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Comparison of Different Methods of Iodine-125 Fixation On Silver Substrate for a Brachytherapy Seed

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C Daruich de Souza

C Daruich de Souza*, M Chuery Martins Rostelato, C Zeituni, J Moura, F Rodrigues de Mattos, F dos Santos Peleias Jr, E Santana de Moura, A Feher, O da Costa, Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares-IPEN-CNEN, Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

SU-E-T-270 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: Brachytherapy treatment is a form of treatment in which source is in contact or placed within the patient. The iodine125 brachytherapy seeds can be used to treat prostate, brain and ophthalmic cancers. Most of the population has no access to this treatment because of its high cost ($ 60.00 each seed, 80 to 120 used for only one patient). For this reason, IPEN (Institute of Energy and Nuclear Research) develops new a seed.

Methodology: Four different methods were compared:
Method 1 and Method 2: Chemical deposition and eletrodeposition described in U.S. Pat. n. 4,323,055;
Method 3: IPEN's new method presented in Development and production of radioactive sources used for cancer treatment in Brazil. Nukleonika, 2008;
Method 4: New method developed in IPEN using oxidant agent that enforce the AgI formation.

Method 1: fixation efficiency 65.16%; process cost R $ 7.04
Method 2: fixation efficiency 70.80%; process cost R $ 6.58
Method 3: fixation efficiency 55.80%; process cost R $ 8.24
Method 4: fixation efficiency 90.11%; process Cost $ 5.00

The fourth method achieved the efficiency, 90.11% and lowest cost $2,5. The results show that this is the best method to be implemented in IPENs new laboratory.

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