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Design of a Tabletop Simulating and Testing System for CT Research and Development

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J Zhang

X Li1, H Liu2, J Zhang3*, (1) United Imaging Healthcare, Shanghai, Shanghai, (2) United Imaging Healthcare, Shanghai, Shanghai, (3) Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Shanghai, Shanghai

SU-E-I-57 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

The performance of a CT system can only be maximized with an optimal combination of design parameters, which need to be thoroughly studied at its early development stage. The purpose of this investigation is to develop a tabletop simulating and testing system for CT research and development. The main functionalities of the system include the simulation of different scanning modes, verification of imaging quality, and testing of key components of CT system.

The tabletop system assembly is composed of three subassemblies: a stationary gantry and its supporting frame, a rotating and elevating stage and its servo system, and a high resolution arc trail testing mechanism. The entire assembly is placed on a rigid mounting table to minimize possible vibration. X-ray tube and detector assembly can be easily mounted or removed in order to accommodate the need of different testing tasks. A high resolution servo motor is used to drive a detector testing device to move along the rail to scan through the detector array under testing.

A tabletop system is designed for CT imaging simulation and key component testing. During testing, the x-ray tube and detector assembly of the proposed system stay stationary during imaging acquisition. A variety of CT scanning modes and imaging simulations instead can be achieved by controlling the motion of an object rotating and elevating stage. A high resolution arc trail testing mechanism is also adopted for the spatial localization required for detector testing.

Our preliminary result of the prototype system has demonstrated its capability of performing a variety of simulating and testing tasks and providing reliable outcomes in a satisfactory fashion. This new system, with its unique and flexible design, will provide a viable way to speed up the CT research and development process.

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