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Program Information

Validation of TrueBeam Imager Tests with An Independent Analyzer Software

E Figueroa

F Valencia, E Figueroa*, Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Medicas y Nutricion, Mexico, D. F.

SU-E-J-9 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

To set guidelines, protocols to follow and a quality assurance program for the TrueBeam imager installed at INCMNSZ. Validate the manufacturer software and tests comparing obtained parameters based on semi-automated TrueBeam preset tests vs. an independent raw images analysis.

We describe the detection and software of the TrueBeam System Imager. Winston-Lutz test was performed. Catphan CTP504 phantom was scanned in order to evaluate different quality control image tests (spatial resolution, low contrast, uniformity, linearity CT number) using imageOwl software and based on AAPM report No. 104 recommendations.

The CBCT modes of this system use different filters and physical parameter combinations (kVp, mA, ms, rotation, gantry speed, framerate) depending on the anatomical regions: Head, Pelvis, Thorax, Spot Light, Thorax slow and Thorax very slow. The relationship between CT numbers and electron density for a range of materials is linear as expected (air, PMP [polymethylpentene], LDPE [low density polyethylene], water, polyestyrene, acrylic, Delrin and Teflon). Most of tests showed a good agreement to expected behavior according to gantry-mounted systems described at AAPM104. Details will be shown in complete article and at meeting.

Based on our validation results, the TrueBeam Imager system is a reliable, useful and comfortable gantry-mounted imager system. We establish our own quality assurance program and protocols to be used according to future plans and requirements of Radio-Oncology service at INCMNSZ.

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