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A New High Energy X-Ray Imaging Mode for Position Verification in Radiotherapy

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Z Quanshi

Z Quanshi*, W Xiwen, S Qiyin, J Yuehui, L Yun, Z Pengcheng, Wuxi Yiren Tumor Hopital, Wuxi, Jiangsu

SU-E-J-48 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

To bring forward a new imaging mode for position verification in radiotherapy called as HMV which the energy of X Ray is greater than 15MeV or the nominal accelerating potential is greater than 25MV. To prove it is superior to the traditional kV and MV level imaging mode for position verification in radiotherapy.

According to the basic principles of photon interaction with medium, we firstly discuss the theoretical basis and advantages of HMV imaging mode over than MV imaging mode. Then we test them with Catpan 500 phantom under 10MV, 25MV and 45 MV bremsstrahlung generated by the LA45 accelerator (Top Grade Healthcare, Beijing, China). Finally we check images of HMV and MV imaging mode with a real patient.
The X Ray panel imager and soft package are XRD 1640 AN19 CS and XIS3.2.0.67 from PekinElmer.The X Ray panel is a shielding Integrates with shielding cassette for high energy applications.

Both theoretic and results of testing with phantom and patients are show that the quality and contrast or resolving power of HMV imaging mode is superior to the traditional MV level imaging mode.

The theoretical and experimental results show that HMV image mode, which the X ray energies are higher than 15 MeV or nominal potential is higher than 25 MV X ray , not only improve the image quality but also have good contrast or resolving capability which among tissues and anatomical structures. It integrated advantages together both kV and MV image mode and eliminate their disadvantages.

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