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A Graphical Software Tool for TrueBeam Developer Mode

Y Yan

Y Yan1*, W Mao1, L Ouyang1, T Solberg1, (1) UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX

TH-C-137-1 Thursday 10:30AM - 12:30PM Room: 137

Purpose: To introduce a novel graphical software tool to assist scientists and engineers in building new applications in TrueBeam Developer's Mode.

Methods: As an option, TrueBeam users are provided with access to the full set of capabilities within the XML-based Developer's Mode. It is very laborious to compile a XML file, however, particularly when IMRT beams are included along with KV and MV imaging triggers. In this study, a choreographing software tool, TrueBeam TeachMod, was developed based on DICOMan-TX, a DICOM utility tool and a research platform for radiation therapy and radiology, to facilitate exploring potential technologies that can ultimately be applied to clinics. A DICOM RT plan from a treatment planning system is translated into a XML file which is further complemented with imaging triggers and axis changes. The tool allows the user to interactively edit any axis at any beam control point. It also includes predefined treatment and KV/MV imaging procedures that can be frequently used to build scientific applications.

Results: IMRT plans from either static or dynamic were transferred via DICOM connection to DICOManTX where TrueBeam TeachMod produced the coordinate beam components. Trajectories of all axes were graphically rendered and edited as needed. The process requires less than five minutes to generate sophisticated XML instructions containing tens of thousands lines. A series of test application was successfully implemented on the TrueBeam unit.

Conclusion: A XML composing tool is highly desirable for users who want to extensively explore the potential of the TrueBeam platform. It not only provides the users with a tool that could expedite their research and development but also opportunities for them to conduct unconventional techniques that are prohibitively time consuming without it.

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