostate IMRT QA: Prediction of the Range of Rectal NTCP Using a 2D Field Approach Based On Variations of the Rectal Wall Motion and Thickness
g. grigorov*, J. Chow, K. Foster
SU-E-T-572 A Plan Quality Metric for Evaluating Knowledge-Based Treatment Plans
V. Chanyavanich*, J. Lo, S. Das
SU-E-T-573 Quality and Deliverability of Intensity Modulated Neutron Radiotherapy (IMNRT) Plans
R. Spink*, J. Burmeister, T. Bossenberger, M. Snyder
SU-E-T-574 Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy for Prostate Radiation: A Dosimetric Comparison Between VMAT Techniques and Fixed-Beam IMRT
S. Qi*, R. Liu, J. Lian, A. Hu, H. Song
SU-E-T-575 To Analyze the Clinical Impact of Esophageal Sparing On Treatment Plans for Patients with Grade 3 Esophagitis
J. Niedzielski*, J. Bluett, R. Williamson, Z. Liao, D. Gomez, L. Court
SU-E-T-576 Investigation of Combining Modulated Electron Beams with Intensity Modulated Photons for Radiation Therapy of Breast Cases
A. Eldib*, J. Li, L. Jin, C. Ma
SU-E-T-577 Dosimetric Comparison of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT), Step and Shoot and Sliding Window IMRT for Prostate Cancer
E. Schnell*, T. De La Fuente Herman, O. Algan, L. Syzek, T. Herman, J. Young, K. Hildebrand, S. Ahmad
SU-E-T-578 Beam Energy Dependence and Intermediate-Low Dose Bath On Normal Tissue When Comparing VMAT with Conventional IMRT
P. Qi*, P. Xia
SU-E-T-579 Dosimetric Benefits of Online Adaptive Replanning for Post-Operative Radiation Therapy of Prostate Bed
F. Liu*, E. Ahunbay, C. Lawton, X. Li
SU-E-T-580 Does Arc Therapy Have the Potential to Improve Radiation Treatment of Hodgkin's Lymphoma Patients ?
M. Kunze-Busch*, V. Althof, P. van Kollenburg, M. ten Brinke, J. Woltman, R. van der Maazen
SU-E-T-581 Planning Evaluation of Step-And-Shoot IMRT, RapidArc and Helical TomoTherapy for Hippocampal-Avoidance Whole Brain Radiotherapy (HA-WBRT)
J. Evans*, Q. Chen, E. Wuthrick, M. Weldon, Y. Rong
SU-E-T-582 Assessment of Improved Critical Structure Sparing Using Biologically-Based Optimization for Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy of Head and Neck Cancer
N. Dogan*, Y. Wu
SU-E-T-583 Feasibility of Constraining Dose to the Nausea Center (area Postrema and Dorsal Vagal Complex) in IMRT Treatment Planning of the Head and Neck
S. Fontenla*, T. Wang, N. Lee, P. McCann, R. Young, J. Mechalakos
SU-E-T-584 Dosimetric Comparison Between Static IMRT and VMAT for a Four-Lesion Brain Treatment
Y. Lo*, R. Sheu, I. Germano, S. Green
SU-E-T-585 Application of IMAT in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer with Simultaneously Integrated Boost Radiation Therapy
T. Liu*, Y. Yin, G. Gong, G. Zhang, D. Zhai
SU-E-T-586 Comparison Between CT-and FLT-PET-Defined Target Volumes and Dosimetry for Radiotherapy Planning in Esophageal Carcinoma
G. Zhang*, Y. Yin, T. Liu, C. Ma
SU-E-T-587 Whole IMRT, Hybrid IMRT and 3D Conformal Plan A Dosimetric Comparison for Large Target
S. Sharma*, D. Manigandan, A. Gandhi, V. Subramani, D. Sharma, P. Kumar, P. Julka, G. Rath
