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Study of Dose Calculation Using Monte Carlo Method in Radiotherapy

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Z Chi

c gao, Z Chi*, D Liu, The Fourth Hospital of HeBei Medical University, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province

SU-E-P-22 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: Dose calculation using Monte Carlo's MCTP (Monte Carlo Treatment Planning, MCTP, Fox Chase Cancer Center, FCCC) program in radiotherapy has been studied, and the accuracy of dose calculation and the clinical feasibility of MCTP program were evaluated.

Methods:The original file of MCTP was compiled into 4 executable files in the Windows, (1)Monte Carlo's MCTP MCBEAM was programmed to simulate the head of Varian Clinac 21EX linear accelerator using the Phase Space file. The data of the Phase Space was gotten under the condition of SSD=100cm. (2) The spectral analysis of the Phase Space file in the MCPLAN program was done for achieving the spectral distribution of accelerator 6MV-X ray. (3)The original MCTP program was modified in order to calculate this spectrum. (4)The percent depth dose (PDD) in the water phantom was calculated in the MCTP program, and displayed using the MATLAB software, then fit the measured data in the 3D water phantom. (5) Dose calculation in the inhomogeneity tissue was done under the square fields, and compared with the actual results by Dosemeter's measurement and TPS calculation under the same conditions.

Results:Using the linear accelerator spectrum, the calculated results of PDD curves in the water were well accorded with the measured curves. The reliability and accuracy of introducing spectrum in the MCTP program were approving. The precision of the dose calculation for the inhomogeneity tissue in the Monte Carlo's MCTP program compared with the measured value and the TPS calculation was also well-pleasing.

Conclusion:Monte Carlo's MCTP program could be applied to the dose calculation of tissue in radiotherapy.

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