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Demonstration the Capability of X-Ray Frequency Modulation Imaging Technique Under Noisy Environment

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J Zhang

J Zhang1*, (1) Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Shanghai, Shanghai

SU-E-I-99 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Frequency modulation technique has been proposed for x-ray imaging applications due to the recent development of carbon nanotube (CNT) field emission based x-ray source technology, which is capable of modulating x-ray radiation waveforms with different frequencies. The purpose of this work is to evaluate the performance of x-ray frequency modulation imaging technique especially under noisy radioactive environment.

A dedicated Matlab based software package written in house was used to simulate and evaluate the imaging performance of x-ray frequency modulation imaging technique. A full scale imaging system was modeled for our simulation purpose. An x-ray tube with the capability of generating pulsed x-ray waveforms with different modulation frequencies was used as the x-ray source. A simple cylindrical object was used as the imaging object. Random noise signal was added in to simulate the background radiation noise. And a high-speed flat panel x-ray camera was used to record the x-ray radiation signal transmitted through the object. The final image was synthesized by decoding the recorded x-ray signal based on a Fourier transform based algorithm.

Based on the simulation results, the new x-ray frequency modulation imaging technique has dramatically enhanced the imaging quality by filtering out the background noise as indicated by the improved SNR values. Similar result was also achieved by applying the same technique on a more realistic human chest x-ray imaging application.

In this paper we have reported some simulation results on the assessment of imaging performance of the novel x-ray frequency modulation imaging technique under different noise environments. Our results showed that under appropriate imaging conditions, x-ray frequency modulation imaging technique has the potential to greatly improve the imaging quality under noisy radioactive environment. Once fully developed this imaging technique has its promising potential for a variety of imaging applications.

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