SU-E-T-588 A Treatment Planning Comparison of Dual-Arc VMAT Vs. Helical Tomotherapy for Post-Mastectomy Radiotherapy
G. Nichols*, J. Fontenot, M. Sanders, K. Matthews, J. Gibbons
SU-E-T-589 There Was No Dosimetric Benefit in Sparing Bone Marrow in the Radiotherapy of Whole Pelvic Lymph Node Applying 6MV X-Ray RapidArc Plans
G. Gong*, Y. Yin
SU-E-T-590 Procedure for Verification and Inter-Comparison of IMRT Beam Models
I. Veltchev*, E. Fourkal, R. Price, C. Ma
SU-E-T-591 Volumetric-Modulated Arc Radiotherapy for Carcinomas of the Pituitary Adenomas : A Treatment Planning Comparison with Fixed Field IMRT
T. Sun, T. Liu, Y. Yin*
SU-E-T-592 Comparison of Low Dose Volume and Integral Dose in Rotational Arc Radiation Therapy Modalities
J. Lian*, H. Song, R. Liu, S. Qi, A. Hu
SU-E-T-593 VMAT Vs. IMRT for Treatment of Neoplasms of the Brain: Dosimetric Quality and Delivery
G. Gilson*, S. Perkins, F. Xia, C. Coffey, G. Ding
SU-E-T-594 Dosimetric Evaluation of Different Treatment Techniques for Prostate Cancer
G. Yin*, S. Koren, M. Lin, L. Chen, C. Ma
SU-E-T-595 Comparison of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) and Static Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) for Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma in Patients with Intact Lungs/post Pleurectomy
V. DUMANE*, E. Yorke, A. Rimner, K. ROSENZWEIG
SU-E-T-596 Choroidal Metastases Irradiation with Volumetric Modulated Arc Radiotherapy
T. Sun*, Y. Yin, T. Liu, G. Zhang
SU-E-T-597 Influence of Smoothing Parameters On Dynamic IMRT Plan Quality and Deliverability
D. Manigandan*, S. Sharma, A. Gandhi, V. Subramani, D. Sharma, P. Kumar, P. Julka, G. Rath
SU-E-T-598 Clinical Experience of Configuration, Commission and Implementation for SmartArc with MOSAIQ R&V System
X. Kong*, C. Clausen, S. Wang
SU-E-T-599 Pelvic Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy with Hypofractionated Concomitant Integrated Prostate Boost: An Isoeffective Dose Comparison
L. Tsvang*, R. Pfeffer, Z. Symon
SU-E-T-600 Utilizing Collimator Rotation to Increase Maximum Treatable Target Dimensions Using An Elekta Synergy-S with Beam Modulator Multileaf Collimator
C. Rhodes*, S. Campbell, W. Shields, J. Fabien, V. Colussi, B. Wessels
SU-E-T-601 Dosimetric Evaluation of the Parameter Variation with Varying Calculation Grid Size in the IMRT Cases
M. Markovic*
SU-E-T-602 Comparison of Treatment Techniques for Pelvic Node Irradiation: Intensity-Modulated Photons Versus Protons
K. Noa*, J. Christodouleas, D. Dolney, S. Both, A. Kassaee
SU-E-T-603 Influence of PTV Delineation at Air Cavity Interface On Tomotherapy Plan Quality
D. Fried, B. Chera, M. Lehman-Davis, S. Chang, J. Lian*
SU-E-T-604 Inter Planner Dosimetric Variations In IMRT
S. Srivastava*, O. Nohadani, C. Medawar, C. Cheng, I. Das
SU-E-T-605 RapidArc Combined with DIBH Technique for Thoracic Esophageal Carcinoma: The Potential Value of Target Immobilization and Reduced Lung Density in Dose Escalation
Y. Yin, T. Liu, D. Zhai*
SU-E-T-606 Optimal Emission Angle Selection in Rotating Shield Brachytherapy
Y. Liu, R. Flynn*, W. Yang, Y. Kim, X. Wu
