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  Imaging Posters Sunday
Imaging General Poster Discussion 3:00:00 PM - 6:00:00 PM  Room: Exhibit Hall

SU-E-I-1 Investigating the Dependence of 2D and 3D Scatter-To-Primary Ratios On Breast Density in Clinical Breast CT
J. Shah*, S. Mann, M. Tornai
SU-E-I-2 Size-Dependent Computed Tomography Histogram Analysis: Towards Breast Tissue Segmentation
S. Mann*, J. Shah, M. Tornai
SU-E-I-3 Scatter and Beam Hardening Correction for µCBCT Scanners Using Monte Carlo
W. Volken*, M. Fix, D. Frei, M. Zulliger, P. Manser
SU-E-I-5 Dose Reduction in Head CBCT Examinations After Protocol Optimization
J. Voigt*, C. Güldner, I. Diogo, A. Ningo, J. Werner, M. Fiebich
SU-E-I-6 Measurement of Skin Dose From Dental Cone-Beam CT Scans
S. Akyalcin, J. English, K. Abramovitch, J. Rong*
SU-E-I-7 Proposal for a Novel Algorithm of Effective Dose Evaluation for Medical Radiation Exposure
C. Wang*, M. Dewhirst, X. Jiang, Z. Qian, S. Boon, T. Yoshizumi
SU-E-I-8 KV XVI Cone Beam-CT Dose Measurement Using Gafchromic XRQA2 Film
T. Giaddui, Y. Cui, Z. Yegingil, J. Xie, W. Chen, J. Galvin, Y. Yu, Y. Xiao*
SU-E-I-9 Patient Organ Doses From KV-CBCT Acquisitions as Function of Patient Size and Scan Protocols
A. Nelson*, G. Ding
SU-E-I-10 Putting Teeth Into Your CT Dosimetry Program: Approaches to Cone-Beam Dental/Maxillofacial CT Dosimetry
T. Blackburn*, J. Gallet, J. Guild, G. Arbique, J. Anderson
SU-E-I-11 A Novel High Resolution CT Imager for a Breast SPECT-CT System
G. Zentai*, M. Richmond, L. Partain, J. Shah, M. Tornai
SU-E-I-12 Analysis of Image Noise In 3D Scatter Corrected Cone Beam CT Images as a Function of Object Size
J. Pachon*, M. Tornai
SU-E-I-13 Evaluation of CT Number with Changing Scan Parameters for Nucletron Simulix Evolution CBCT
S. Gardner*, J. Li, Y. Xiao, M. Studenski
SU-E-I-14 Evaluation of Image Quality Parameters of Small and Full Field of View Cone Beam Computed Tomography Dental Imaging Systems
E. Hoffmann*, A. Marques da Silva, D. Azevedo, J. Borges
SU-E-I-15 Comparison of State-Of-The-Art Interpolation-Based Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) Algorithms for Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)
D. Seghers*, T. Berkus, M. Oelhafen, P. Munro, J. Star-Lack
SU-E-I-16 Automated Liver Segmentation Method for CBCT Dataset by Probabilistic Atlas Construction
D. Li*, H. Li, Y. Yin, J. Chen
SU-E-I-17 Characterization of Rotating Source MicroCT for Evaluating In Vivo Murine Trabecular Bone
L. Arentsen*, R. Azimi, P. Alaei, G. Fairchild, L. Kidder, S. Hui
SU-E-I-18 Variability of Physiological Parameters Estimated by AATH and MTK Models in DCE-MRI
C. Liu*, Y. Liao, H. Liu
SU-E-I-19 Local Search Clustering Algorithm for DCE-MRI Analysis
C. Hui*, P. Narayana
SU-E-I-20 The Application of Traditional Snake Model and Balloon-Snake Model in Automatic Organ Contouring
T. Bai*, Y. Yin
SU-E-I-21 Effect of Different Fluorescent Lights with Various Colors of a Reading Room On Chromaticity of LCD
Y. Yano*, H. Akamine, S. Awamoto, Y. Nakamura, J. Morishita
SU-E-I-22 Metal Artifact Correction Using KV and Selective MV Imaging
A. Keil*, L. Zhu, J. Star-Lack, R. Fahrig
SU-E-I-23 Effective Estimation of Focal Spot Isocenter for Sinograms Obtained with Flying Focal Spot Scans for Filtered Back Projection
