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Photodynamic Activity of Alternative Photosensitizers with Mamma Carcinoma Cell Lines (MCF-7)

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K Dheva Shantha

G Dheva Shantha Kumari*, Fatima College, Madurai, India

SU-E-J-164 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

To promote the degree of cytotoxicity and photodynamic activity in photodynamic therapy, the mamma carcinoma cell lines with various photosensitizers like naturally occuring quinones extracted from folklore plants were studied.

Photosensitizers viz Cat E, Cat Q, MPTQ and Etoposide VP16, 1 were obtained both photochemically or synthetically. The quinones were dissolved in NaCl solution and stored in the dark. Working solutions of various quinones were prepared SOS from stock solutions. Mamma carcinoma cell lines were grown in the laboratory conditions.

The percentage of cells damage as the function of optical dose for different photosensitizers was studied, found that cell damage increased as the optical dose increased. Studies of oxygen, glucouse, consumption, intra cellular ATP content and the viability of cell lines after photodynamic treatemnt in presence and absence of different quinones in human breast cancer cell lines were done.


The degree of cytotoxicity promoted by the alternative sensitizers like naturally occuring quinones extracted from folklore plants to improve the photodynamic therapy efficacy have been studied.The vital bio parameters that are essential for the survival of living cells such as the exclusion capacity of TB, dye uptake ability, cell viability test by vital dye and MTT assay are studied by microscopic quantitative HTS assays. HTS assays are expected to an overall damaging to membrane of the cells. HTS assay is useful modality on studying the morphological information on the status of individual cell because such information study on subcellular fraction cannot be available from the biochemical read outs. The cytotoxic effect and increased photodynamic activity based on different methods studied proved that, naturally occuring quinones takes the following order MPT quinoline ₍an analoges of natural alkaloids₎, has greater effect than etoposide an analog of natural podophyllotoxin has greater effect than emodin₋quinone and anthraquinone.

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