SU-E-T-607 Determining Critical Objectives and Importance Factors for Prostate IMRT Treatment Planning
T. Lee*, T. Chan, T. Craig, M. Sharpe
SU-E-T-608 Integrated Beam Orientation and Fluence Map Optimization in Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning
T. Long*, P. Dong, D. Ruan, K. Sheng, E. Romeijn
SU-E-T-609 Improving the Efficiency of VMAT Plan Optimization by Using Sparse Decomposition Method
Y. Na*, T. Suh, L. Xing
SU-E-T-610 Impact of Variable Beam Spot Size On Treatment Time in Particle Therapy
D. Riofrio*, S. Sellner, G. Cabal, R. Keyes, M. Holzscheiter, O. Jaekel, S. Luan
SU-E-T-611 Utilizing Machine Learning Techniques for Beam Angle Selection in Radiation Treatment Planning
R. Meyer*, S. Gao, L. Shi, W. D'Souza, H. Zhang
SU-E-T-612 Hybrid-Input-Output Algorithm for IMRT Optimization with Dose-Volume Histogram Constraints
Y. Mao, X. Jia, M. Zarepisheh*, S. Jiang
SU-E-T-613 Improving Dose-Shaping and OAR-Sparing Using Robust Statistical Methods
G. Sayre*, D. Low, D. Ruan
SU-E-T-614 Dose-Reactive Methods in Adaptive Robust Radiation Therapy for Lung Cancer
T. Chan*, V. Misic
SU-E-T-615 Quantifying the Benefit of Adaptive Fractionation
J. Ramakrishnan*, D. Craft, T. Bortfeld, J. Tsitsiklis
SU-E-T-616 Efficacy of Biological Dose Painting for Head and Neck Cancer
A. Runde*, E. Heath, H. Keller, U. Oelfke
SU-E-T-617 Towards Fully Automated Multi-Criterial Plan Generation: A Prospective Clinical Study
P. Voet*, M. Dirkx, S. Breedveld, D. Fransen, P. Levendag, B. Heijmen
SU-E-T-618 Error Compensated Sparse Optimization for Fast Radiosurgery Treatment Planning
T. Viulet*, A. Schlaefer
SU-E-T-619 A Network-Flow Solution Approach to VMAT Treatment Plan Optimization
E. Salari*, D. Craft
SU-E-T-620 Computational Boundary Sampling to Accelerate IMRT Optimization
P. Tiwari*, Y. Xie, Y. Chen, A. Apte, J. Deasy
SU-E-T-621 Comprehensive Study of Head and Neck IMRT Parameters On Planning and Delivery Efficiency, Plan Quality, and Dose Accuracy
K. Mittauer*, B. Lu, G. Yan, A. Gopal, C. Liu
SU-E-T-622 A Rapid Hybrid VMAT-IMRT Planning Method Using An Abbreviated Beam Angle Optimization Search
D. Schulze*, D. Ionascu, N. Tyagi
SU-E-T-623 Utilizing a Hybrid Optimizer to Improve Dose Conformity During IMRT Planning
X. Zhu*, T. Cullip, G. Tracton, J. Rosenman, S. Chang
SU-E-T-624 Comparison of PTV+PRV-Based Optimization and Robust Optimization in Intensity-Modulated Proton Therapy
W. Liu*, X. Zhu, X. Li, Y. Li, X. Zhang, S. Frank, R. Mohan
SU-E-T-625 Robustness Evaluation and Robust Optimization of IMPT Plans Based On Per-Voxel Standard Deviation of Dose Distributions
W. Liu, R. Mohan*
SU-E-T-626 Individualized Trade-Off of Dose Coverage and Sparing in IMRT Planning
L. Yuan*, Y. Ge, T. Li, F. Yin, Q. Wu
SU-E-T-627 Optimal Partial Arcs in VMAT Planning
J. Wala*, W. Chen, E. Salari, D. Craft
SU-E-T-628 A Cloud Computing Based Multi-Objective Optimization Method for Inverse Treatment Planning
Y. Na*, T. Suh, L. Xing
SU-E-T-630 MCO-Informed VMAT Planning for Prostate Cancer
H. Chen*, D. Craft, D. Gierga
SU-E-T-631 Beam Geometry Selection Using Sequential Beam Addition