Y. Yu*, B. Whiting, D. Politte, J. Williamson
SU-E-I-24 Determining the Optimal B-Values to Use in Diffusion Weighted Imaging for Differentiating Benign and Malignant Breast Lesions
M. Jacobs*
SU-E-I-25 Performance Evaluation of a Proposed CMOS-Based X-Ray Detector Using Linear Cascade Model Analysis
A. Jain*, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-26 Estimation of Micro-Angiographic Fluoroscope (MAF) Gain Settings for Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) Based On the Fluoroscopic Exposure
C. Ionita*, B. Loughran, S. Setlur Nagesh, A. Jain, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-27 Effect of Focal Spot Choice On the System Performance of a High-Resolution Micro-Angiographic Fluoroscope (MAF) Detector
A. Jain*, A. Panse, C. Ionita, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-28 Development of Graphic Patient Models for a Real-Time Skin Dose Tracking System (DTS) for Fluoroscopic Interventional Procedures
V. Rana*, D. Bednarek, J. Wu, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-29 Dose Rate and Image Quality Comparison Between Philips Veradius and GE OEC 9900 Elite Fluoroscopic C-Arms
A. Springer*, E. Solem, R. Kobistek
SU-E-I-30 Impact of Physician Practice On Patient Radiation Dose During CT Guided Biopsy Procedures
V. Weir*, J. Zhang, A. Bruner
SU-E-I-31 Evaluating Brain Imaging Material (BIM) as a Brain Tissue Surrogate for Use in Neuro-Endovascular Imaged Guided Intervention (EIGI) Research
B. Loughran*, C. Ionita, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-32 Sterile Radiation Reduction Gloves May Be Contraindicated in Fluoroscopically Guided Interventions
A. Pasciak*, M. Neveu, A. Sriharan, A. Balius, A. Jones
SU-E-I-33 Advances in Dose Metrics and Dose Reduction Strategies for Interventional Fluoroscopy
V. Weir*, J. Zhang, A. Bruner
SU-E-I-34 Air Kerma to Estimated Entrance Skin Dose Look-Up Tables: A Tool to Improve Dose Awareness in the Angiography Suite
R. Dickinson, K. Kanal*, D. Zamora, B. Stewart
SU-E-I-35 Experience with Th Zero Gravity Suit
J. Pierno*, C. Hamilton
SU-E-I-36 A Study to Compare Operator Dosimeter Exposure Versus Fluoroscopic Time and Air Kerma in Fluoroscopically Guided Interventional Procedures
M. McKetty*
SU-E-I-37 A Renewed Look at CT Numbers as Encountered in the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Range
J. Fredriksson, D. Goodenough , A. Healy*, A. Kristbjornsson, S. Kristinsson, J. Levy, H. Olafsdottir
SU-E-I-38 Optimizing CT Slice Width Measurements
M. Marteinsdóttir*, H. Olafsdottir, J. Fredriksson, A. Andresson, A. Healy, A. Kristbjornsson, S. Kristinsson, J. Levy, D. Goodenough
SU-E-I-39 Intensive Monitoring of System Performance and Protocols On CT Systems
J. Weaver*, N. McNulty, M. Tsapakos
SU-E-I-40 Effective Dose Normalized to Dose Length Product for Pediatric and Adult Reference Phantoms in Computed Tomography Examinations
S. Lamart*, K. Kim, W. Bolch, C. Lee
SU-E-I-41 Characterization of a Linear Fiber-Optic Coupled Dosimeter
M. Hoerner*, D. Hintenlang
SU-E-I-42 Measurement of X-Ray Beam Width and Geometric Efficiency in MDCT Using Radiochromic Films
T. Luellau, M. Liebmann, H. von Boetticher, B. Poppe*
