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The Evaluation of Dosimetric Characteristics of OSLDs Based On Output Correction Factor in Low Energy

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S Han

S Han1 2*, K Kim1 2, S Park1, S Lee1 2, C Yi3 , H Kim1 2, H Jung1 2, M Kim1 2, Y Ji1 2, (1) Korea Institute of Radiological &Medical Sciences, Seoul (2) University of science &Techology (3) Korea Institute of Standards and Sciences, Daejeon,

SU-E-T-31 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: The output of General X-ray unit (low energy) has variation against 60Co unit. So it is necessary to minimize output variation when evaluating dosimetric characteristics of optical stimulated luminance dosimeters (OSLDs). Considering output variation of X-ray unit, we evaluated dosimetric characteristics of OSLDs in low energy

Methods:The OSLDs that used were nanoDotTM Dosimeter (Landauer Inc, Glenwood, USA) and this dosimeter had never been irradiated. Through single irradiate them (test dose was 7mGy), we certified batch homogeneity and sampled dosimeters with variation of radiation sensitivity within ± 1.5% among them. Using to these dosimeters certified reproducibility considering output variation every time when irradiated OSLDs. Through this process, we certified element correction factor (ECF) and coefficient of variation (COV) about each OSLD. Based on these OSLDs, we studied linearity, energy dependence and angular dependence

Results:The batch homogeneity was 1.21% of the coefficient of variation (after sampling). The average value of COV about reproducibility of OSLDs was reduced from 1.3% to 0.96% after applying to output correction factor. The linearity was that the correlation of between dose and count was fitted by linear function (R² =0.997). The energy dependence study showed a range of ion chamber- to OSLD rations from 0.23 (24.7 keV) to 0.27 (34.5 keV). According to energy, the range of angular dependence was from 0.1% to 8.4% variation when each degree was normalized by zero degree

Conclusion:Considering output correction factor, reduced uncertainty occurred in general x-ray unit. We acquired information that was ECF, COV of OSLDs in low energy. Using to these OLDs, It is feasible to measure patient dose of diagnostic radiography and Cone beam computed tomography for radiotherapy

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