R. Popple*, J. Fiveash, I. Brezovich
SU-E-T-632 Metrics for Comparing Dose Volume Histograms
O. Nohadani*, C. Medawar, A. Roy, S. Srivastava, I. Das
SU-E-T-633 To Evaluate Dosemetric Differences of IMRT Lung Plans Generated From RayStation Multi-Criteria Optimization (MCO) and Pinnacle Direct Machine Parameters Optimization (DMPO)
Y. Chen*, C. Yang, N. Sheth, X. Liao
SU-E-T-634 Convex Direct Aperture Optimization for Sliding Window IMRT
T. Halabi*, D. Craft
SU-E-T-635 Effect of Planning Parameters On Tomotherapy Dosimetric Quality and Treatment Efficiency
J. Lian*, K. Burkhardt, B. Chera, S. Chang
SU-E-T-636 Comparison of RapidArc-Based Radiosurgery with Cone-Based Cyberknife Treatment for Multiple Intracranial Tumors
B. Zhao*, Y. Yang, C. ozhasoglu, D. Heron, M. Huq
SU-E-T-637 4D-VMAT Vs. Gated VMAT in Lung Cancer SBRT
E. Chin*, S. Loewen, H. Sahota, A. Nichol, E. Heath, K. Otto
SU-E-T-638 Treatment Margins Expansion for CyberKnife Treatment Plans
J. Fan*, X. Chen, S. Koren, L. Jin, L. Chen, R. Price, L. Wang, S. Hayes, T. Tam, C. Ma
SU-E-T-639 Dosimetric Evaluation of VMAT for the Treatment of NSCLC with SBRT
C. Doring*, I. Wang, M. Podgorsak
SU-E-T-640 Development of Liver SBRT Planning and Delivery at the Mean Respiratory Position Using Deformable Image Registration
M. Velec*, J. Moseley, A. Marshall, L. Dawson, K. Brock
SU-E-T-641 Flattening Filter Free Dynamic Conformal Arcs for Lung Radiotherapy
J. Pursley*, D. Wiant, J. Terrell, B. Sintay
SU-E-T-642 Patient Stratification Based On Improvements in Conformity Indices and Normal Tissue Sparing with IMRT in Arteriovenous Malformation Treatments
M. Sonier*, V. Moiseenko, E. Gete, C. Herbert, M. McKenzie
SU-E-T-643 Optimum Beam Parameters for Lung SBRT Volumetric Arc Treatment
J. Barbiere*, A. Ingenito, G. Beninati, A. Ndlovu
SU-E-T-644 Incorporating High Dose Inhomogeneity Into SBRT Treatment Planning
H. Kim*, R. Li, T. Suh, R. Lee, L. Xing
SU-E-T-645 Treatment of Multiple Brain Metastases Using Stereotactic Radiosurgery with Single-Isocenter Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy: Comparison with Conventional Dynamic Conformal Arc and Static Beam Stereotactic Radiosurgery
C. Huang*, L. Ren, J. Kirkpatrick, Z. Wang
SU-E-T-646 Feasibility Study of Proton Arc Therapy for the Treatment of Para-Aortic Lymph Node Tumor
j. kim*, J. Rah, M. Yoon, D. Shin, D. Kim
SU-E-T-647 Plan Quality in Computerized Non-Coplanar IMRT Beam Angle Optimization Is Highly Dependent On the Extent of the Beam Direction Search Space
P. Voet*, L. Rossi, S. Breedveld, S. Aluwini, B. Heijmen
SU-E-T-648 Comparison of VMAT Vs Arc Treatment Plans for Patients Undergoing SBRT of Early-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
T. Neicu*, P. Chan, V. Valakh, M. Bizhan, C. Miyamoto, S. Li
SU-E-T-649 Evaluation of RapidArc- Based Stereotactic Cranial Radiotherapy Plans with MU Objective Using Multiple Non Coplanar Arcs in Comparison with Conventional Dynamic Conformal Arc Technique
J. Mathew*, S. Paloor, M. Riyas, S. Divakar, G. Perkins, R. Hammoud, N. Al-Hammadi