SU-E-I-43 Reducing Scanogram Dose Without Affecting the Planned Tube Current Modulation of a Diagnostic Abdomen/pelvis CT Scan
D. Zhang*, E. Angel
SU-E-I-44 The UF/NCI Family of Hybrid Computational Phantoms Representing the Current US Population of Male and Female Children and Adolescents Applications to CT Organ Dosimetry
A. Geyer*, S. O'Reilly, C. Lee, D. Long, W. Bolch
SU-E-I-45 Measurement of CT Dose to An HDPE Phantom Using Calorimetry: A Feasibility Study
H. Chen-Mayer*, R. Tosh, F. Bateman, B. Zimmerman
SU-E-I-46 Quantitative Effects of Clinical Practice On the Efficiency of CT Tube Current Modulation for Radiation Dose Reduction
J. Zhang*, J. Cornett
SU-E-I-48 Comparison of CTDIw and Averaged CTDI Over X-Y Plane
Y. Liang*, S. Emerson, C. Schultz
SU-E-I-49 Influence of Scanner Output Measurement Technique On KERMA Ratios in CT
K. Ogden*, M. Roskopf, E. Scalzetti
SU-E-I-50 The ACR CT Dose Index Registry: Implementation Challenges and Preliminary Data
K. Kanal*, D. Zamora, C. Price, J. Robinson, W. Shuman
SU-E-I-51 Investigation of Absorbed Dose to the Skin, Eyes and Thyroid of Patients During CT Angiography and Comparison with Conventional Angiography
M. Tavakoli H.*, K. Jabari, J. Salman
SU-E-I-52 Noise Level and Contrast Dependent Behavior of MTF in Iterative Reconstruction CT Imaging
H. Jin*, J. Kim
SU-E-I-53 Optimal KVp for Image Quality and Noise in Iodine Contrast in Head CTA
L. Johnson*, M. Yester, G. Barnes
SU-E-I-54 Evaluation of High Contrast Resolution for Model Based Iterative Reconstruction of Sinus Examinations
R. Paden*, W. Pavlicek
SU-E-I-55 Cumulative Radiation Exposure and Cancer Risk Estimates in Pediatric Hydrocephalus Patients Undergoing Repeat Or Multiple CT
X. Wang*, Q. Han, J. Cornett, E. Escott, J. Zhang
SU-E-I-56 Threshold Effect of ASIR Before Which Image Improve and After Which Image Degrades
F. Abdulkhaliq*, N. Mail, A. Saoudi
SU-E-I-57 CT Dose Metrics: What Are We Tracking
J. Guild*, G. Arbique, T. Blackburn, J. Gallet, J. Anderson
SU-E-I-58 Objective Models of Breast Shape Undergoing Mammography and Tomosynthesis Using Principal Component Analysis
S. Feng*, I. Sechopoulos
SU-E-I-59 Investigation of the Usefulness of a Standard Deviation and Mammary Gland Density as Indexes for Mammogram Classification
S. Takarabe*, H. Yabuuchi, J. Morishita
SU-E-I-60 Validation of An Optically Stimulated Luminescent (OSL) Dosimeter for Use in Output Exposure Control Verification of Mammography Imaging Systems
N. Ranger*, P. Butler, C. Yahnke, D. Valentino
SU-E-I-61 Phantom Design for Phase Contrast Breast Imaging
S. Vedantham*, A. Karellas
SU-E-I-62 Investigation of Dominant Factors Affecting Fatigue in Image Reading of Radiologists
Y. Ikushima*, H. Yabuuchi, H. Honda, J. Morishita
SU-E-I-63 Performance Study of An Electron-Tracking Compton Camera for Medical Imaging
S. Kabuki*, H. Kimura, H. Kubo, K. Ogawa, E. Kunieda, T. Tanimori
SU-E-I-64 1H-MRS Quality Assurance in Short and Long Term Using a Phantom Object
F. Rodrigues-Barreto, C. Garrido Salmon*
SU-E-I-65 Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of the Prostate: A Phantom Study of Metabolite Concentrations
M. Hossain*, T. Richardson, M. Buyyounouski, T. Schirmer, R. Noeske, L. Chen, C. Ma
SU-E-I-66 Is T2 Individual Correction in MRS for Fat Quantification Tool Necessary?
