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Development of An ImageJ Plugin for Image Quality Assurance in a CT Scanner

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A Otal

A Otal*, S Lozares, M Martin-Albina, S Miquelez, N Fuentemilla, J Olasolo, S Pellejero, F Maneru, A Rubio, Complejo Hospitalario de NavarraPamplona

SU-E-P-17 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

For proper quality assurance CT of scanners it is necessary to have suitable tools to evaluate the data obtained in the quality control tests. There exist solutions based on commercial software. But another choice is to develop tools adapted to your own needs. We have therefore developed a plugin for the ImageJ program that automates the image quality analysis of CT scanners in our hospital.

The phantom used for image acquisition is the CATPHAN 500 from THE PHANTOM LABORATORY INCORPORATED, with module CTP404 instead of original model catalog, CTP401. After the acquisition, we evaluate slice thickness, CT number linearity, effective energy and phantom position verification through CTP404 module, low contrast resolution (CTP515), high contrast resolution (CTP528) and uniformity (CTP486). The developed software is a plugin for the ImageJ platform. The plugin has been tested with several CT models.

This software has been evaluated comparing the results with the ones obtained by methods described in the manual CATPHAN in several CTs, both multislice and single-slice, finding that both of them were within the tolerances of the method. Currently, we trying to compare our results with some commercial software whose reliability has been proved in the literature.

The program design has allowed us to save considerable time in analyzing the data from our scanners. In addition, the variety of models in which we tested the plugin, allows us to think about a future distribution of it.

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