C. Garrido Salmon*, H. Trad, F. Domenici, E. Arruda, J. Elias Jr
SU-E-I-67 Multi-Shot RESOLVE Compared to Single-Shot EPI Diffusion-Weighted MR Imaging Acquisition Scheme
H. Tullos, B. Dale, G. Bidwell, E. Perkins, D. Raucher, m. Khan, J. James*
SU-E-I-68 The Effect of Partially Parallel Imaging On SNR Across Scanning Platforms
F. Goerner*, R. Stafford, T. Duong, G. Clarke
SU-E-I-69 Magnetic Resonance Metal Artifact Evaluation with Routine Clinical Cardiac Sequences
D. Joyner, A. Rivard, D. Craft, T. Liu, S. Callaway, J. James*
SU-E-I-70 Semi-Automatic, User-Driven Breast, Chest Wall and FGT Segmentations Based On Hough Transform, Morphology Tools and Histogram Technology
Y. Wang*, J. Deasy
SU-E-I-71 Susceptibility Weighted Imaging (SWI) Software for Post-Processing of SWI Data
S. Jambawalikar*, S. Krishnamoorthy, J. So, A. Dutta, H. Li, T. Button, E. Nickoloff
SU-E-I-72 Modulation of Hypothalamic Connectivity by Food Ingestion
C. Huerta*, J. Li, H. Wey, T. Duong
SU-E-I-73 Gray Matter Atrophy and White Matter Tract Abnormalities by Voxel Wise Correlation Analysis in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease
R. Juh*, T. Suh, S. Kim
SU-E-I-74 White Matter Tract Disintegrate of Frontal and Limbic Regions in Mild Cognitive Impairment with Depression
R. Juh*, T. Suh, S. Kim
SU-E-I-75 A New Method for Prostate Cancer Localization Using Multispectral MRI
Y. Guo*, H. Ni, M. Long, Y. Zhang, X. Ming, Y. Feng
SU-E-I-76 Optimizing Imaging Parameters for a Novel Radiographic Imaging System for the Detection of Corrosion in Aluminum Aircraft Structures
J. Hammonds*, R. Price, E. Donnelly, D. Pickens
SU-E-I-77 X-Ray Coherent Scatter Diffraction Pattern Modeling in GEANT4
A. Kapadia*, E. Samei, B. Harrawood, P. Sahbaee, A. Chawla, Z. Tan, D. Brady
SU-E-I-78 Neuromelanin in the Subthalamic Nucleus of Patients with Parkinson's Disease: An Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy Study
J. Gomez, C. Garrido Salmon*, O. Baffa Filho, J. Peixoto Santos, J. Pitella
SU-E-I-79 Correction of Dark Current and Image Lag in Multi-Source Carbon Nanotube Imaging Systems
C. Frederick*, D. Lalush, S. Chang
SU-E-I-80 Optimizing Scanning-Beam Digital X-Ray Tomosynthesis of the Lungs
G. Nelson*, S. Yoon, G. Krishna, B. Wilfley, R. Fahrig
SU-E-I-81 Toward in Vivo Magnetic Spectroscopy of Brownian Motion
D. Reeves*, S. Brown, S. Fiering, J. Weaver
SU-E-I-82 Image Signal-To-Noise Equalization in Whole Body PET Using Variable Acquisition Times
M. Dahlbom*, A. Kriszan, J. Czernin
SU-E-I-84 A Novel Approach for the Attenuation Correction of PET Data in PET/MR Systems
T. Chang*, J. Clark, O. Mawlawi
SU-E-I-85 Evaluation of a Solid-State Dosimeter Module for Measuring Nuclear Medicine Radionuclides
R. Wendt*
SU-E-I-86 Image Fusion Verification Using a Vendor-Independent Phantom
S. Dyer*, D. Goodenough , J. Levy
SU-E-I-87 Tumor Positioning for PET-CT Scanner by Jointly Registration and Segmentation
D. Li, J. Yang, Y. Yin*
SU-E-I-88 Realistic Pathological Simulations of the NCAT and Zubal Anthropomorphic Models, Based On Clinical PET/CT Data
P. Papadimitroulas, G. Loudos, A. Le Maitre, N. Efthimiou, D. Visvikis, G. Nikiforidis, G. Kagadis*
SU-E-I-89 Applying Image Gently and Image Wisely in Nuclear Medicine
M. Jafari*, A. Daus
SU-E-I-90 Fast and Robust Algorithm Towards Vessel Lumen and Stent Strut Detection in Optical Coherence Tomography
K. Mandelias, S. Tsantis, D. Karnabatidis, P. Katsakiori, D. Mihailidis, G. Nikiforidis, G. Kagadis*
SU-E-I-91 Development of a Compact Radiographic Simulator Using Microsoft Kinect
M. Ono*, K. Kozono, M. Aoki, A. Mizoguchi, Y. Kamikawa, Y. Umezu, H. Arimura, F. Toyofuku
SU-E-I-92 Accuracy Evaluation of Depth Data in Microsoft Kinect
K. Kozono*, M. Aoki, M. Ono, Y. Kamikawa, H. Arimura, F. Toyofuku
SU-E-I-93 External Beam Radiation Cherenkov Emission in Tissue Used for Tissue Oxygen Sensing
R. Zhang*, S. Kanick, S. Vinogradov, T. Esipova, B. Pogue
SU-E-I-94 External Beam Radiation Cherenkov Emission in Tissue Used for Tissue Oxygen Sensing
R. Zhang*, S. Kanick, S. Vinogradov, T. Esipova, B. Pogue
SU-E-I-95 Multiscale Normalized Metal Artifact Reduction (MS-NMAR) in Computed Tomography
S. Tang, X. Tang*
SU-E-I-96 Realistic Synthetic CT Imaging of Small Numerical Lesions with Simple CT Simulation Model Incorporating Equipment MTF
Z. Yang*, J. Kim, H. Jin
SU-E-I-97 Characterizing the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) of Proton Radiography
J. Seco*, M. Oumano, N. Depauw, M. Dias, R. Teixeira
SU-E-I-98 PET/CT's Most-Cited 50 Articles Since 2000: A Bibliometric Analysis of Classics
G. Sayed*
SU-E-I-99 An Ultra-High Resolution Small Field-Of-View Solid State X-Ray Imaging Detector Based On An Electron Multiplying CCD
V. Singh*, B. Loughran, A. Jain, P. Sharma, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-100 Feasibility Study of Gamma-Ray Medical Radiography
A. Alyassin*, H. Maqsoud, A. Mashat, A. Al-Mohr, S. Abdulwajid
SU-E-I-101 Initial Implementation and Evaluation of AAPM TG-150 Draft Image Receptor Non-Uniformity Testing Recommendations
J. Dave, E. Gingold*, J. Yorkston, I. Bercha, L. Goldman, A. Walz-Flannigan, C. Willis
SU-E-I-102 Independent Implementation of AAPM TG-150 Draft Image Receptor Test Recommendations
T. Greene*, T. Nishino, C. Willis
SU-E-I-103 Detecting Anomalous Pixels and Correlated Artifacts in Digital Detectors From Flat-Field Images
J. Dave, E. Gingold*, J. Yorkston, I. Bercha, L. Goldman, A. Walz-Flannigan, C. Willis
SU-E-I-105 Optimizing Bomb Squad X-Ray Systems for Incidental Human Exposures
C. Hill*, I. Rutel, F. Cain
SU-E-I-106 Description of Energy Dose Deposition Kernel for the Diagnostic Beam
r. kareem*, M. Liebmann, N. Chofor, T. Luellau, B. Poppe
SU-E-I-107 Suitability of Various Radiation Detectors Used in Radiation Therapy for X-Ray Dosimetry in Computed Tomography
M. Liebmann, B. Poppe*, H. von Boetticher
SU-E-I-108 Simple Approach to Determine Patient's Entrance Skin Exposure for Radiographic
S. Maricle*, L. Jeutang, G. Prasad
SU-E-I-109 Sensitivity Analysis of An Electronic Portal Imaging Device Monte Carlo Model to Variations in Optical Transport Parameters
S. Blake, P. Vial*, L. Holloway, A. McNamara, P. Greer, Z. Kuncic
SU-E-I-110 Minimized Pediatric Dose in Direct Radiography (DR)
J. So*, E. Nickoloff, A. Dutta, S. Jambawalikar
SU-E-I-111 Evaluation of the Analytical Scattering Models of 1) Lynch-Dahl 2) Highland and 3) Rossi for Proton Beams and Comparison with GEANT4 Monte Carlo Simulations as a Prerequisite for Proton Radiography Applications for Patients
M. Raytchev*, S. Safai, J. Seco
SU-E-I-112 Pre-Clinical Imaging with An Ultra-High Resolution X-Ray Detector
V. Singh*, B. Loughran, L. Pope, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-113 Alignment and Assembly of Small Field of View Pre-Clinical Images Taken with a Micro-Solid State X-Ray Imaging Detector
B. Loughran*, V. Singh, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-114 Clinical Ultrasound Transducer Degradation Effects On the Accuracy of Spectral Doppler Velocity Measurements
R. Kruger*, K. Wolf, N. Bloms, I. Accola
SU-E-I-115 Wavelet Analysis of Ultrasound Image for the Diagnosis of Sjögren's Syndrome
Y. Murakami*, A. Shiraishi, T. Sumi, T. Nakamura, M. Ohki